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Is Halle Still On Cloud 9?

8/30/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markWhat's the latest on Halle Berry?

Halle BerryBill, you can breathe easier now, for we have your Halle Berry scoop. Her love life is sailing along as smooth as anyone could dream of. She and loverboy Gabriel Aubry have been seen all over town buying art and visiting pet stores, and they've even been spotted observing the construction of their Hollywood Hills home together!

Halle's professional life is still in full swing as well. The Oscar winner just finished filming a movie with Bruce Willis called "Perfect Stranger," where her character goes undercover to solve a murder, and somehow gets caught up in the world of obsessive online love. Now, she's in the middle of shooting another flick called "Things We Lost," along with Benecio Del Toro and David Duchovny. Both movies are slated for a 2007 release.

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graphic of a question markWhat's the name of Chris Daughtry's new band?

Chris DaughtryCrystal, it's not Fuel, that's for sure. However, he is working on putting together a new band aptly named, "Daughtry." Chris plans on doing the writing for his songs and working alongside distinguished producer Howard Benson (Hoobastank, Papa Roach). His first single is scheduled for radio at the end of September. Though the site is not yet functioning, fans will be able to visit for the latest on one of America's favorite "Idol's."

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graphic of a question markI've been watching Kim Zimmer on "The Guiding Light" since I was born. Is her contract being renewed?

Kim ZimmerFear not Darlene, Kim Zimmer isn't going anywhere. In fact, the four-time Daytime Emmy award winner has worked out a deal in her contract which means she'll be in Springfield for an "extended period" of time. So this must mean her breast cancer will be going into remission, doesn't it? We'll have to wait and see what the writers conjure up over at "The Guiding Light."

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graphic of a question markIs that all for Vin Diesel? No more movies?

Vin DieselOn the contrary, Kira. Vin has been M.I.A. because of his incredibly high demand. Along with BET Networks, Vin Diesel's "One Race Productions" will be cranking out the animated series "Hannibal the Conqueror" for release in 2008. Before that, he will be seen in the movie "Hitman," an action packed thriller in which he plays, you guessed it, a hit man. He is hired by "The Agency" to take out targets upon request, but the money comes under the table. Sneaky sneaky! In any event, look for this in '07.

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graphic of a question markWhy haven't we seen Robin Wright Penn since "Forrest Gump"?

Robin Wright PennLaura, just like her role in "Forrest Gump," Robin Wright Penn seems to pop in and then pop out. Over the past few years, Penn was seen in "White Oleander" and "Nine Lives," among others works. But since it's the future with which we are concerned, expect to see her acting skills once more in "Beowulf" and "The Last Face" later this year along with Ryan Gosling.

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No Avatar


We love Chris and Halle

2940 days ago


That is a creepy pictures of Vin Diesel!!!!!! What is up with that? He looks like a freakin alien. Im assuming TMZ just grabs the first picture they find cause thats not looking good!!!

2940 days ago


Has anyone seen how HOT Hallie's man is? She's a lucky woman.

2940 days ago


Chris Daughtry will be the most productive of the last years idol contestants.

2940 days ago


Halle annoys me ...... she is so "proud" of her black heritage, but wasn't it her black father who deserted her when she was an infant, and her white mother who raised her? Apparently mom did a good job, too, to make her so proud of one half of her heritage.

2940 days ago


Well Lou,
Halle celebrates her black heritage, because in hollywood, whites are always given choice roles over anyone else
and it is pretty much the only industry where racism is pretty much accepted.
If you dont look like the cookie cutter blonde haired blue eyed starlet your choices for movie roles are slim
Halle is grateful for her success and understands how important her celebrity as a black woman is
I dont believe she's downplaying her white half in anyway, but you also need to remember that black films are where she got her opportunity to start her career as an actress
And besides her current boyfriend is white.
I think she represents both of her races very well.

2940 days ago


Well, Jayley, she isn't the cookie cutter blonde, NOR is she the cookie cutter black. She is a product of both her parents, but I think her looks favor her mother's side (except color, of course). Her MOM is the one who was always there for her, and I think her mom deserves the credit for raising her in such a way that she IS so proud of her black heritage. That was my point.

