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Harrelson Won't Face Felony Charges

7/26/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Harrelson will not face felony charges in connection with an incident involving TMZ cameraman Josh Levine outside a Hollywood nightclub last month, according to Los Angeles County prosecutors. The matter will now be referred to the City Attorney's office for review.

On the evening of June 29, Levine approached Harrelson outside LA nightclub Element and, as video footage showed, Harrelson made contact with Levine's camera and grabbed the cameraman's neck with one hand. Levine suffered a laceration as a result of the physical contact, and his camera was damaged.

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Deputy District Attorney Alisanne Scolnik Augusta wrote that the incident "doesn't reveal a clear intentional breaking of the camera by the suspect" and that "the force used is not to the level that would cause great bodily injury" in her explaining her decision not to pursue the matter further.

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Celebs can get away with anything.

2988 days ago

J.P. Koger    

The way I see it, just because you work for a "on line rag", does not give you the right to invade a persons privacy. The "victim" was asked to stop filiming, and refused.......get a life, have a little respect for people.

2988 days ago


Bravo to the D.A. If having a camera continuosly shoved in your face even when you politely ask for filming to stop is the price that you must pay to be a celebrity, Chokings, smacking and broken cameras should be the price you must pay to be a paparazzi.

You guys need to stop crying about this shit

2988 days ago


If they stop then we won't have nothing to comment on!!

2988 days ago


I love movies and music. I can easily get sucked into the gossip mags because they're entertaining! But I do have an issue with harassment. True, these people are celebrities and they get their money from being in the spotlight, but does that make it okay for them to be harassed and treated rudely by the paparazzi?
I recently got into all these gossip websites because I got a cheap laugh, but I'm disgusted with this clip from TMZ about Woody Harrelson. Woody asked politely for the man to quit filming and he continued, quite smugly. (I never support violence as an answer to anything, so I am not saying Mr. Harrelson was correct in his actions).
I guess I don't think the gossip is entertaining enough for me to go against what I believe is human decency. I’m a teacher, I tell kids every day not to be rude, I definitely cannot support that behavior in adults.
Alas, I will have to find something else to give me pointless amusement from now on.
And now, I will climb off my high horse.

2987 days ago


its such bullshit...i dont like this actor...but seriously...lacerations and weak is this levine dude. The guy merely grapped and walked away....and how the hell is Harrelson suppose to ask him to stop videotaping...seriously, any other way wouldn't have worked either.

2987 days ago


I think Woody should be grateful that anyone gives enough of a s*** to even take his picture. Has he done anything since promoting Hemp clothing?

2987 days ago


I think Woody is a punk. He starts something then a body guard gets in the middle of it. He wants the money but can't take what comes with it while in the public eye. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen

2983 days ago

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