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Notre Dame Cathedral Archbishop, Priests Rockin' Hard-Hats ... In First Mass Since Fire

6/15/2019 3:41 PM PDT

Paris' archbishop ditched his holy headgear for something a little more practical during the first mass in the Notre Dame Cathedral since the fire ... opting for a helmet instead.

Archbishop Michel Aupetit and a number of his fellow clergymen held their first church service Saturday in a chapel behind the choir, which was deemed safe by construction experts who'd been consulted on the ceremony ... according to AP. 

Auteptit wasn't the only one protecting his noggin from any potential lingering debris from the ravaged roof -- which was set ablaze in April. A bunch of other priests on hand, as well as about 30 others who were present, all appeared to be wearing hard-hat helmets. 

Hey ... better safe than sorry, right? Authorities have said the place is still very much so in the rebuilding phase -- and will be for the next 3 years -- and it's likely somewhat hazardous after the inferno destroyed much of the roof as well as the structure's spire. 

You don't wanna leave anything to chance ... or faith, for that matter. Treating it like a construction site's a good idea if you're going in there. And go in they certainly did. 

According to reports, Saturday's mass marked the anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral's altar, which is apparently celebrated each year in June. Fire or not ... these guys clearly take the affair seriously enough to risk injury or worse. 

What's also interesting ... if the priests were able to get in this early and hold mass, ya gotta wonder if they'll reopen their doors early to the masses as well. 

Hard hats for everyone? Lordy ... 

Helicopter Crash Fiery Wreck In NYC ... Crash Landing on Rooftop

6/10/2019 11:49 AM PDT
Breaking News

A helicopter came crashing down on the roof of a building in Midtown Manhattan ... sparking a fire, according to officials. 

According to the New York Fire Department ... the chopper made a hard landing Monday afternoon on the rooftop of a high rise, and a two-alarm fire broke out. One person, reportedly the pilot, died.

The building is on 7th avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets in the heart of Midtown ... and it's a wild scene outside, with tons of fire trucks, police and first responders. The building and several neighboring properties are being evacuated.

Witnesses say they heard a loud rumble in the area of the crash ... and in photos and videos from the scene, you see black smoke billowing into the sky.

It's unclear what led to the fiery helicopter crash, and some people are freaking out about a possible terrorist attack, though there's no official word. 

Story developing ... 

Six Flags In the Middle of Raging Wildfire ... Down in SoCal

6/9/2019 4:01 PM PDT
Breaking News

Guests who went to Six Flags in Southern California on Sunday were met with flames and smoke as a wildfire erupted right next door ... and they were temporarily trapped. 

The fire, which officials have dubbed the Sky Fire, broke out near Six Flags Magic Mountain and the adjacent water park, Hurricane Harbor, at around noon down in Santa Clarita ... literally a stone's throw away from the theme park and all the guests inside. 

As the flames grew, a lot of patrons captured the panicked scene from the ground ... and even from still-operating rollercoasters up in the air. It's pretty insane to see.

One guest filmed the smoke billowing while ascending the park's biggest rollercoaster, Goliath, and the moment appeared ominous to say the least. 

According to authorities, the fire has burned up to 50 acres and is 20 percent contained as of about 3 PM PT. At first, guests were being evacuated ... but were eventually told to bunker down in the park as all the exit roads nearby were closed for the time being.

Shortly afterward, the exits were reopened and people started to flee en masse. Six Flags says that the two parks are going to be closed for the remainder of Sunday, but surprisingly ... they're saying their doors will be open again Monday. 

Considering what the place looks like right about now, we imagine they might change their minds. As of this writing, there are no reported fatalities or injuries as a result of the fire.

Dwyane Wade Makes Emotional Speech ... For Stoneman Douglas' Grad Class

6/2/2019 12:18 PM PDT

Dwyane Wade surprised the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by showing up to their graduation ceremony and telling them how to prepare for the next chapter. 

The former Miami Heat star made an appearance Sunday at MSD's commencement, where he delivered a heartfelt speech about the impact the school shooting left on him and how he grappled with relating to students soon after the 2018 massacre. 

D-Wade described the silence on campus about a month afterward, when he was invited as a guest to meet and talk with the grieving student body. To his surprise, he said that even his mere presence was able to lift spirits ... despite not being able to fully comprehend what they'd been through. The point ... a small act of kindness went a long way.

He went on to relate even further to the 2019 graduating class, telling them he too recently closed a big chapter in his own life -- Dwyane retired from the NBA this year -- but that he was still excited about the next steps, as they oughta be as well. He also imparted a team mantra he made up with his 2013 team.

