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Laughs Off Daughter's

'Suicide Attempt'

9/27/2006 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092706-david-hasselhoff-aptnDavid Hasselhoff is laughing off rumors that his daughter attempted to commit suicide, calling them a "big ball of tabloid garbage."

Though multiple police sources told TMZ the former "Baywatch" star reported that his younger daughter was "cut" and it was a suicide attempt, Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach alleges David used the story to make her look like a bad parent and lied to the cops about it. Bach says it was really a cat scratch. Hasselhoff denies calling 911 about a suicide attempt, but his publicist says the 911 operator may have interpreted it that way.

While promoting his movie "Click" overseas, The Hoff explained his side of the story, saying, "my other daughter told me she scratched herself so I thought, oh my god my daughter's cut herself; not to kill herself, she scratched herself... I still don't know the full story, whether it was the cat or what so I called the paramedics."

While claiming everything was blown out of proportion, Hasselhoff adds his daughter had it worst. "She went, 'Oh great dad now I've got to go to school while all the kids look at me.'"


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Well, hopefully this will backfire on David Hasselhoff. Calling paramedics over a cat scratch, then boarding a plane to go promote his own movie without checking on his little girl doesn't look good for him.

2948 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

im laughing that hassselhoff knows talent when he has none

2948 days ago


Who in the hell calls 911 for a cat scratch? Was it a lion or tiger that scratched her? This guy is such a liar and a loon.

2948 days ago


Pure evil. Laughing at suicide? His own daughter? What an a**hole! He should not have any parental rights!

2948 days ago


Laugh it up Hoff! You won't be when your wife wins sole custody! Sicko.

2948 days ago


Seriously. How drunk is this guy? He can't even keep his eyes open. He's slurring his words. Hey Hoff, "Denial ain't a river in Egypt, dude" Stop drinking (And/or drugging) and maybe these "tabloid" items won't always be happening to you.
In the past three months: You've been accused of bring drunk at Wimbledon, which you deny -- despite the fact that there were numerous witnesses. You've been denied entrance to a plane because you were too drunk -- you said this one was your "medication."
Now this?

2948 days ago


So is he admitting he pranked 911? Either way he comes off looking like an idiot and a crazy s.o.b. I feel so bad for his daughters!

2948 days ago


I can't stand to watch this video. He's nuts and comes off as a total ignoramus. “I really don’t know what happened”. What the hell kind of statement is that? She's your daughter buddy. Loser, really screwed the pooch on this one.

2948 days ago


This guy is a real jerk and it is probably true he is an alcoholic. Since when is a cat scratch a cut. Was he so high he could not comprehend what his daughter was saying. All the police have to do is pull the tape and listen to what he reported. And if in fact he reported an attempted suicide, he should be charged with making a false police report and reimburse the police and fire department for an unnecessary call, wasting their time when there are other people who need their services more than a drunk.

He is not getting along with his wife, that's fine, but leave you kids out of the mess you and your wife made of your lives. They deserve better. It's bad enough they will probably need therapy because of your actions and total disregard for the woman who gave birth to your children.

I swear, they must put stupid pills in the water in Hollywood.

What a f***in has been jerk he is.

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

THIS GUY MAKES ME SICK. He is as pompas and full of himself as P. Diddy and Donald Trump. YUCK !!! That remark he made about Princess Di wanting him was more than I could take

. I can't believe some guy cast him in a movie. Who would pay to see this guy act on the BIg Screen.? I sure the hell wouldn't . The guy is a total LOSER. I wish he would move to Germany and never come back. He gives me the creeps.

2948 days ago


I think that they are both wacked. Him for being a big enough jerk to deny what he did and her for giving the situation more attention than it was already getting. He says that he was concerned for her health and she says he did it to make her look bad. What it comes down to is that they both publically humilated and exploited their daughter for their own personal gain. That is why you should never air your dirty laundry in public. It's always the kids that get hurt.

2948 days ago


To #21 above:

Don't forget that bizarre shaving incident. He's a fine one to talk about cuts.

2948 days ago


This idiot is pitiful. He needs rehab and a soul.

2947 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

WHEN CATS ATTACK....................

If any one is to blame its MR. Jingles... He is the one who mercylessly attacked the kid. Cats can be extremly dangerouse when provoked. If any charges are to be filed, it should be for civil damages caused by Mr. Jingles.

Hoff is great.. I always liked this guy, and the fact that he tried to save his daughter from this Cat is comendible. I myself was once mauled by a Cat, and when my man lover Sig called the cops he got a lot of praise..

I hope all of you people get your priorites straight and give Hoff the respect he deserves.. "What is it Michael??"" (kitt)

2947 days ago


God I really hate that man

2947 days ago
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