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10/3/2006 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100306-brody-jennerBrody Jenner's apparently got a thing for the girls of reality TV -- specifically blondes from "Laguna Beach."

The "Prince of Malibu" was spotted heading into Shag last night with none other than Lauren Conrad, the well-known arch-enemy of his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari. While TMZ could not confirm any romantic connection between the two, hanging out with your ex's enemy in public is still a pretty bold move. Also along for the evening was LC's "The Hills" co-star Heidi Montag.

A TMZ spy claims that Jenner was also spotted inside a nearby bar "getting close to a mysterious dirty blonde, wavy-haired girl." It's been recently reported that Brody is dating Nicole Richie, however, throughout the course of the two aforementioned incidents, Richie was nowhere in sight.


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First bitches

2908 days ago

Sick of Sam    

he's a bitch. Lauren is a desperado.....NEXT

2908 days ago

Sick of Sam    

they let these losers into that club???? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

2908 days ago


Why arent people over laguna beach whores? dang they are played out

2908 days ago


anyone who does that "first!" bullsh*t should have their knees broken.

2908 days ago


well how could they enter the club without being 21? isn't that illegal? those clubs aren't for guys that's under 18.

they dont even check their f***ing IDs!!

2908 days ago


Once again LC is sloppy seconds. Stupid slut!

2908 days ago

Carol Lynn    

I just dont get it. These people(Laguna girls) are NOT 21 yet are they!??! I thought they just graduated like 2 years ago! Im soooo sick of seeing them, and people like Lindsey Lohan get into bars when they are not even legal yet! I wish these places would get busted!

2908 days ago


Lolita-Bet the guy is after LC and not the other way around! They all seem to get with HORSE FACE HOOKER Kristin..get some ass and then go after the HOT girl with the brains.

2908 days ago


Who cares who Brody's is bedding this week. I only watch TMZ to see who Nicole Richie is with ...I love Nicole Richie!

2908 days ago

Sick of Sam    

If "hot girl" had any brains why would she always be after Kristin's throw away's.
Lauren is just another ugly chick wanna be celebrity that everyone tosses when they are thru with her. Remeber Stephen, Jason. Maybe she really has a crush on
Kristin. So tired of them.

2908 days ago

Sick of Sam    

I agree surfer. Maybe he will go after Paris next. Lauren or "LC" whatever she calls
herself will be after Brandon. I'm sure he will give her an interesting nickname like
he did crotchfire.

2908 days ago


I think LC is sweet. I'm still pulling for Brody & Nicole.

2907 days ago


Brody's momma got her boob job at dr. linders office in Beverly Hills! He sucks!

2906 days ago


This wasmy response to another member's posting on Nicole Richie's My Space page, I felt it might fit well amongst this blog.

Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, I do know from where you are speaking. However, there is a slight flaw in your logic. The very word Celebrity means to celebrate. People who are seeking to be recognized for what they do, which of course, Miss Richie does. It is pointless to get into entertainment and not want anyone to be interested in you. You wish to be celebrated for what you've accomplished.
The line is crossed, when one is not allowed to separate these two aspects of their being. Unfortunately, the American people ( the world's population in general )are not satisfied with just being entertained by this person's talent. They seek out the flaws in the very people they would jump through hoops to meet and fawn over( asking for autographs and such ). The problem is with the fragile human ego. People see celebrities, are literally bombarded by their image, at supermarket checkout lines, advertisements posted clearly in public view ( billboards,TV ads,etc. ), and, in the news. This is when the superego ( subconscious ) takes over. Many actually become hateful ( haters, as so many of you like to say ) of these people. Their success, the attention they are given, along with their lavish lifestyles...those who are exposed most, are the one's who live mundane lives, shopping for groceries, driving the kids here and there, sitting at home watching TV.
It is actually a normal, albeit, not too pleasant, response of the human mind. In most cases, these people are the one's who feed the beast. It used to be rags like the Enquirer, Star Magazine, and that ilk, who sought to exploit this aspect of human nature. Then, People, US, Vanity Fair, et al., who generally reported fluff pieces on the lives of stars, all saw the potential profitability in exploiting this human weakness, seizing onto it like barnacles.
At the end of the day, most of what you said rings true. However, it does matter what people say about you when you are a celebrity, because, your very career could depend on it. Those same people who feed the beast, that is gossip journalism, are the same people who give you the celebrity status to begin with. It is a vicious cycle.
So, while I am sure your sentiment may be appreciated, the fact that you know enough to come to Miss Richie's My Space page, is proof that the media are successful in their exposure techniques. My Space itself, is just another manifestation of media. The Internet has really opened up the ability to exploit the above mentioned human weakness ( and yes, I am just as guilty, I don't attempt to hold myself above anyone else ).
I personally feel the same as you, that everyone should be entitled to their privacy. Celebrities should be allowed to have the performance aspect of their lives exposed, and their personal lives for themselves. Sadly, as long as the public continues to crave exposure to the darker side of celebrity , or, to live vicariously through the exploits of celebrities ,and, are willing to lay down the cash to obtain their fix, it will inevitably continue. Celebrities know this going in. Remember, there are many celebrities who use this negative factor to their own benefit. