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Jessica's Rockin'

Body of Work

7/12/2006 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson showed off her killer curves while celebrating her 26th birthday in Cabo San Lucas on Monday.
Jessica Simpson
The sexy divorcee hung out in the sun at a private residence sporting a bikini, cowboy hat and the prerequisite Hollywood starlet oversized sunglasses.

Despite having a body to die for, Jess tells OK! Magazine, "I love my body. I'm just not one to show off. I'm shy about it." And you can tell in the pictures as she tried to hide under a beach towel.

Jessica doesn't want to be rail thin and says "There's something very empowering about curves. You can't strut your stuff when you're skinny." Take that Nicole Richie.

Jessica Simpson
The buxom blonde adds she would consider getting a boob job - and by that she means breast reduction - "If I have kids and they're hanging to my waist, that's when I might start to think about having something done to them. Right now they're perky and cute."
Jessica Simpson
You can see more of Simpson's firm physique in the video to her new single "A Public Affair." The Madonna-like track is getting a lot of buzz and the singer turned actress couldn't be happier. "I've never had my song played in a club before. It made me feel cool."

Check out the entire exclusive interview in the July 24 issue of OK!

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sorry but the song public affair sucks

3028 days ago


If she's so shy, why does she keep posing for men's magazines in bathing suits?

3028 days ago


jessica sucks at everything! ...moving right along.

3028 days ago


The point is she has money.....If people thinks she sucked..She would not have any money.......Yeah she is ditsy...But think about it..It's the paparazzi that is taking these shots, you need to talk to them to tell them to stop takeing the photos.....She may be blonde.ditsy.. and she can't sing or act.and what ever else you can think to call her....but the point is she has money.......She is set for life.....

3028 days ago


Jessica isnt half as sexy without Nick! anyway, check out to see more pics of her in cabo on her 26th bday,, they have all the pics here but the main one of her with ken paves getting very close,, bullshit she hasnt been seeing anyone after nick!

3028 days ago


For the people guys are so insanely jealous it's almost comical!!!

3028 days ago


Ken Paves is GAY!!! DUH!! I love Jessica Simpson by the way! Show it if you got it. Stop being Jealous!

3028 days ago


you guys are nothing but dumb ass loosers...

Jessica can actually sing....
Everyone that is saying she has no talent and cant sing must be jealous and fat!

I love the song public affair and i wish they would play it on the radio more!!!

She got a boob job and lipo?
wow are you a doctor?
where did you get your facts from?

Because i think we all know she didnt get a boob job.

Just because she has a rocking body doesnt mean she had plastic surgery.

Does that mean anyone who has a rocking body got work done?
Maybe you know she went to the gym and worked out....

god you people are so jealous...

it is really sad....

I can say one thing...

atleast she is not using her divorce to sell records like her dumb ass ex husband.

She has classs and she is real..

Go buy the DVD set of Newly weds...

She never has make up on and still looks better than most stars with make up!!!

ive said

3028 days ago


I also agree, there are alot of people jealous, Jessica Simpson is absolutley HOT!! People don't be hater's

3028 days ago


She is celebrating her birthday with her hair stylist and mother...sounds like fun! It looks to me like these pictures were set up, probably by pappa Joe.

Team Nick!!!! Jessica is so fake!

3028 days ago


Jessica is fake?

Nick Lachey cries a river about his divorce with Jessica to help sell his lame new record and then the next day is out making out with that vanessa girl from MTV... (and thats a fact.... i saw the pictures) if thats not fake then i dont know what is...

atleast she keeps quite about her divorce and doesnt tell the whole world about it and try to make the world feel sorry for her....

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Nick Lachey is the bad guy here..

I mean who would file for divorce from a man they are married too if she was the bad person...

he is not an angel everyone thinks he is.

3028 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

I don't understand the hype over this talentless twit. Overall she's o.k. I won't say she's ugly, but she aint nothing special. If you pay close attention to her she has a flat ass, ugly pointy beak, I mean nose. Yeah she's skinny w/out any curves though. She can't act, speak, or sing,(damn those facial expressions). She over compensates for lack of singing ability. Those damn OVERSIZED sunglasses, my God, they make her look like a fly.
She's celebrating w/ her stylist during the day & by night w/ Papa Joe!!! B4 you think I'm jeolous here is a list of girls I think are beutiful, regardless of their reputations (in no particular order).
Angelina, beatiful even w/out makeup.
Vanessa Marcil
Kelly Monacco
Stacey Keibler
& music, film, and soap actresses that do deserve the attention.

3028 days ago

vanessa santana    

#23. I dont know if you rememer a little show called Newlyweds? Which was created by Pappa Joe Simpson. Dont you think that was his lame attempt at capitalizing on his daughter's marriage? The only reason why the Simpsons didnt use the divorce to capitalize or sell records is because from the get go everyone was on TEAM NICK. Why would anyone feel sorry for her if she was the one that wanted the divorce? She was just a sorry little girl doing want Daddy wanted. So the best way for them to get the most they could of of this divorce is TO KEEP QUIET. That way, they raise speculation about what really happened and people would start pointing the finger at NICK.
I hope her movie and her reord both bomb.

3028 days ago


i also dont like her since her split from nick, she got really obnoxious after that. still, shes really pretty.
the song sounds A LOT from one of madonnas mid-80s hits.

3028 days ago


Jessica is not the same person she use to be at all. I don't know what has happened to her. How she could be so in love with Nick one minute and then completely out of love the next is unreal. No matter what he did I would think she would have been able to have tried to worked it out. Now it is as though she never knew him. Such a shame. To me, there are so many "bad" guys out there I don't see how she will ever find one that will live up to her standards. Most guys are not like Nick and he seems very genuine in his love for her. I'm glad he's moved on. I don't think anyone is that jealous of Jessica. She's phoney looking and was much prettier before fame got in the way.

3028 days ago
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