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O.T. Genasis

O.T. Genasis Punched Guy Who Confronted, Sparked Fight with Nipsey Hussle

O.T. Genasis
Punched Guy Who Confronted Nipsey ... And Sparked Brawl

O.T. Genasis is technically the reason Nipsey Hussle got roped into a brawl, 'cause the dude who confronted Nip had just gotten socked by O.T. ... and confused the two. We got footage of O.T.… READ MORE >

O.T. Genasis Says Eminem Shouldn't Respond to Machine Gun Kelly's Diss

O.T. Genasis
Eminem Shouldn't Hit Back at MGK ... Stop the White-on-White Crime!!!

O.T. Genasis says Eminem should stand down in his latest beef with Machine Gun Kelly ... 'cause Marshall's just too good to get deeper in the gutter with the kid. We got the "Too Blessed"… READ MORE >

- 262 days ago
O.T. Genasis Rolls Deep To Bar, Cops Say Crew Member Whips Out Gun

O.T. Genasis
Cops Say Bar Argument Leads To Gun Threat

9:17 AM PT -- A source close to O.T. Genasis tells TMZ the dispute was over his ID and another rapper's ID. We're told at no time did any member of his crew pull out a gun or make any threats.… READ MORE >

- 268 days ago
O.T. Genasis Says He Has No Idea Why Cops Busted Up His Birthday

O.T. Genasis
No Guns at My Bday, Just Booze!!! What Gives, LAPD???

O.T. Genasis says he has no clue why cops crashed his birthday party with shotguns out, 'cause there was no sign of trouble inside the event ... just lots of bottles. We asked O.T. if anyone drew… READ MORE >

- 344 days ago
Police Swarm O.T. Genasis' Bowling Alley Birthday Party on Alleged Gun Threat

O.T. Genasis
Cops Swarm Bday Party ... After Alleged Gun Threat

O.T. Genasis' birthday celebrations this week started out as a bowling party and ended full of police officers with their guns drawn after a reported gun threat. O.T. was celebrating the big 3-1 a… READ MORE >

- 345 days ago
O.T. Genasis Was Shocked by Beyonce's Coachella Dance to 'Everybody Mad'

O.T. Genasis
Beyonce Dancing to My Song Made Me Cuss Up a Storm

O.T. Genasis says he had no clue Beyonce chose one of his songs to include in her epic Coachella performance -- and his reaction in the moment was priceless. O.T. was on the road Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 402 days ago
O.T. Genasis Says NBA Should Legalize Cocaine (And All Drugs)

O.T. Genasis

Hey Adam Silver, you know what would be dope, like literally DOPE? Your entire league running up and down the court COKED OUT OF THEIR MINDS ... but that's not a TMZ Sports suggestion, it's… READ MORE >

- 554 days ago
French Montana's 33rd Birthday Bash Filled with Celebs!!!

French Montana
My Bday Guest List is Unforgettable!

French Montana's birthday shindig proved yet again to be a celebrity magnet ... drawing tons of them for his 33rd affair. The rapper went all out -- with sponsorship help from Brother… READ MORE >

- 561 days ago
O.T. Genasis Says Janet Jackson's Breast Deserves a Super Bowl Encore

O.T. Genasis
Bring Janet Back to the Super Bowl ... She's the B(r)e(a)st!!

O.T. Genasis says he's all for Janet Jackson getting another crack at the Super Bowl ... especially if she busts out a finale like the first time!! We got O.T. at LAX ... and the rapper told… READ MORE >

- 577 days ago
Ashanti's Celeb Friends Turn Out for Birthday Bash and New Music

Hand Me a Mic, It's My Birthday!!!

Ashanti killed two birds -- her birthday and her new song -- with one stone ... by ballin' out at 1OAK on Sunset. The bday shindig went down Tuesday night during the MADE party at 1OAK, and… READ MORE >

- 589 days ago
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