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Luenell Laura Ingraham's Gotta Be 'Handled' For Mocking Nipsey Hussle

4/19/2019 10:14 AM PDT

Luenell is disgusted Laura Ingraham still has a job -- after mocking Nipsey Hussle the day after his memorial service -- and says if FOX News won't take action, she wants it handled another way.

The comedian and "A Star is Born" actress was leaving the Atlanta Comedy Theater Thursday night when we asked her about the Ingraham clip ... where she sarcastically calls Nipsey a "dear artist," and laughs at lyrics to a YG song that featured Nip. It's gone viral because people are PISSED.

Luenell says she's seen it and hates it, and tells us there are 3 options for Ingraham -- resign, sincerely apologize or get fired. She doubts any of those will happen.

So instead, Luenell suggests a fourth option, and based on her insinuation here ... it doesn't seem like Laura will like it. For the record, we've reached out to Fox News, but no word back.

Luenell's far from the only celeb incensed by Ingraham's treatment of Nipsey. Justin Bieber recently called for her to be fired too.

In the meantime, Luenell urges advertisers to boycott Laura's show -- like some did when Ingraham ridiculed Parkland student, David Hogg, last year.

She also delivered one last ominous message ... using Laura's own infamous words about LeBron James.

NYC Anchor David Ushery Check Out My 'Doggystyle' Snafu ... Co-Anchor Loses it!!!

4/16/2019 10:41 AM PDT

NBC4's David Ushery must have been listening to Snoop Dogg on his way into work today ... otherwise, he's got some explaining to do about this slip of the tongue on-air.

The NYC anchor was reporting Tuesday morning about a dog that was rescued 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. What David meant to say was "doggy paddle" ... but what came out of his mouth was a bit more, um ... sexual. 

Check out the flub ... his co-anchor Stacey Bell's reaction says it all. 

Bell couldn't stifle her laughter for long ... and Ushery knew he was screwed. To his credit, he owned it and made the situation even more hilarious with a perfect joke to wrap it up ... and through their LOL'ing they managed to get to a commercial.

Trained professionals.

Michelle Obama Dinner Cruise Vibes Turn to Concern During Notre Dame Inferno

4/16/2019 8:56 AM PDT

Michelle Obama was living the good life -- sipping wine on a dinner cruise in Paris -- when the Notre Dame Cathedral fire totally changed the mood ... and the course of the cruise.

The former First Lady was smiling as she boarded the Ducasse sur Seine Monday night -- just across from the Eiffel Tower -- for a dinner cruise experience along the Seine River with famous chef Alain Ducasse and others.

Michelle looked fit for a fancy, fun night on the luxury ship ... but things took a turn for the worse when word got around Notre Dame was going up in flames. As you can see in the pics ... everybody's happy faces turn concerned for the famed cathedral and the people of Paris.

We're told the boat's captain ultimately made the decision to take a different route than planned for the cruise to avoid the Notre Dame fire ... and dinner was still served.

As we reported ... the cathedral is still standing after the massive fire, but the restoration process will be long and difficult.

BTW -- Michelle was in Paris for a conference at the AccorHotels Arena ... as part of her book tour for her best-seller, "Becoming."

Notre Dame Famed Cathedral Up in Flames ... Closed For 3 Years

4/16/2019 10:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

4/16 10:40 AM PT -- Notre Dame Cathedral spokesman Andrew Finot says he estimates the building will be closed to the public for at least 3 years, because the entire roof has disappeared and needs to be rebuilt entirely.

Finot says there is still standing water on the floor of the cathedral from firefighters battling the flames, but believes 80 percent of the priceless artifacts in the sanctuary were saved.

3:52 PM -- Miraculously, the interior is still standing, and the famous stone archways are still bearing weight.

However, those holes in the ceiling and the debris in front of the altar are clear signs that the restoration process, if possible at all, will be a long and difficult project.

2:15 PM -- In what might be the best news possible, under the circumstances ... the Paris police chief just said Notre Dame's structure has been saved, and the fire stopped from spreading to the northern belfry. In fact, they say both towers are going to be safe.

