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Screech: "It's Possibly Me in the Sex Tape"

9/27/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Dustin Diamond has yet to confirm the existence of a sex tape set to explode into the public eye, Screech ain't exactly denying it either.
The actor took to the radio airwaves to set the record straight about his role in the alleged tape, telling the top-rated Tampa based MJ Morning Show, "It's very possible that tape exists."

Diamond says he has yet to feast his eyes on the tape in question, but says it wouldn't shock him if it's authentic. "I've had a lot of fun with video in the past."

The co-star, or rather co-stars (it's being reported that Screech pulled a threesome!) have also not been identified. Diamond says if the "group" details are true, none of the women in question could be his fiancée, claiming he's never engaged in the sexual acts described in the reports with her.
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are you girls upset over the fact that screech gave some broads the dirty sanchez or because it wasn't the act itself but it was due to screech? personally, i find it funny that screech delivered the dirty to some whores.

2946 days ago

Britney Spears    

As a sequel, we could get Screech and Paris Hilton to star together...I hear she has some experience in that department.

My question is, who is actually going to pay money to see this??

2946 days ago


He's only doing this to sell tapes so the bank won't foreclose on his house. Dayum why can't washed up, has been actors find a job like the rest of us instead of looking for a quick way to raise cash? What a loser.

2946 days ago


At first reflection, I thought ,"Yet another example of what we have long since been witnessing: The decline and fall of not only the American ethos, but, indeed, of America itself."

Then, my next thought was, "How truly reflective of the real world in contemporary America: A complete ugly-assed pathetic loser with utterly nothing to offer a woman banging two (presumably) hot chicks in a threesome."

This only serves to remind me of:

(a) how glad I am to be married;

(b) how next time I want to get noticed by women as an ego-booster when I go out with my single friends , I damn well had better dumb-down, be an inverted-baseball-cap-wearing-rap-crap-psuedo-culture-immersed, grubby, ugly-assed, in-your-face douchebag like 90% of all the "men" one sees in bars circa 2006 (and not unlike our friend Screech), and quickly drop my handsome, refined, mature, intellectual persona; and

(c) how I now know that I have been fully vindicated when years ago I used to say that Kelly from "Saved by the Bell" was THE most bangable one on that show....I would make a tape with her any day. Oh...can somebody get me an idiot culture baseball cap quick??

2946 days ago

SImply Stunning    

This is disgusting! Why doesnt this loser just go away? Nasty, nasty and more nasty. Where was the tape when Screech was broke and asking for "fans" to help him keep his house? Truly disgraceful. Eww.

2945 days ago


Please, another been try'in to get some money.
He made some un-godly amount in his youth on TV and blew it.
Now he wants others to bail him out with his house.
Please if he was like everyone else, he would just loose his house and have to start over.
Deal with it you has been...

2945 days ago


American society has plunged to the depths and it seems "Screech" is just following suit. He won't be the last either because it will not stop. I feel sorry for the guy because he doesn't have the sense to change his image in a positive way. Many performers plunge to the depths, but find a way back only through hard, hard work, talent and perseverance. But, "Screech" is just exploiting an already battered image. Who knows? If that trash bucket Paris Hilton can pull it off. Then, there might be glimmer of hope for "Screech." This is America right now. Sad isn't it?

2945 days ago


For some reason, I find Dustin Diamond strangely intriguing. It's nice to see that he's getting some action.

2945 days ago


so what? Dustin Diamond has a sex tape out. who doesn't nowadays?
and for those who are commenting only to bash him, why don't you find something better to do with your life? you're calling him a loser and whatnot, but listen to yourself! you're jackasses. "I'm going to make myself feel better by bashing on the former Screech Powers. I'm so cool!" :*D

2944 days ago

Tammie Mccourt    

He is a grown adult man, just because he was on a teeney bop show doesnt mean he cant have a good time. I say YOU GO SCREECH MAN wish it was me with you in the tub baby.

2944 days ago


This freak needs to get a real job and stop begging his "fans" as if he has any, to buy his t-shirts to save his house! He is such a loser. He will do anything for publicity to make a dollar. Grow up already!

2944 days ago



2944 days ago

i have a life    

The only thing more pathetic than screech would be you morons who think anyone cares what you have to say on this, or any other subject. Get a life you friggin shut ins.

2944 days ago


I think its a riot. And every person who responded on here in a negative light fell for it. You saw the link or story, you went to it, you read it, then posted something about it. The only thing keeping him in the news is all you losers who berate him for it but keep the clicker counting by reading and talking about it. Way to go Screech.

2944 days ago

John McAdams    

Yeah...tape's working title is "saved by the smell." There's supposedly a preview at :(

2944 days ago
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