Dwyane had the audience recite the mantra, which ended with a rousing "We fight!" call-back. He left the stage to huge applause ... clearly, he knocked it out of the park.

The impact of the shooting has continued to affect the community, at times in the worst ways possible. Two survivors of the tragedy have gone on to take their own lives.

Giant Cruise Ship Crashes Into Smaller Boat While Docking ... Panics Venice Crowd

6/2/2019 11:37 AM PDT
Breaking News

A massive cruise ship sent folks scrambling as it barreled into an Italian dock and bumped into a much smaller boat ... which looked like something straight out of an action movie.

The terrifying moment went down Sunday morning in Venice, where an MSC Opera cruise liner blared its horn as it roared its way toward a busy canal without any signs of slowing down. In video of the incident, you can see people fleeing the scene, realizing the ship wasn't gonna stop.

The ship eventually came to a halt after it pin-balled into the wharf, but not before it made contact with a much smaller tour boat along the way. Local media reports that at least 4 people sustained injuries in the crash -- none of them appear to be life-threatening, though. 

As far as what caused this ... MSC Cruises is only saying the ship experienced a "technical issue" while attempting to dock, and an investigation is underway to figure out exactly what happened.

During coverage of the nightmarish collision, people couldn't help but compare the scene to the movie "Speed 2: Cruise Control" ... which ends similarly to the Venetian crash, albeit not nearly as dramatic. 

The lesson (as far as we can tell) ... maybe cruises should steer clear of Venice? That place already looks like it's on the verge of sinking as it is. 

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo CHP Officer Hit By Car, Injured ... While Escorting Motorcade

5/11/2019 4:09 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

5/12 8:00 AM PT -- A Secret Service source tells TMZ, the motorcade did indeed stop for a minute as CHP officers assisted the injured deputy, who suffered minor injuries.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's trip through L.A. was almost interrupted by a driver who hit one of the local officers helping escort his motorcade -- we say almost 'cause the rest of the fleet kept on going.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a CHP officer on a motorcycle was broadsided Saturday while blocking traffic for Pompeo's motorcade, which was getting off the 405 freeway at the La Cienega exit. We're told a driver -- who was going about 20 MPH -- made an illegal U-turn and clipped the guy.

Video of the scene shows the officer lying on the ground and being tended to by fire personnel that responded. Our sources say the officer was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, we're told the rest of the motorcade continued on its way ... seemingly unaware of the accident that just occurred behind them. That, or they were in a hurry to get the SoS somewhere ASAP.

It appears the driver in question lost his bumper in the collision too, but got out of his car to survey the damage. It's unclear if any arrests were made on the spot.

No official word on what Sec. Pompeo was doing in town -- he's supposed to fly to Russia this week to handle some official diplomatic business, and is set to meet with Putin himself on Tuesday.

Russian Plane Catches Fire Mid-Flight ... Over 40 Dead

5/5/2019 1:57 PM PDT

1:57 PM PT -- Russian investigators now say the death toll from the burning plane has jumped to 41, more than half the number of passengers on board originally.A Russian airliner made an emergency landing Sunday when it caught on fire midair ... leaving at least 13 people dead, according to officials. 

The horrific incident was filmed by multiple bystanders who captured the landing from Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport -- where the plane circled back to in order to land safely, per local reports. 73 passengers aboard were heading to Murmansk -- about a 2-hour flight.

In video of the landing, you can see the plane -- an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet -- engulfed in a huge ball of flames as it skirted its way down the runway. Further footage shows multiple passengers evacuating the aircraft through emergency inflatable exits.

Paramedics and fire personnel rushed to the scene to the help. The passengers that safely made it off were fleeing the inferno they'd just been trapped in. 

No official word on what caused the fire in the air -- some reports are surfacing that suggest a lightning bolt might've struck the plane up above ... but that hasn't been confirmed.

Russia's Investigative Committee says it has launched a criminal probe into the incident -- although it's not clear that foul play is suspected at this time. 

Originally Published -- 12:32 PM PT 

Sen. Lindsey Graham 'Trump is a F***ing Idiot' ... FBI Staffer's Words, Not Mine

5/1/2019 2:15 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Lindsey Graham just provided some major viral content at William Barr's Senate Judiciary hearing on the Mueller report, by saying out loud -- and uncensored -- "Trump is a f***ing idiot."

The Senator wasn't expressing his own opinion about President Trump, but rather reading text messages between former FBI employees, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, at Wednesday's hearing.