12:48 PM -- According to Agence France-Presse -- the international news agency based in Paris -- French fire services say they are "not sure" if the Notre Dame fire can be stopped. The deputy interior minister said saving Notre Dame "is not certain."

12:02 PM -- The fire has sadly reached the left tower. Macron also arrived on the scene moments ago. He had previously tweeted, "Our Lady of Paris in flames. Emotion of a whole nation. Thought for all Catholics and for all French. Like all our countrymen, I'm sad tonight to see this part of us burn."

11:45 AM PT -- A Notre Dame spokesperson says ... "Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame." Sources believe the inferno may have been caused by recent restoration of the church.

11:30 AM PT -- It is currently unknown what caused the fire or if any people were inside the church at the time. A church spokesperson has told French media all of Notre Dame Cathedral's frame is burning after the spire collapsed.

President Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe are heading to the scene.

11:15 AM PT -- The cathedral's roof and famous spire has collapsed in flames. Firefighters are on the scene trying to battle the blaze, but are reportedly having major problems due to their ladders being too short to attack the fire. The cathedral's roof has also completely collapsed.

President Emmanuel Macron has canceled a national address because of the current emergency. Notre Dame Cathedral -- one of the most popular landmarks in Paris -- is going up in flames.

Shocked and horrified tourists are posting photos and videos that show flames in and around the building's huge spire. Smoke is billowing up and filling the sky over Paris ... where prosecutors have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

Firefighters are racing to the scene, and according to one reporter, the fire might have been sparked by restoration work that's being done at Notre Dame. According to reports ... most of the art work inside the church is feared gone.

CBS News reports status of the "pieces of the cross they believe that Jesus was crucified on, as well as part of the thorned crown that he had, as well as one of the nails from the crucifixion" is  unknown. 

The famous church was completed in the 14th century -- nearly 200 years after breaking ground -- and is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

The length of time it took to build is evident in the various architectural styles throughout the building -- there are signs of the Renaissance and the Naturalism era along with the French Gothic look.

The Cathedral is one of the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress, which artitects installed long after the original design to alleviate the wall's stress fractures that began to occur as the walls grew higher.

The Cathedral has suffered damage and deterioration over the centuries, especially during the French Revolution in 1786. It was saved from possible destruction by Napoleon, though -- who crowned himself emperor inside the cathedral in 1804 -- and later restored. Its notable central spire was actually added during restoration in the 19th century.

Along with being a famous landmark and tourist attraction, it has played host to countless religious ceremonies and historical events ... including the crowning of Henry VI of England in 1431 and the beatification of Joan of Arc by Pope Pius X in 1909.

The cathedral is the iconic setting of Victor Hugo's 1831 novel, "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame."

The Middle Ages structure gets more than 12 million visitors each year ... making it the most visited building in Paris.

One bit of good news ... 16 statues that sit atop Notre Dame -- representing the 12 apostles and 4 evangelists -- were removed just last week as part of the restoration project.

Originally Published -- 4/15 10:32 AM PT

Morehouse College Famous All-Male Campus Now Accepting Trans Men Students

4/14/2019 12:32 PM PDT

The historically black all-male university that people like Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and other famous folks attended will now start accepting transgender men onto its campus ... but there's a catch that excludes other trans students.

Atlanta's Morehouse College announced this weekend that it would begin admitting transgender students who identify as male starting in the fall semester of 2020. The move comes as part of its new Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy. 

It also follows in the footsteps of neighboring Spelman College -- an all-female university -- which rolled out a similar policy for transgender women in 2017.

There's a caveat though -- Morehouse says its trans policy will only be applicable to students who identify as men throughout their academic careers. Any man who transitions from male to female during their time at Morehouse will not be eligible for enrollment.

It goes without saying, trans women won't be eligible for initial admission either. The good news ... the school says any already-enrolled students who identified as trans women before 2020 will be able to graduate. But, after 2020, that ain't gonna be the case.

Just to give you a sense of how historically important this college is, here's a brief list of some of its other famous alumni: Spike Lee, Herman Cain, Guru, John David Washington, Donn Clendenon, Fonzworth Bentley, Metro Boomin, Isaac Keys, Bill Nunn ... and many, many other guys who went on to great success. 

