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Norm MacDonald

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MacDonald was born Norman Gene MacDonald in Québec City, Québec on October 17, 1959. He began his career in stand-up comedy. MacDonald's first job was writing for The Dennis Miller Show (1992) and then Roseanne (1988). While writing for Roseanne (1988), he was noticed by Lorne Michaels, who liked Norm's stand up, and gave him his job on Saturday Night Live (1975). MacDonald became widely popular when he became the Weekend Update anchor with his trademark line "Now the fake news." He lasted from September 24, 1994, to December 13, 1997, when he was fired by Don Ohlmeyer, president of NBC on the west coast. MacDonald's last weekend update was December 13, 1997, and he left the show in March 1998. His movie Dirty Work (1998), which he began working on in the summer of 1997, came out 2 months later. In March 1999, his show, called Norm (1999), came out on ABC and had a 3-season run. During the time, he starred in the movie Screwed (2000), opposite Dave Chappelle.  See full bio on IMDb »

Norm Macdonald Says He's Not Funny Anymore Thanks to PC Culture

Norm Macdonald
I'm Not Nearly As Offensive or As Funny!!!

Norm Macdonald says you won't be offended at his comedy shows anymore .. but you also won't laugh your ass off. Such is reality and it sucks. We got Norm Friday afternoon at LAX and… READ MORE >

Howie Mandel Fuming Over Political Correctness Destroying Comedy

Howie Mandel
No Jokes From Me ... P.C. is Destroying Comedy!!!

Howie Mandel is pissed about the state of stand-up comedy ... and he's blaming political correctness for its demise. We got the comedian and "America's Got Talent" judge leaving Craig's… READ MORE >

- 269 days ago
Norm Macdonald Gives Full Context of #MeToo Comments

Norm Macdonald on #MeToo
I Was Taken Out of Context!!! What I Really Said Was ...

Norm Macdonald is setting the record straight on his controversial take on the #MeToo movement, and also about the Down syndrome crack he made to Howard Stern. Norm went on "The View" Thursday… READ MORE >

- 277 days ago
Norm Macdonald Makes #MeToo Controversy Worse with Down Syndrome Remark

Norm Macdonald
Tries to Dig Out of #MeToo Hole With Down Syndrome Remark

Norm Macdonald is succeeding in making things worse for himself -- fresh off attacking the #MeToo movement, he cracked a joke, of sorts, about Down syndrome. The comedian was on… READ MORE >

- 278 days ago
Norm Macdonald Defends Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr, Bashes #MeToo Movement

Norm Macdonald
Happy #MeToo Has 'Slowed Down' ... Forgive Roseanne & C.K.

Norm Macdonald is no friend of the #MeToo movement ... and the comedian is tired of seeing showbiz types like Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K. having their careers ruined by scandals.  Norm says… READ MORE >

- 279 days ago
Norm Macdonald -- House Sitter Dies in Comedian's Home ... Overdose Suspected

Norm Macdonald
House Sitter Dies in Comedian's Home ... Overdose Suspected

A friend of Norm Macdonald's son was found dead in the condo where he was house sitting for the comedian ... TMZ has learned. 23-year-old Michael Huettner's body was discovered by his parents… READ MORE >

- 1004 days ago
Mike Tyson -- I'm a Crime Fighter ... in the Cartoons

Mike Tyson
I'm a Crime Fighter ... In the Cartoons

Mike Tyson's starring in his own hilarious animated series where he hunts bad guys, sings songs, and chats up a drunk pigeon.And all of that is way less bizarre than our own Harvard educated… READ MORE >

- 1691 days ago
Norm Macdonald -- Aaron Hernandez is WORSE Than OJ

Norm Macdonald
Aaron Hernandez is WORSE Than OJ

OJ Simpson may NOT be the biggest villain in sports history ... so says Norm Macdonald who tells TMZ Sports Aaron Hernandez has him beat -- but there's one guy who stands high above them… READ MORE >

- 1859 days ago
Norm Macdonald -- What Happened to the Guy Who Beat Me on Star Search?

Norm Macdonald
What Happened to the Guy Who Beat Me on Star Search?

Back in 1990, an aspiring comic named Norm Macdonald appeared on "Star Search" ... and LOST to a Liberian comic named "The Bushman" ... who sorta fell off the radar ... until last night! Here's… READ MORE >

- 2643 days ago
Norm Macdonald -- $25,000 Bet on Manny Pacquiao

Norm Macdonald
$25,000 Bet on Manny Pacquiao

Norm Macdonald is so confident Manny Pacquiao will DEFEAT Sugar Shane Mosley this weekend ... he went to Vegas and threw down a $25,000 bet on the Fighting Pride of the Philippines. Macdonald made… READ MORE >

- 2966 days ago
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