'Game of Thrones' Arya Among Top Picks to Die ... After Battle of Winterfell!!!

4/29/2019 12:39 PM PDT

'Game of Thrones' Betting Odds Shake-up for Arya After Battle of Winterfell


"Game of Thrones" fans got the battle they've been waiting for with Sunday's "The Long Night" episode, and it had a major impact on the betting world.


If you haven't seen the epic Battle of Winterfell ... last chance to look away, but here's an updated rundown, from the oddsmakers at SportsBetting.ag, heading into the final 3 episodes:

Arya Stark -- currently the 'GoT' G.O.A.T. -- might not get to enjoy her Winterfell triumph for long ... she's jumped to 12/1 odds as the next character to perish, after being 33/1 last week.

She's not the favorite to die next, though -- that title goes to The Mountain at 11/4, followed by Rhaegal the dragon at 4/1, The Hound at 4/1, Grey Worm at 5/1 and Bronn and Euron Greyjoy at 8/1.

Interestingly, Jaime Lannister is 16/1 to die next, after being the fave last week at 5/1.

Cersei Lannister -- who hasn't even been seen in the past 2 episodes -- will be back in action next week and is moving up as one of the favorites to sit on the Iron Throne.

She's gone from 22/1 odds to rule Westeros last week all the way to 9/1. Tyrion's odds have also drastically changed -- he's now a top-3 favorite at 5/1, behind Jon Snow at 3/1 and Sansa Stark at 9/2.

Bran -- who was the favorite to rule the Seven Kingdoms at the beginning of the season at 2/1 -- is now 8/1 along with Daenerys Targaryen and Arya. 

Other popular bets to make include who, if anyone, will kill Cersei. Jaime's the favorite at 3/2 while Arya is 5/2 and Tyrion is 5/1.

The strangest twist after episode 3, though ... Samwell Tarly is gaining bets for the last character to speak in the season finale. The action suggests there could be a leak from 'GoT' insiders, and he's now the favorite at even money.

And, for those of you who wagered the Night King would survive Winterfell ... we got 2 words for ya.

"Not today."