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Dan Bilzerian

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A venture capitalist by trade, Dan Bilzerian (a.k.a. "Blitz") has made a name for himself as a high-stakes poker player, thrill seeker and, more recently, Hollywood actor. His lavish lifestyle, penchant for danger and carefree attitude has gotten him attention around the world as an international playboy. Bilzerian, 32, is a regular on the high-stakes poker scene, playing in private games with the rich and famous where every hand is more than most people's yearly salary. He has played in games where the minimum buy-in has been millions of dollars. Bilzerian is a relentless gambler who makes some of the most outrageous bets that are regularly the talk of the gambling world. From swimming across an alligator infested lake or jumping off a 90-foot cliff to simply betting on a random person's opinion or the flip of a coin, Bilzerian will take almost any wager. He made headlines when he competed in what has to have been the highest-stakes drag race in history, winning $385,000 at the Las Vegas Speedway. Bilzerian was driving a 1965 A/C Cobra and beat a 2011 Ferrari 458, which was considered at the time to be one of the fastest cars in the world. As an actor and stuntman, Bilzerian's credits include "Olympus Has Fallen," starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, as well as three films to be released in 2014:"Lone Survivor," starring Mark Wahlberg; "The Equalizer," starring Denzel Washington; and "The Other Woman," starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. True to his nature, Bilzerian spends his free time doing extreme sports around the world as well as training MMA, scuba diving, mountain biking, snowmobiling and racing cars. Bilzerian was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Along with his brother Adam, Bilzerian invests in and manages business interests across a wide array of industries, including real estate, oil and entertainment. He enlisted in the Navy for four years and went directly into SEAL training. After completing 2 hell-weeks and 500 days of training, Bilzerian was dropped from the program for a safety violation two days before graduation. He received an honorable discharge and spent the following four years at the University of Florida majoring in business and criminology. Bilzerian left college after achieving significant financial success and focused his time on funding start up companies. Bilzerian divides his time between homes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego.  See full bio on IMDb »

Dan Bilzerian's New $10 Million Vegas Mansion Hit by 2 Burglars

Dan Bilzerian
New $10M Vegas Pad Hit by Burglars

Dan Bilzerian barely had any time to make himself at home in his new Vegas mansion ... thanks to a couple of burglars who ruined his housewarming.  Sources close to Bilzerian tell TMZ… READ MORE >

Riff Raff Denies Rape Allegation in Unique Style, Bragging About Hookups

Riff Raff
I Get Women 3 at a Time ... I'd Never Force Drugs or Sex!!!

Riff Raff's going all out to defend himself against recent sexual misconduct allegations, and he's doing it in a very cocky way. It's what he does. The eccentric rapper shot this video, with his… READ MORE >

- 277 days ago
Dan Bilzerian Searched Police Truck Amid Vegas Shooter's Gunfire

Dan Bilzerian
Searched Vegas Police Truck While Under Fierce Gunfire

This incredibly intense video shows Dan Bilzerian frantically searching inside a police truck Sunday night as terrified concertgoers ducked for cover from the hail of bullets. Dan --… READ MORE >

- 530 days ago
'Deadpool 2' Stuntwoman's Death Serves as a Reminder,  Hollywood Can Be Dangerous

'Deadpool 2' Stuntwoman's Death
Serves As A Reminder ... Hollywood Can Be Dangerous

The tragic death of a stuntwoman on the set of "Deadpool 2" has reminded us that Hollywood stunts can quickly go awry, and they often have through the years. We took a look back at some of the… READ MORE >

- 581 days ago
Dan Bilzerian's Vegas Bachelor Pad Up For Sale (PHOTO GALLERY)

Dan Bilzerian
From 1 Bachelor To Another ... Take My Pad Off My Hands

Dan Bilzerian needs a change of scene -- so he's moving to a bigger house in Vegas closer to his brother and putting a house up for sale where the sweet life is deep in the dry wall. The famous… READ MORE >

- 820 days ago
Dan Bilzerian Emojis -- Goat Sex a No-No for App Stores (PHOTO GALLERY)

Dan Bilzerian Emojis
Goat Sex a No-No For App Stores

Dan Bilzerian's outrageous lifestyle -- sex, chicks, guns and drugs -- made him Instagram's king of the bros, but it's too hot for the app world ... his new emojis have been shut down. For now. As… READ MORE >

- 928 days ago
Dan Bilzerian's Emojis -- Boobs, Blow and One Horny Goat (PHOTO GALLERY)

Dan Bilzerian's Emojis
Boobs, Blow and One Horny Goat

Apologies to Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, but Dan Bilzerian's about to blow up their playbook by unleashing a set of R-rated emojis no other celeb would dare to do. Well, maybe Charlie… READ MORE >

- 929 days ago
Dan Bilzerian -- Shootin' the S*** with Vets ... Out in the Wild (PHOTO GALLERIES)

Dan Bilzerian
Shootin' the S*** with Vets Out in the Wild

Dan Bilzerian took a break from hunting for models and set his sights on helping America's vets.  The famed playboy is spending the entire month of August at a Wyoming ranch with vets… READ MORE >

- 948 days ago
Dan Bilzerian -- Hillary Clinton On No Fly List for My Private Jet (VIDEO)

Dan Bilzerian
Hillary Clinton On No Fly List For My Private Jet

Hillary Clinton just got 86'd from a private jet owned by Hollywood playboy Dan Bilzerian because -- get this -- HE's worried about contamination! Bilzerian -- famous Instagram lover of… READ MORE >

- 1050 days ago
Dan Bilzerian -- Hey Hillary ... Your Press Plane Has Major Cooties! (VIDEO)

Dan Bilzerian
Hey Hillary ... Your Press Plane Has Major Cooties!

Hillary Clinton's press corp might wanna grab some latex -- gloves that is -- 'cause the private plane on which they're riding belongs to Dan Bilzerian, famous for his Playboy-esque parties in… READ MORE >

- 1059 days ago
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