2940 days ago


well jayley and lou, she's far from 'raised well' or even a proper human being in light of her hit and run incident a few years back where she basically demolished a car and drove away. The woman had a badly broken arm and halle could of course, care less as she ran and left the victim to fend for herself. Yeah... great upbringing!! I wouldn't do that to a dog i hit!! She like most hollywood losers is entirely self-absorbed and a role-model for no one.....

2940 days ago


Yea' man 'dat Vin Diesel new movie is based on the game 4 playstation called "HitMan" which it should be out of this world yo. I mean Vin has made some f*ck'd up career choices he should have done XXX and Fast & the Furious 2 but this new flick should become huge and have a few sequels unless they f*ck it up cause the game is a great concept.

2940 days ago


How does this girl keep getting movie roles? She the worst actor I seen in years and there are a lot of bad actors out there. Her Oscar was a joke, being it was the "black actors to win" year. Her movies suck eggs.

OK, Denzel deserved an Oscar for previous movies he's done, but not for Training Day. Pew!

2940 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

People need to get passed Halle supposedly dating a white guy. She has a right to be with whomever she choses. All the bashing about his sexual orientation, him being 10 years younger, him using her, wanting him to give him money from his restaurant, that he's more interested in being seen with her always looking in the camera and not protecting her from the photograhers, etc. needs to stop--there have probably been close to over 1000 statements up to this point from what I gather. Why are people sooo facinated by this, is beyond me?

As for the info in the article all that happened earlier this summer. As for are they still happy together, who knows? Not really sure Aubry has moved in permanently in with Halle nor do I think she has permanently moved in with him either. I could be wrong, despite getting the 411 from realiable sources .

Regardless of all this, I do wish them well whether or not they stay together or not, etc.

2940 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

She always looks unhappy in a lot of the pictures when she's not with him and even when she is with him. She's never photographed with her girlfriends only by herself or with Aubry. Agree that in a lot of the pictures of them Gabby is more concerned that the photographers get his good side. Don't know much if the gay/bi rumors are true, don't think it has anything with him being a model or that he's always or practically always seen shopping with her (other than the golf pix from June or them doing dinner). Some thing doesn't seem right about their so called union, I just can't put my finger on it--not being mean.

Also, I have a couple of friends that are truly psychic and say that can pick Halle up empathically and very high up on the astral plane (whatever that is) and say she is constantly twirling when her name has been brought up--no one does that much twirling if they are happy.---sorry to go psychic friends on ya'll, but I do believe what my friends who are the real thing say about there's something we don't know.

2940 days ago


Um, Zap-Zip....Denzel absolutely deserved his Oscar for Training Day. He was evil in that film, completely unlikable.....the only thing he was missing was a pitchfork.
And, I believed him in that role.

He has deserved other Oscars, too, but they got that one right.

Halle is okay...she was really good in Monster's Ball. So sad, fragile and broken.

2940 days ago


denzel deserved more than one oscar in his career, but not for that piece of fluff.

2940 days ago


Halle has acknowledged her mother on every front. I knew her before she was famous. What you peopel don't get is mixed raced kids get tagged for the race they look like most. I E Tiger Woods, for the longest no one knew what Vin Disel was except black people. We all knew it with Marriah Carrey, America will always be hung up on race. Denzel only true oscar was for the civil war movie he did with Matthew. If not he'd be like Sidney Portier and getting a lifetime one. And Halle's is nothing more than the one they gave Hattie McDaniels. Why not give it ofr New Jack City. That was a real gritty role, and she went into character, not bathing the whole nine yards. When you see Halle you see a liht skinned black. If you did not know her mother was white you would not give it a second thought. When you are mixed the other race does not want you. Case inpoint Tiger Woods, Blacks always embrace their own good or bad (O.J. Simpson) Tigers mother hefritage came under heavy fire they disowned him untl they saw his mother and father together. Then they wanted to claim him. Make up your f*%#*&^ minds people. Hollywood does not want to acknowledge good black actors case in point the color purple. all black cast with a jewish director. Everyone was shut out. Then Whoopi gets it for Ghost? give me a frickin break. And get over yourselves. Hollywood does not want to see past color and recognize talented good work. By anyone

2940 days ago
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