In the full exchange, Graham pulled from Strzok's texts to Page, saying ... "I am riled up. Trump is a f***ing idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer. I can’t pull away. What the f*** happened to our country??!?!"

Graham followed up his comment -- which aired live on TV -- by saying, "Sorry to the kids out there." The FCC might want an apology too.

The Judiciary Committee is questioning Attorney General Barr about the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's report ... after a Mueller letter stated Barr's summary of his report "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of his investigation.

As for Strzok and Page ... their relationship and feelings about Trump have been a hot topic, and used by the president's supporters to argue the FBI was biased against him.

Graham's making sure we don't forget.

2:15 PM PT -- We got the Senator out after his profanity-laced moment earlier Wednesday, and he doubled down on the quote, and why it was important for everyone to hear.

Originally Published -- 8:45 AM PT

DJ Quik to Fox News Don't Fire Laura Ingraham for Nipsey Diss ... Feed Her the Bird Instead!!!

4/21/2019 12:30 AM PDT

DJ Quik is proposing an interesting punishment for Fox News' Laura Ingraham after she mocked Nipsey Hussle on-air -- and surprisingly, it doesn't include her losing her job.

We got the Compton MC at Mastro's in Bev Hills and asked what he made of the conservative host laughing at Nipsey's expense on the heels of his memorial at Staples Center. As you probably know ... she lampooned him for partaking in YG's song, "FDT (F*** Donald Trump), which she incorrectly called Nipsey's track.

Lots of people are pissed about Laura's clear insensitivity -- especially considering the man had just been murdered -- while some big names in hip-hop, including T.I. and The Game, are calling for her job.  

Quik isn't going that far, and his reasoning is he considers Laura to be "privileged and ignorant," and while he doesn't say it outright, it sounds like he believes this is par for the course with her -- remember that whole LeBron James debacle.

It's interesting ... he compares Laura's commentary to Megyn Kelly's blackface scandal, which did cost her her gig at NBC.

Unlike Megyn, Quik says Laura's punishment should be feathered and fed cold.

Luenell Laura Ingraham's Gotta Be 'Handled' For Mocking Nipsey Hussle

4/19/2019 10:14 AM PDT

Luenell is disgusted Laura Ingraham still has a job -- after mocking Nipsey Hussle the day after his memorial service -- and says if FOX News won't take action, she wants it handled another way.

The comedian and "A Star is Born" actress was leaving the Atlanta Comedy Theater Thursday night when we asked her about the Ingraham clip ... where she sarcastically calls Nipsey a "dear artist," and laughs at lyrics to a YG song that featured Nip. It's gone viral because people are PISSED.

Luenell says she's seen it and hates it, and tells us there are 3 options for Ingraham -- resign, sincerely apologize or get fired. She doubts any of those will happen.

So instead, Luenell suggests a fourth option, and based on her insinuation here ... it doesn't seem like Laura will like it. For the record, we've reached out to Fox News, but no word back.

Luenell's far from the only celeb incensed by Ingraham's treatment of Nipsey. Justin Bieber recently called for her to be fired too.

In the meantime, Luenell urges advertisers to boycott Laura's show -- like some did when Ingraham ridiculed Parkland student, David Hogg, last year.

She also delivered one last ominous message ... using Laura's own infamous words about LeBron James.

NYC Anchor David Ushery Check Out My 'Doggystyle' Snafu ... Co-Anchor Loses it!!!

4/16/2019 10:41 AM PDT

NBC4's David Ushery must have been listening to Snoop Dogg on his way into work today ... otherwise, he's got some explaining to do about this slip of the tongue on-air.

The NYC anchor was reporting Tuesday morning about a dog that was rescued 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. What David meant to say was "doggy paddle" ... but what came out of his mouth was a bit more, um ... sexual. 

Check out the flub ... his co-anchor Stacey Bell's reaction says it all. 

Bell couldn't stifle her laughter for long ... and Ushery knew he was screwed. To his credit, he owned it and made the situation even more hilarious with a perfect joke to wrap it up ... and through their LOL'ing they managed to get to a commercial.

Trained professionals.

Michelle Obama Dinner Cruise Vibes Turn to Concern During Notre Dame Inferno

4/16/2019 8:56 AM PDT

Michelle Obama was living the good life -- sipping wine on a dinner cruise in Paris -- when the Notre Dame Cathedral fire totally changed the mood ... and the course of the cruise.

The former First Lady was smiling as she boarded the Ducasse sur Seine Monday night -- just across from the Eiffel Tower -- for a dinner cruise experience along the Seine River with famous chef Alain Ducasse and others.

