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May Net $130 Mil That Tori Won't Get

8/31/2006 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The stakes in the Candy Spelling – Tori Spelling war just got a lot higher. The buzz in Beverly Hills real estate offices is that Candy Spelling has unloaded her 56,000 square-foot Holmby Hills mansion for a cool $130 million, and that the new buyer is an Arab prince.

The cash flow influx would likely fan the flames in the ever-escalating feud. Several well-connected Beverly Hills realtors and a prominent socialite tell TMZ about the swirl of conversation on Wednesday. The inside word is that, as TMZ first reported and as Candy's reps denied, Aaron's widow gave an upscale real estate company a "pocket listing" on the mansion and that her asking price was $150 million.

Now, the buzz is that Candy will quietly walk away with a boatload of cash, which will surely irk the soon-to-be cash-poor Tori. Candy Spelling's rep told TMZ, "It is not true, and she is not selling the house to whoever you have mentioned for the price you have mentioned."

The "90210" star was all but disinherited by her father, as she recently discovered in papers Aaron Spelling signed four months before his death. Tori reportedly will get less than $1 million – a pittance compared to his vast half-billion-dollar estate.

Tori and Candy have been at war with each other for months, clawing it out in the tabloids and elsewhere. And last Sunday, the pair were both present at last Sunday's Emmys, but even the occasion of an emotional tribute to Aaron could not move the mother and daughter any closer to a détente. 

Rosie Says She Won't Look "So Gay" and "Scary" on "View"

Rosie O'Donnell claims she's never cutting her hair again – at least while she's a co-host on "The View" – so she won't frighten viewers with a closely-cropped coif that might be too gay for daytime TV.

In the October issue of Glamour magazine (via The Starr Report), the unabashed gab-queen says that she understands why her recent short haircut might have been problematic for her new gig and that rumors spread that "View" producers asked her to grow it out. "I know people were like, 'It's all right that she's gay, but she doesn't have to look so gay," says O'Donnell. "Trust me – I'm never cutting my hair again. On 'The View,' it will be long and luxurious, not scary."

What might be slightly more scary to her co-hosts is Rosie's evident discomfort with having to share the spotlight, which she's addressed in her blog. "I'm going to try hard not to be bossy," Rosie tells Glamour, "but I've only done ... my own show where you're the total boss of everything!"
Rosie O'Donnell Check out Rosie's hairy journey. Click here to see photos
Halle Berry Butch hair but still Hot!

Did Scientology Nearly Show Cruise The Money?

Tom Cruise got the axe from Paramount Pictures last week and needed funding for his production company, it may have been his beloved Church of Scientology that almost came to the rescue.

According to a source cited by MSNBC's Jeannette Walls, the Church's chieftains told Cruise that if he couldn't find backing elsewhere, they would reach into their deep pockets for their most ardent adherent. Of course, they didn't have to –- Cruise got a two-year financing deal from a group of investors associated with the Six Flags amusement park chain. "Tom has been good to the church," says the source, "and they want to be good to him."

Cruise's reps denied the story and the Church of Scientology had no comment.
tom cruiseCruise is hot on and off the screen.

Paris Reportedly Asks for $650,000 To Do Radio Show

We knew Paris Hilton valued herself highly – just not exactly how highly. Welsh songbird Charlotte Church says that the lodging heiress wanted $650,000 – the price of a rather nice house in most places in world – to appear on a talk show she's starting.

Church said the idea was to get Paris on the show so that Church could "take the mick out" – make fun, in Brit-speak – of Hilton because she's "such a complete airhead," according to MSNBC. But after Hilton demanded the crazy sum, Church ditched the idea, saying, "She's hardly going to announce anything world-changing, is she?"

Meanwhile, someone alert Matt and Jake – Paris has started hanging with Lance Armstrong, according to Page Six. The pair showed up at LA's Key club on Tuesday night to catch a show by the band The Vacation, and then left together.
Paris HiltonParis sexes it up. Check out these sizzling photos

Party Favors: Mariah Gets Blinged Out By Bruneian Prince, K-Fed Gets Record Deal, Knoxville Gets Sent to Mars By Willie Nelson

Before her New York concert last week, Mariah Carey was delighted to find a $4 million diamond surprise in her dressing room – an 8-carat diamond and platinum necklace and matching ring from the son of the Sultan of Brunei, who apparently is smitten with the diva. Carey, unfortunately for Prince Azim, is taken, as Page Six notes ... Kevin Federline has apparently weathered the critical drubbing he took after his Teen Choice Awards performance to get a record distribution deal from Sony BMG, as announced Wednesday. Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that his wife Britney is one of the company's top earners ... "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville, not generally known for his prudence and careful consideration, actually regrets doing something: As he tells Playboy magazine (via Rush & Molloy), he once smoked pot with country legend Willie Nelson and got so high that he called Nelson the next day and said, "'Thanks a lot, Willie. I was on [bleeping] Mars for six hours.' Nothing could have made him any happier."
Mariah CareyMariah loves to change her look.

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I feel that Mother and Daughter should try to make up,You only have one lifetime to share with each other,SoPlease forgive and daughter is missing right now and it is tearing me apart,She went to visit a friend and came up missing,So Please love each other like there is no tomorrow.

2983 days ago


Haha tori on the way to the poor house. yea riiiight. She's making millions on royalties from Saved by the bell as it is. and who knows maybe she was a terrible daughter and doesnt even deserve inheritance. Toris idea of "poor" is probably rich to the rest of us anyway.