In short ... this is a huge deal. 

Black Hole First One Ever Captured by Telescope

4/10/2019 6:45 AM PDT
Breaking News

Check this incredible image out ... an enormous black hole, about 55 million light-years away from Planet Earth.

It's the first time earthlings have ever seen such a thing. It was captured with the help of the Event Horizon Telescope -- a global network of telescopes that combines the power of 8 radio telescopes, which means it effectively creates a telescope THE SIZE OF EARTH!!!

The black hole it captured is at the center of a galaxy known as M87. 

Maybe we should mention what a black hole is ... it's where a massive amount of matter is squeeeeeezed into a relatively small area. Black holes just grow and grow. In June of last year, Australian scientists found one that is growing so fast it's eating matter the size of the Sun every two days.

Also, no light can escape from a black hole, which makes photography near impossible -- and that's why the image is so monumental. We've never seen a clear image of a black hole before. 

Stephen Hawking theorized about the existence of black holes in the universe and the radiation emitted from them ... it was one of his biggest contributions to science. He passed away in March of last year ... just missing the fruits of his labor. 

Prince Harry & Oprah Apple TV's Royal Dream Team!!! Co-Producing New Series

4/10/2019 7:17 AM PDT

Prince Harry is joining Oprah in Hollywood ... and it means Apple TV might have the heaviest hitters in town when it comes to executive producers.

The Big O and the Duke of Sussex are joining forces as EPs on a new series that will focus on mental health -- it's slated to debut next year on Apple TV. Harry and Meghan Markle made the announcement Wednesday morning on their official Instagram account.

Oprah and Harry have been working for months now on the multi-part docuseries, which they hope will inspire viewers to have more open, honest conversations about mental wellness.

View this post on Instagram

We are excited to announce that The Duke of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey are partners, co-creators and executive producers on their forthcoming mental health series launching on Apple in 2020. The pair have been developing the series for several months and are looking forward to sharing such an important project on this global platform. The dynamic multi-part documentary series will focus on both mental illness and mental wellness, inspiring viewers to have an honest conversation about the challenges each of us faces, and how to equip ourselves with the tools to not simply survive, but to thrive. This commitment builds on The Duke of Sussex’s long-standing work on issues and initiatives regarding mental health, where he has candidly shared personal experience and advocated for those who silently suffer, empowering them to get the help and support they deserve. His Royal Highness has spent many years working with communities throughout the UK and young people across the Commonwealth to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and broaden the conversation of mental wellness to accelerate change for a more compassionate, connected and positive society. Quote from HRH: “I truly believe that good mental health - mental fitness - is the key to powerful leadership, productive communities and a purpose-driven self. It is a huge responsibility to get this right as we bring you the facts, the science and the awareness of a subject that is so relevant during these times. Our hope is that this series will be positive, enlightening and inclusive - sharing global stories of unparalleled human spirit fighting back from the darkest places, and the opportunity for us to understand ourselves and those around us better. I am incredibly proud to be working alongside Oprah on this vital series.”

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

Harry, of course, has been open about his mental health in the past. Back in 2017, he disclosed he'd been in counseling in his late 20s to deal with emotions surrounding the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Oprah herself has talked about her experience with anxiety and depression. As she wrote in O Magazine ... she'd "come face-to-face with mental illness, as several people close to me were hospitalized with severe suicidal depression and manic and schizophrenic thoughts."

The collaboration between Oprah and Harry is also a huge score for Apple as it dives head first into original programming. It already has Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steven Spielberg on its roster.

UFC's Cris Cyborg I Was 'Very Close' to Kidnapped Woman ... During Uganda Trip

4/8/2019 9:05 AM PDT

Cris Cyborg just got back from a philanthropic trip to Uganda -- where the UFC star says she was dangerously close to an American tourist who was kidnapped at gunpoint.

Cyborg was building water wells in Uganda for the Batwa Pygmies with fellow UFC fighter Justin Wren -- and during the trip, they learned an American woman and her tour guide had been abducted.