Michelle looked fit for a fancy, fun night on the luxury ship ... but things took a turn for the worse when word got around Notre Dame was going up in flames. As you can see in the pics ... everybody's happy faces turn concerned for the famed cathedral and the people of Paris.

We're told the boat's captain ultimately made the decision to take a different route than planned for the cruise to avoid the Notre Dame fire ... and dinner was still served.

As we reported ... the cathedral is still standing after the massive fire, but the restoration process will be long and difficult.

BTW -- Michelle was in Paris for a conference at the AccorHotels Arena ... as part of her book tour for her best-seller, "Becoming."

Notre Dame Famed Cathedral Up in Flames ... Closed For 3 Years

4/16/2019 10:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

4/16 10:40 AM PT -- Notre Dame Cathedral spokesman Andrew Finot says he estimates the building will be closed to the public for at least 3 years, because the entire roof has disappeared and needs to be rebuilt entirely.

Finot says there is still standing water on the floor of the cathedral from firefighters battling the flames, but believes 80 percent of the priceless artifacts in the sanctuary were saved.

3:52 PM -- Miraculously, the interior is still standing, and the famous stone archways are still bearing weight.

However, those holes in the ceiling and the debris in front of the altar are clear signs that the restoration process, if possible at all, will be a long and difficult project.

2:15 PM -- In what might be the best news possible, under the circumstances ... the Paris police chief just said Notre Dame's structure has been saved, and the fire stopped from spreading to the northern belfry. In fact, they say both towers are going to be safe.

12:48 PM -- According to Agence France-Presse -- the international news agency based in Paris -- French fire services say they are "not sure" if the Notre Dame fire can be stopped. The deputy interior minister said saving Notre Dame "is not certain."

12:02 PM -- The fire has sadly reached the left tower. Macron also arrived on the scene moments ago. He had previously tweeted, "Our Lady of Paris in flames. Emotion of a whole nation. Thought for all Catholics and for all French. Like all our countrymen, I'm sad tonight to see this part of us burn."

11:45 AM PT -- A Notre Dame spokesperson says ... "Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame." Sources believe the inferno may have been caused by recent restoration of the church.

11:30 AM PT -- It is currently unknown what caused the fire or if any people were inside the church at the time. A church spokesperson has told French media all of Notre Dame Cathedral's frame is burning after the spire collapsed.

President Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe are heading to the scene.

11:15 AM PT -- The cathedral's roof and famous spire has collapsed in flames. Firefighters are on the scene trying to battle the blaze, but are reportedly having major problems due to their ladders being too short to attack the fire. The cathedral's roof has also completely collapsed.

President Emmanuel Macron has canceled a national address because of the current emergency. Notre Dame Cathedral -- one of the most popular landmarks in Paris -- is going up in flames.

Shocked and horrified tourists are posting photos and videos that show flames in and around the building's huge spire. Smoke is billowing up and filling the sky over Paris ... where prosecutors have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

Firefighters are racing to the scene, and according to one reporter, the fire might have been sparked by restoration work that's being done at Notre Dame. According to reports ... most of the art work inside the church is feared gone.

CBS News reports status of the "pieces of the cross they believe that Jesus was crucified on, as well as part of the thorned crown that he had, as well as one of the nails from the crucifixion" is  unknown. 

The famous church was completed in the 14th century -- nearly 200 years after breaking ground -- and is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

The length of time it took to build is evident in the various architectural styles throughout the building -- there are signs of the Renaissance and the Naturalism era along with the French Gothic look.

The Cathedral is one of the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress, which artitects installed long after the original design to alleviate the wall's stress fractures that began to occur as the walls grew higher.

The Cathedral has suffered damage and deterioration over the centuries, especially during the French Revolution in 1786. It was saved from possible destruction by Napoleon, though -- who crowned himself emperor inside the cathedral in 1804 -- and later restored. Its notable central spire was actually added during restoration in the 19th century.

Along with being a famous landmark and tourist attraction, it has played host to countless religious ceremonies and historical events ... including the crowning of Henry VI of England in 1431 and the beatification of Joan of Arc by Pope Pius X in 1909.

The cathedral is the iconic setting of Victor Hugo's 1831 novel, "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame."

The Middle Ages structure gets more than 12 million visitors each year ... making it the most visited building in Paris.

One bit of good news ... 16 statues that sit atop Notre Dame -- representing the 12 apostles and 4 evangelists -- were removed just last week as part of the restoration project.

Originally Published -- 4/15 10:32 AM PT

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