2983 days ago


I think that all of us really might be off base with our judgments, after all they're based upon any particular version of the "truth" that the media has fed us. Every single one of us experiences life in a way that is designed to make us grow. God saw today long before we could, and knew that the Spellings would have their issues played out in this disgraceful way. Tori is not the first child to be disinherited, and there are others who willingly walked away from their family's wealth in search of a less complicated, normal life with character-building WORK. It would be a shame if this situation were to "kill" Tori. I believe that it can make her a stronger, more thoughtful, more appreciative, perhaps even a kinder person. Look at all the good that Princess Di was able to do for the downtrodden and poor AFTER her departure from the UK's Royal Family! Tori, if you're reading, listen closely: The world is waiting to see if you will reap the sweet victory that awaits you at the end of this journey. Not a financial victory, mind you, but one that has potential to bless the world with goodness and kindness, as well as to inspire others to rise to the challenge to reward evil with good. Review the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold by his brothers into slavery and later became governor of Egypt, extending KINDNESS to those very same brothers when they came to Egypt seeking food during a great famine. God helped Joseph through that tough time thousands of years ago just so that you can be inspired by that story TODAY. God loves you, my dear. Know that He will never leave you alone. When you make it over, you'll look back at all this, and consider it all a cheap price to pay for the marvellous woman you will have become. You can do this! God bless.

2983 days ago


PULEEEEZZZZZ!!! Why on earth should anyone, especially the working masses care at all about any of these self-scentered people, just because they're celebrities????? The vast majority of us have MANY, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to deal with in our lives... such as being able to earn enough of a paycheck to have a place to live and groceries to feed out kids!!!!! When will the media start caring about things that REALLY matter???

2983 days ago


Candy, God don't like ugly- I find it sickening that a "MOTHER" could be so jealous of a daughter.

2983 days ago


I think that Tori and her Mother should stop fighting over the money there is more then one daughter in that family anyways. The down to earth one that is most likely grieving over her fathers death, as should be. Not fighting over what is coming her way. She, I hope gets a good share of the wealth.Even if she is not in the lime light. I personally think, she will miss her father dearly. R.I.P. Aaron........

2983 days ago



2983 days ago


Tori has bigger things to worry about, like how long her hubby will stick around once it is cast in stone that she is no longer filthy rich........

2983 days ago


Candi would walk away with millions from the sale of the house if it were not for one little gltich----there is a $131 million mortgage on the house. SO, she actually looses $1 mil from the sale. Sorry, but I'm guessing when all is said and done, Tori walks away with more than Candi cause Aaron left alot of bills

2983 days ago


A child should never be disinherited. Candi Spelling convinced a man who had (reportedly) Alzheimers disease to sign a new will disinheriting Tori just a few months before his death because she was mad at her daughter for whatever reason, but maybe Candi should remember where all the money came from- certainly not her. SHAME SHAME SHAME on CANDI SPELLING. She probably has a young guy lined up already- ready to spend the money.

2983 days ago

donnaraye maybe Candy should take a good look at the photos.....she's carving away at her face for a Michael Jackson look-alike contest maybe? Put some black stringy hair on her and she's lookin' like his twin! Come on Candy, quit screechin', yer lookin' enough like Halloween, don't need to be sounding like Halloween.

2983 days ago


Wow! Seems to me the mother is much worse than the daughter. Did you hear her comments about that sorry "tribute" to her husband on the Emmy's? It really upset her when everyone was speaking upward as if to her late he was still here? Now why would it upset her if she wasn't worried that he might actually hear or see her sad show of emotion, which was clearly an act? Let's face it Tori is spoiled, but who spoiled her? Mommy and Daddy naturally...Mommy just got mad when she realized that the little girl had grown up and didn't bow to every wish of her parents, I'm thinking mostly Mommy. It sounded like they blamed A.S.'s death on complications from Alzheimers? And he changed his will just a few months ago, does this sound kosher to anyone? Candy-girl had a much younger man living in the same house with she and her very ill hubby for a long time before A.S. actually died and friends were quoted as saying that he was being neglected. So honestly, since everyone who met him said he was such a super nice guy, WHY would anyone want to see the black widow (who can't ditch everything associated with her dear recently departed hubby soon enough) get the dough? I'd rather see a daughter get the bucks, since she cannot replace her father..ever, than the wicked nasty b*tch, get a dime! I don't feel sorry for Tori, but I don't think Candy deserves a cent since she seems to have replaced him long ago. I've been married for several decades now and if I lost my dear husband, God forbid, I'd be in shock for a very long time and leaning on my kids for support, not some money grubbing lothario.

2983 days ago


It is truly sad to see two such public figures drag the memory of their loved one through the mud for the entire world to see like these two are doing. I was not aware that they had any problems to begin with. When did Tori have a falling out with ner parents? I mean he footed the bill for her extremely lavish first wedding just a little over a year ago! I was very surprised when THIS story surfaced shortly after Mr. Spelling's passing. I just assumed she was "Daddy's little girl." Boy was I wrong! None the less, this is still a very sad situation for both mother and daughter.

2983 days ago


Rich or poor, the passing of a parent is an emotional and private time, at least it should be. There are scavengers in all walks of life, poor and rich. Yes Tori should fight for what is rightfully hers, and we should leave it for her and her family to decide, and yes I would feel bad for her if she were left with nothing. She was his daughter after all is said and done. When someone dies buzzards come from all corners to scavenge.

2983 days ago


Hmm...So daddy left her out of the will. She must have really pissed him off over the years. It's not enough that she had the lifestyle of a princess, not enough that he have her a place on a top rated television show that ran for 10 friggin years, but now she's gone through all that 90210 money she needs a little extra "bumper" money to make her middle age years more tolerable. I guess i'm more than a little envious of her good fortune through the years, but squabbling over your deceased fathers millions just looks tacky. He had his reasons to cut her out and that should be enough.

2983 days ago
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