Officials say Kimberly Sue Endicott and her safari guide were ambushed Tuesday by 4 men with guns while traveling in a car through Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Endicott and her guide, Jean-Paul Mirenge Remezo, were taken near the border of the Congo where her captors used her cell phone to demand a $500,000 ransom. 

Ugandan officials -- along with help from U.S. forces -- freed the two on Sunday. They appeared unharmed. 

So, when we saw Cris on Friday -- before Endicott was freed -- we asked her about the situation ... and she essentially told us she's LUCKY she wasn't abducted as well. 

"I can not stop thinking about [Endicott]," Cyborg told us ... "because I was really very close with her. Like, REALLY close."

Cyborg says she left Uganda one day after the kidnapping -- and she's been praying for Endicott and her guide ever since. 

Ultimately, Cyborg says she's still VERY glad she went on the trip because her work helped out so many people. 

FYI, Justin Wren has been very involved in helping the Pygmies for years with his "Fight for the Forgotten" foundation ... whose mission is to bring safe drinking water to 2 villages in need. 

As for the kidnappers, they're still on the loose. President Trump tweeted about the situation on Monday morning:

"Uganda must find the kidnappers of the American Tourist and guide before people will feel safe in going there. Bring them to justice openly and quickly!"

Timmothy Pitzen DNA Test Determines 14-Year-Old Is NOT Timmothy!!!

4/4/2019 1:48 PM PDT
Breaking News

3:31 PM PT -- Timmothy's Aunt and Grandmother have just spoken out, thanking law enforcement and promising that they will never stop looking for Timmothy.

They also asked everyone to join them in praying for Rini, stating, "We hope our tragedy will help to shed some light on the horrific problems of suicide and missing children in our country."

2:05 PM PT -- The story just keeps getting more bizarre ... the kid claiming to be Timmothy isn't a kid at all! Cops say he's a 23-year-old MAN named Brian Michael Rini.

1:48 PM PT -- According to The FBI, DNA testing has revealed the 14-year-old claiming to be Timmothy is NOT the missing child. A statement reads, "A local investigation continues into this person's true identity."Timmothy Pitzen -- a 6-year-old child who famously went missing in 2011 and was featured on "Live PD" -- has allegedly been found in Ohio after escaping his captors.

The story's pretty wild. A teenager discovered by locals in north Kentucky Wednesday morning claimed to be Timmothy and said he'd just escaped his 2 kidnappers. He reportedly said they'd been holding him for 7 years. The locals then called 911.

Cops went on the hunt, and eventually found the boy in Sharonville, OH ... just outside of Cincinnati. He claims he's 14-years-old now, and managed to escape from a Red Roof Inn ... although he's unsure where the motel was. He describes his kidnappers as white men covered in tattoos on their necks and arms who look like bodybuilders.   

It's unclear if the teen, who's now in police custody is, in fact, Timmothy. A DNA test to confirm his identity is reportedly underway and should take about 24 hours.

Timmothy initially disappeared after his mother took him out of school one day for a 3-day vacation, but she ended up being found dead a few days later at an Illinois hotel. A note was found near her body, saying Timmothy was safe with people who'd care for him.

The story was heavily covered at the time, and even featured last year on the popular A&E show, "Live PD." The show produced a visual rendering of what Timmothy should look like now.

Originally Published -- 4/3 4:39 PM PT

Joe Biden I Get It, I'll Respect Personal Space

4/3/2019 1:32 PM PDT

Joe Biden is promising to change his ways in the wake of allegations he's gotten way too close for the comfort of at least 2 women. 

The former Veep -- and expected Presidential candidate for 2020 -- is addressing the handsy allegations head-on ... saying it's just who he is, or at least who he HAS been. Biden added, in a video posted Wednesday, he'll get himself in check going forward and be mindful of people's personal space.

Joe says he's always thought of politics as a way to connect to people ... and that he took that to heart quite literally, with handshakes, hugs, shoulder squeezes and other forms of embrace.

He doesn't mention kissing women's heads, though, as Lucy Flores claims he did to her back in 2014. Another woman accused him of pulling her in by the neck to rub noses at a fundraiser in 2009.

In his kinda-mea culpa vid, Biden acknowledges the boundaries of personal bubbles have been reset, and says he'll change too.

