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Paris Answers Music Critics

8/29/2006 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whether or not it ends up going platinum, Paris Hilton's debut album isn't in as dire commercial shape as reports have suggested. With a first week tally of 75,000 units, "Paris" compares favorably to several recent releases by such established artists as Los Lonely Boys, whose third album sold 67,000 copies, and Keane, whose much-anticipated sophomore effort moved 76,000 units.

Countering suggestions that "Paris" was a flop, and that international audiences in particular have given the album a cool reception, Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, tells TMZ that "Stars Are Blind," the first single from the album, is "a top ten single all over Europe," and that it has reached the top spot in several countries, including Sweden and Thailand. (Who knew that the Thais had gone so ga-ga for Paris?)

Mintz also says that the CD has sold "over 360,000" units throughout the rest of the world, though a music industry insider tells TMZ that such international figures are highly unreliable, as there is no standardized measurement system outside the US market. But the same music-biz veteran adds that judging the success of an album based on its first-week sales is a mistake, since unlike feature films, albums have a much longer shelf life. And if Paris has proven anything, it's that just when you thought she was taking a licking, the girl keeps on ticking.


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hmm...great story TMZ :::YAWN:::

2974 days ago


Those European countries that her song is in the top 10 are the same countries that loved Hasselhoff singing. whore.

2974 days ago


We know she wont go away TMZ....but at least try! This is another pointless story. Where are the juicy embarassing stories??

2974 days ago


She is the blonde of the decade!!!

2974 days ago


Wow, reading this made me sleepy. Anyways, she still sucks alot of a**, whore. There must be some hope in the world that she will disappear one day.

2974 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

the same european countries that made Crazy Frog - Axel F Theme LOVES Paris? Go're losing respect....move on.

Her own family doesnt even wanna be seen with her anymore...and here you are...licking for crumbs at the bottom of the bowl.

Sad Sad Sad

2974 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

I really don't think Los Lonely Boys have received even close to half of the media coverage for their record as Paris has. If they did, I'm willing to bet their number would be even higher.

2974 days ago

coco puff    

Yuck! I want to vomit. Close your mouth & legs and get a penicillin shot!

2974 days ago

the wise old owl    

I THINK I AM GOING TO BE SICK. Maybe her record sales are doing good over seas because they don't what talent is and most of them don't speak english. IT TOTALLY TANKED IN THE U.S. All of her bullshit is going to catch up to her soon. She has the character or a knat and I feel sorry for anyone who considers her a friend. Did you see how she snubbed her " friend " Tara Ried when she walked into that club in Hollywood. She's discusting. I wouldn't invest one dollar towards any venture that she goes into. WHAT A JOKE !! Her 15 minutes of Fame are just about up. Only a fool would idolize this vacumous whore.

2974 days ago


In the UK no one care for the singles charts anymore, the chart that everyone what to be number one is the album. Paris got to number 29 and that a flop

2974 days ago


okay, i was skeptical for quite some time but now i'm convinced that TMZ must be receiving some kind of a kick back from sad little paris' agents. there are other worthy celebrities in the entertainment industry that have made actual artistic contributions to the world. WHY does TMZ constantly feel it necessary to bore us with tidbits from this annoying little fruit fly?

2974 days ago

the wise old owl    

" FORGET THE SHRIMP HONEY, I'M COMING HOME WITH THE CRABS " That should be the title of Paris Hilton's next single. WHAT A SKANK. I wouldn't fuck her with my DOG'S DICK. She is talentless, pathetic, and a poor example for young women everywhere. She is shallow , superficial and phoney. Her C.D. is far from successful. She must be trying to save face. ( By the way, since she vowed to stay celebate for year , she has only screwed about 7 guys, and that's not counting 3 ways, woman or beasts )

2974 days ago

not a dumb rich whore    

Click on the link to the New York Post- It's hilarious!!! Some guy on Howard Stern's show confessed to having sex with her - then freaking out that he got an STD from her! It also compares Paris's album to Christina Aguleria's sales, hers in extremely small next to hers...

2974 days ago


Please TMZ no one is interested in her- except herself
she's the only "celebrity" that will pose for the photogs
but really, listen NO one cares about her. She's immature, unimportant, and not talented. Please paris go away

2974 days ago

Dark Knight    

You want to know what's highly unreliable? Listening to anything Elliott Mintz has to say. He's her publicist meaning he spins everything in her favor. He sees Paris through rose colored glasses. And based on what I've heard of that second single it's not going to make anybody jump up and realize they should go buy this album. Bottom line if she wants this album to sell she needs to perform live shows. That's not going to happen because she can't sing, dance, or play an instument. I hate to admit it but at least KFed tried, even though he sucked. Paris won't even try. It was a nice attempt at a music career, but back to the drawing board Paris. There's always House of Wax 2 or Another Night in Paris.

2974 days ago
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