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Poor Matt

Lawyers Are SOOOOOO Expen$ive!

9/18/2006 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeBlanc has got to be one of the richest dudes in show biz. So imagine our shock when we pulled his divorce papers from the courts and discovered that he filed them In Pro Per. For those of you who don't speak lawyer, Matt is representing himself!

LeBlanc is getting a divorce from Melissa, his wife of three years. The couple has a two-year-old girl. And the couple has a serious bank account. So why would Matt not lawyer up in a potentially high-stakes divorce? 

We're told Matt felt he could do it all himself. TMZ knows the "Friends" star had a prenup so money wasn't going to be an issue. And we're told Matt and Melissa agreed to joint custody. So, perhaps in an effort to save a few bucks, Matt and Melissa went to a mediator. Melissa actually did eventually hire a lawyer. But Matt was a regular Jacoby AND Meyers, going it alone.

Actually, we're told in the last few months, Matt has consulted with celebrity powerhouse lawyer Neal Hersh, a partner in Hersh, Mannis and Bogen. And we're told just last week, Matt formally hired Hersh to put the finishing touches on the remnants of his marriage.

The bottom line -- the guy's a regular Matt-lock!


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Yes, it must be true--Matt ran out of FRIENDS..Sorry folks--I could NOT resist!

2925 days ago


Actually, I feel matt is a bit of an ahole.

2925 days ago

Reality Check    

I feel bad for all of the legal trouble this guy is going through. Then again, I am really just saying this because I want to finally get the first post in.

2925 days ago


Hope Matt Lebland has all his "Friends" money saved because the career is over. The guy got lucky to be on friends as he is an overrated no talent hack.

Expect to see him on the Surreal Life 47 in a few years or QVC, because he is the Anson Williams of this generation.

Livewire is.........

The Swami of Seduction.....

The Doctor of Desire......

The Hero of Hoochies!

2925 days ago


F***ing cheater!!!!!!!!!

2925 days ago


F***ing cheater.....I hope she gets have of everything and from your future earnings too.

2925 days ago


That would be half of everything, JEEZ.

2925 days ago


he's pretty hot tho

2925 days ago

Reality Check    

Such hostility from someone with no apparent connection to this particular marriage. Perhaps getting a hobby would not be totally out of left field.....

2925 days ago

the wise old owl    

WHAT A MOOCH ! Not only is he a cheap womanizing fool, he is also has the morals of an Alley Cat. He left his wife right after she had their baby. The baby was sick too. Some kind of brain abnormality. Talk about COLD !!

While he was married he had a cheap one night affair with a stripper at a bar, and than tried to blame it on the STRIPPER. What a jerk. Not a good husband, not a good father, and morally and spiritually corupt. Talk about a loser. Paris HIlton and Matt would make a great couple. They're both shallow, superficial, phoney and out to please themselfves for the moment. Very selfish comes to mind. His wife is so much better off without him. She deserves better. As far as his acting goes. I think it's a ' SEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA number , in other words, it's over .........................good luck to him, he's going to need it.

2925 days ago


lol!!! Joey is just pulling another stunt. What next a pet primate?


2925 days ago


I just love the word Prenup!!!!....I don't think anyone should have to give up half their money just because they get a divorce!!!.....GO MATT!

2924 days ago


I swear there is something in the water in Hollywood to make all these people act like fools. He could not even carry a show by himself, so what makes him think he can go up against a high priced attorney, and loose everything, especially since their baby had so many problems when she was born.

Quit paying strippers and get yourself a lawyer.

What is the saying, a person who represents themselves in a court of law if a fool. Well, need I say more.

2924 days ago


Maybe he can go on Divorce Court or The People's Court and have his case settled there.

Better yet, I think he deserves Judge Judy. She will rip him apart and spit him out.

What a fool.

2924 days ago


Unless things are done differently in Hollywood, is it not called Pro Se when a person want to act as their own attorney?

I hope his soon to be ex-wife takes him for everything.

2924 days ago
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