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Shacks Up With Vanessa

8/30/2006 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things are getting ever more serious between Nick Lachey and his summer squeeze Vanessa Minnillo, just as reports of a relationship between his ex Jessica Simpson and singer-songwriter John Mayer heat up.

A TMZ spy who recently rode in an elevator with the pair at Minnillo's apartment building say they were "totally into each other," very affectionate with one another, and were oblivious to anyone around them, and Lachey has been spotted shacking up chez Minnillo regularly when he's in Manhattan.

A source in this morning's Page Six says that Lachey was "still pretty obsessed" with Jessica until very recently -- a week ago, to be precise -- though he's "over" their relationship now. This should all make for an interesting scene at tomorrow's VMAs when Simpson, Lachey, and Minnillo will all be in attendance together. And just yesterday, reports emerged of the burgeoning romance between Jessica and Mayer, which would be Jessica's first true romance since after the ex-"Newlyweds" break-up.

Meanwhile, Lachey has become a (very) minor sports mogul as he'll be one of several owners of a new American Basketball Association basketball team in LA, called "The Hollywood Fame," which he will own with Stacy Keibler and Jamie Lynn Sigler's ex-hubby AJ DiScala, among others. reports People.

School of Hard Knock Ups

Matt Leinart, the quarterback stud who has had multiple dalliances with Paris Hilton, is going to be a father, and the child is arriving this fall. The mother is 20-year-old USC junior Brynn Cameron, who plays basketball at the school and will have to sit out the year to have the child. "It's an exciting time in their life," says a People source. It was not immediately clear whether Leinart and Cameron would be raising the child together, or if, indeed, the pair were still together. TMZ has spotted Leinart, who has already begun play as a back-up quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, cavorting with Paris, as recently as May.

Lohan Continues To Chill, Gets Dog

Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend and her new best friend continue to be calming influences on the freckled phenom, says Page Six, and Harry Morton even convinced the actress to stay away from New York this week, when celebrities -- and parties -- galore are in town for the MTV VMAs.

Saturday night at LA club Republic, Lindsay kept things very low-key as she hung out with Morton -- who's a teetotaler -- and her new chum, celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, who also doesn't drink. And though Lindsay had originally planned to get to New York this week, Morton convinced her otherwise, and she called friends and said, "I don't need to be there." What's more, Morton has brought another good influence into Lohan's life -- a new dog.

Party Favors: Dylan Album Thrills Critics, Weinsteins and Partners Buy Arts Network

Bob Dylan's first album in five years album has received raves from critics, some of the best of his career. One critic wrote, "It takes about 30 seconds to figure out you're in the presence of greatness." The 65-year-old legend has also become the latest spokesman for Apple's iPod ... Harvey and Bob Weinstein will try to resurrect Ovation, the struggling arts network. They, along with Hubbard Media, will pour an undisclosed sum into the network, which shows operas, ballets, artist bios, and other high-minded fare, and will use the network as a distribution platform for some of their other properties.

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No Avatar


Jessica sucks! Idiot whore!

Nick's awesome! Very intelligent!

2974 days ago


I agree with #27, I cannot quite point it out but theres a dark cloud casted on her.....Who knows. Do not get me wrong she is HOT, but it seems she is just in it for the publicity.

2974 days ago


Atta boy Nick! I hope it is true and he is moving in
so he can shove that right up his ex wife's ever
expanding ass! Seen her lately? No way in hell
she is getting thoes Daisy Dukes on again!

2974 days ago


all i have say is f*ck vanessa and all the people who talked about jessica vanessa is a whore and a f*cking b*tch she is a f*cking man stealer because she didnt even let nick take a break from the break up with jessica before she started humping his dame leg like the b*tch that she is she needs to let him breath alittle bit and leave him the f*ck alone freaken whore she is the whore not jessica . And please to all the people who said that vanessa is pretty open you dame eyes Jessica is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more beautiful than that b*tch i dont know why everyones rooting for her freaken st*t . oh ya she aint sh*t she is is just a host who talks to famous people she aint famous please she just barley got a little fame right now because she is with nick lachey she is a nobody who cares about that b*tch .TEAM JESSICA

2974 days ago

Boricua Girl, Jessica's Team    

Nick and Vanessa dont look good together... I honestly think that Nick and Jessica were the most perfect couple (physically)cause they only know if they had a good relationship after the cameras from MTV left their house. There not together now but it doesnt mean that there wasnt good times, and I hope they do get together again. If there meant to be together they will be,no matter how many people they see and even if they have kids with other people ..if it's meant to happen (which I hope) it will. I'm waiting for any moment now for Vanessa to say she is pregnant cause I'm sure that's her only way (she thinks)she will keep nick. She seems that type of girl. but just for good memories check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrbohEpKMmk&NR , it makes you think back of when nick and jessica were an item... :-( I wish them the best regardless...(but not with vanessa..lololol..sorry)

2973 days ago


Vanessa is a talentless monkey face skank, with the body of a 12 year old boy. And nick stop whining those sorry ass songs over jesses horse face ass.

2973 days ago


I don't understand how Nick is so-called obsessed with Jessica when he's with Vanessa. You would think that he would see Jessica for who she is now that he's with a real woman.

2973 days ago


I don't understand how Nick is so-called obsessed with Jessica when he's with Vanessa. You would think that he would see Jessica for who she is now that he's with a real woman.

2973 days ago


Nick, if you haven't learned anything from your divorce, then know that a pretty face doesn't always equal a happy marriage. I'm glad he's happy with Vanessa, but hope he doesn't rush into anything like so many celebs do.

2972 days ago


Nick, you are so classy. John and Jessica are annoying the hell out of everyone with this damn dumb ass story. I want you to know that John Mayer lost a fan because of game he is playing with his fans. I care about how a celebrety acts and I am your fan now. You would never do the sh*t John mayer is doing. F-you Jm and your publicity whore Jesuka simpson.

2972 days ago


Nick, please take your time. Do not marry the first girl that comes along. You are young, handsome, and intelligent enough to get rid of the hillbilly Simpson family. Did you not see that Joe is in love with his slut daughter Jessica.

Jessica did not deserve you. You were much much too good for her.

Please Nick, take it slow. Nothing says you have to remarry right away. Do not tie yourself down to one woman. NEVER EVER LET ANOTHER WOMAN USE YOU AND THEN DUMP YOU LIKE GARBAGE. Remember Nick, the Simpsons are evil people. Find yourself someone not in show business who will stay home and cook and clean for you. Dump the high maintenance chicks. Go for ordinary. Remember, you are handsome and young. You deserve the very best, not another dim wit who does not know how to turn on a washing machine. Remember the word here - ORDINARY!

2971 days ago


Some people seem to forget that Vanessa was Miss Teen USA 1998.
She didn't just appear from out of nowhere. Besides, who cares if she
isn't an A-lister. If Nick loves her then he deserves to be happy.

Go Team Nick

2970 days ago


Did anyone notice that Nick and Vanessa birthdays are on November 9?

2970 days ago


I agree Nick is better off, fame went to her head and then she dumped him. Well what come;s around goes around.The way she did it really showed what kind of person she is

2946 days ago


I feel sorry for Nick, she dissed him not called for. Like he said he didn;t know where it came from. She didn't give it a chance so much for loving the lord just an act. Her dad is just as bad thank god he left the church!!! sleeping with ur girls hello is not right! He is sick all know now. I hope he know's he is bringing he's girls down!!

2941 days ago
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