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Is Bruce Running Into

Another Woman's Arms?

8/25/2006 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce SpringsteenThe New York Post reports that Bruce Springsteen's long time marriage to Patti Scialfa is in deep trouble.

The alleged problem is Bruce's blossoming friendship with a stunning 9/11 widow the Boss met when he organized the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon. The two have been spotted several times at the Beacon Hill Beach Club and the Stone Pony, the Asbury Park watering hole made famous in "Glory Days."

The Post quotes several "friends" of Springsteen who can't seem to decide on whether the couple is on the rocks or not. One friend says "They're separated, but everyone has been sworn to secrecy," while another friend states "He's just a really big flirt. There's nothing going on. Bruce and Patti are very much partners. They go at it a lot and fight, but they also work at it a lot... Patti is a strong woman. They are not going anywhere." Confused yet? So are we.

A Springsteen representative declined comment.


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Insta-Karma is always a lesson especially when you already know it's wrong before you do can never be a positive thing.........cheaters ...or actually liars ........will always reap what they sow..............

2981 days ago


This made my heart sink. "Stunning widow" indeed. I have loved Bruce Springsteen's music since hearing him for the first time 34 years ago (yes, I'm ancient). I never paid much attention to his personal life, though, always assuming (falsely, I now think) that he was a very decent person with a lot of integrity. I knew his first marriage ended but didn't realize he had cheated on Julianne Phillips -- just thought they went their separate ways as many high-profile couples do. I didn't know Patti had broken them up -- guess I am not up on my gossip, now or then. I'm surprised to read people's comments that excoriate her (Patti) now, though. Regardless of what she did in the past, she must be crushed now and it's never good to kick a woman when she's down. Very sorry and disappointed to learn this. He has three kids -- horrible example to set for them.

2981 days ago

A local    

It's Chapel Hill Beach Club, not Beacon Hill...... Patti is a bitch..... I have known her since she was a "street chick" poser at 16 when she was just a rich kid from oceanfront Deal..... She CHASED Bruce for years..... So she caught herself someone else's husband..... what goes around comes around. I don't absolve him, but Patti snagged him and got exactly what she got.

2981 days ago


Who is the stunning widow? Does Anyone know? I did read that she is a "readhead" and her children go to the posh private Ranney School in Tinton Falls, NJ where Bruce kids go to school. I am so sorry for this woman's loss - but what is she thinking??? He is married with children. And further more - what is he thinking....

2980 days ago


The other woman I am thinking mught be one of the four "jersey girls" - the 9/11 widows from NJ vs. the other widows from NY, etc....This group has been very active politically post 9/11 and these women are educated and a little savvy. Among these four, there is an attractive 43 readhead from Colts Neck Township,NJ. Bruce has a farm there and has been spending a lot of his free time there. This woman dead husband worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and they had money before his death - big home pre 9/1. There is a 13 year son, but I am not sure if she has other children.
ANy thoughts??

2980 days ago


Just got to add this - if it is the woman I noted in post #19 - the Jersey Girl - I think it may be "Patty Casazza". How about karma!!!!

2980 days ago


Bullsh*t! Julienne Phillips was nothing but a face looking for someone to get her some movie work for a year or two. She cared nothing for Bruce. Damn, Patti did nothing to break up that stupid marriage. She waited until Bruce got the dumb bitch out of his system and see the light.

Patti has always loved Bruce, and she was a strong women to stand by while he feakin' married the blonde bimbo, but he did come home to her again.

Hopefully, after 20 years together, he will come home AGAIN.

Before you give so much sympathy to Julienne, maybe you should remember that she didn't give a sh*t about Bruce OR having a family. He wanted one, she didn't. Sound familiar?

I hope they work out there problems because some people belong together and Patti and Bruce belong together just as the E STREET BAND belongs together.

BRUCE....get your f*ckin' act together bitch!

2980 days ago


Yon know sometimes people just grow apart. Is it possible this widow "needs" Bruce more than Patti? Maybe that is a more attractive situation at this point in Bruce's life. Whatever the reason, it's obvious each person needs to move on instead of making each other miserable.

2980 days ago


The 9/11 widow should be thinking about what she's doing too - she is party to this situation. She knows what it is like to be without - or rather to have a broken family (because of a very awful crime and act of violence) but she should think long and hard about what she is doing too as should Bruce.

2980 days ago


I'm a big flirt too, but my wife won't let me go out on dates.

2980 days ago


Where are all the Jersey Girls - does anyone think that the 9/11 widow is Patty Casazza? The 43yr old readhead who lives in Colt's Neck and who has kids at the same school as Springsteen. I didn't find her that stunning....but who is to say.....

2980 days ago


No matter what Bruce has done, in my opinion he is the best that there ever was in music.............I hope that this is nothing more than media hype. Sure seems like he has had a strong marriage to Patti for so long that this would be sad if it is true. For all of you that are writing about Juliannne and karma, remember that she was screwing around with Treat Williams during the filming of some "B" movie...................Bottom Line Bruce Rocks, and gossip is nothing more than gossip until proven.......innocent until proven guilty !!!!!

2980 days ago


sucks bein u -- doesn't it. U didn't care bout wife #1, why b concerned bout someone new... afterall...... u do know how to get what u want. Hope u don't have any daughers... poor,poor x-ample to set for them.

2980 days ago


Go to and read story about Bruce and Patti shopping together this past week; Do they as a couple have probllems? Probably, who
doesn't; let's hope they work them out; both are very talented people who have
their fans support and love.

2980 days ago


I had no idea his current wife was involved in breakup of first marriage. She deserves what happens to her!

2979 days ago
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