His video response couldn't have been better timed, as President Trump and the GOP lean into lampooning Biden for his touchy-feely tendencies.

There was even an attack ad released by a conservative super PAC that labels Biden as "Creepy Joe" ... and shows kids watching reports about him on TV.

Lance Bass Firm on Brunei Boycott ... As Anti-Gay Stoning Law Takes Effect

4/3/2019 2:40 PM PDT

Lance Bass has some choice words -- and a splash of sarcasm -- for the Sultan of Brunei on the day his country will start stoning gay people to death.

We got the 'NSYNC singer Wednesday leaving NBC in NYC -- where he was plugging his new doc, 'The Boy Band Con' -- and asked about the deadly law that takes effect Wednesday in the Asian country -- gay people can now be stoned to death for who they are.

Lance clearly has a POV, but it was tough for him because while we were talking to him a slew of fans were asking for selfies so whatever he said he had to say with a smile on his face. 

Our camera guys also asks Lance if he was on board with George Clooney's renewed call to boycott hotels owned by Brunei's leader, including The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air. Check it out ... sounds like he's been with it for a while.

We tried seeing if Lance had a message for the Sultan on such a fateful day, and while he had no direct message ... his words here say everything about the backwards country.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Jussie Got Way Better Treatment than I Would!!!

3/27/2019 6:45 AM PDT

Jussie Smollett got off in his criminal case simply because he's a celeb -- so says Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel ... who stops short of calling this a corrupt move, but certainly insinuated it.

Mayor Emanuel went on GMA Wednesday morning following his blistering attack on the Cook County State's Attorney's Office the day before, after they dropped all 16 charges against Jussie and let him walk scot-free.

The Mayor said flat-out ... if he did the same type of thing, he'd have the book thrown at him.  

First Assistant to the State's Attorney Joseph Magats says they decided to drop the charges because it wasn't a violent crime -- and thought Jussie coughing up $10k and doing community service sufficed as punishment. Hizzoner says no one on the outside can make sense of it.

Emanuel doubles down on what he told the media Tuesday -- when he called the decision a "whitewash of justice."

Jussie Smollett Allies Asked Kim Foxx to Intervene Leaked Texts, Emails Show

3/26/2019 12:09 PM PDT

Jussie Smollett had pals of his in the Cook County State's Attorney's ear early on in his case -- and, based on leaked correspondence, it looks like she acted on his behalf.

Texts and emails between State Attorney Kim Foxx and two Jussie allies -- one of which is reported to be a family member of his -- have been leaked, and they show that Foxx was asked to intervene in the case a few days after he'd reported the alleged attack to Chicago PD. It appears that she did exactly that ... and kept Jussie's camp in the loop. 

The initial correspondence started when Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, emailed Foxx to say that she was reaching out on behalf of Jussie's family to express "concerns" they had with how the investigation at that point was being handled.

Jussie had not been charged with a crime yet, but it's believed Chicago PD was already doubting his story and leaking info to the press pushing that narrative. 

Foxx responded to Tchen on Feb. 1, saying ... "Spoke to Superintendent Johnson. I convinced him to Reach out to FBI to ask that they take over the investigation. He is reaching out now and will get back to me shortly." 

The same day, an unnamed relative of Jussie's texted Foxx herself, as well, and Foxx said she was working on getting the case sent over to the FBI. The relative replied, "Omg this would a huge victory." Foxx then responded, "I make no guarantees, but I'm trying."

Later, Foxx recused herself from the case when Jussie became a suspect. And, of course, her office just announced Tuesday that it was dropping all of the charges against Jussie, after coming out strong with a 16-count indictment just weeks earlier. 

Her official reasoning for dropping the charges ... Jussie has done community service in the community, so we're good. Her office asked a judge to seal the case, and they obliged. Mayor Rahm Emanuel strongly hinted at corruption in the State's Attorney's Office.

The Chicago-Tribune first reported on the leaked texts and emails.

On the heels of all the charges being dropped against Jussie earlier Tuesday, the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago is asking the Dept. of Justice to investigate Kim Foxx and her involvement in this case.

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