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Joe Giudice

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Joe Giudice was born as Giuseppe Giudice. He has been married to Teresa Giudice since October 24, 1999. They have four children.  See full bio on IMDb »

Celeb Prisoners' Christmas Feasting on Classic Items, Cornish Game Hens

Joe Giudice, DMX & Cosby
Prison Menus Got 'em Dreaming of a Cornish Christmas

Joe Giudice's last Christmas in America is shaping up to be bittersweet, because it means he's just months away from being deported ... but he also gets to chow down on some fancy fowl. TMZ's… READ MORE >

Teresa Giudice Reacts to Joe's Deportation with Crying Statue of Liberty

Teresa Giudice
Breaks Silence on Joe's Deportation With Lady Liberty Crying

Teresa Giudice seems to have broken her silence in the wake of her husband being ordered to be deported after prison ... and it looks like she (and Lady Liberty) are heartbroken.  The… READ MORE >

- 101 days ago
Teresa Giudice Doesn't Care Joe's Getting Deported, Says 'RHONJ' Star Kim D

'RHONJ' Star Kim D
Teresa Doesn't Give a Rat's Ass About Joe Getting Deported

Teresa Giudice is a cold-hearted, good-for-nothing mom who'd rather party like a rock star than sweat about her husband Joe's pending deportation to Italy ... so claims her cast mate… READ MORE >

- 106 days ago
Donald Trump Denied Teresa Giudice's Request for Letter Supporting Husband Joe

Teresa Giudice
Asked Trump for a Letter Backing Joe Request Denied!!!

Teresa Giudice turned to Donald Trump right before Joe got locked up in 2016, hoping he would write a letter vouching for her husband ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to the… READ MORE >

- 106 days ago
Teresa Giudice Won't Move Kids to Italy When Husband Joe is Deported

Teresa Giudice
Won't Move Kids to Italy ... When Joe is Deported

When Joe Giudice gets deported to Italy he'll have to get re-acclimated in his native country without his family ... 'cause Teresa Giudice ain't moving the… READ MORE >

- 106 days ago
Teresa Giudice's Husband Joe Will Be Deported to Italy After Getting Out of Prison

Joe Giudice
He's Outta Here!!! Judge Orders Deportation

Joe Giudice has to get the hell up outta the United States -- a judge is deporting him to his native Italy ... once he gets out of prison, that is. The judge issued the deportation order… READ MORE >

- 106 days ago
Teresa and Joe Giudice Out of Bankruptcy

Teresa and Joe Giudice
We're Back in the Black ... Almost Bankruptcy Case Closed

Teresa and Joe Giudice are getting the boot ... from bankruptcy court ... TMZ has learned. According to docs, the judge in their bankruptcy case has dismissed the matter. The 'RHONJ' stars… READ MORE >

- 223 days ago
Joe Giudice's New Prison is Like a 4-Star Resort Behind Bars

Joe Giudice
His New Prison's Like a 4-Star Resort ... Brunch & Yoga Included

Joe Giudice has a pretty cush prison stay ahead of him while he's locked up in Pennsylvania -- the place is like a damn resort ... even though it's got its own "deal breakers." Like we told you,… READ MORE >

- 388 days ago
Teresa Giudice and Daughters Soak Up the Sun in Cancun Away from Joe

Teresa Giudice
No Joe, No Problem Cancun Trip with My Girls!!!

Teresa Giudice and her daughters aren't letting the holidays apart from Joe Giudice get them down ... instead soaking up some sun in Cancun. The New Jersey 'Housewife' is currently vacationing… READ MORE >

- 392 days ago
Teresa Giudice and Kids Can't Visit Joe in Prison for Christmas

Teresa Giudice & Kids
Can't Visit Joe in Prison for Xmas

Teresa Giudice and her kids got a sad lesson about the crappy kind of red tape this holiday season ... the kind that'll keep them away from Joe Giudice for Christmas. Sources familiar… READ MORE >

- 396 days ago
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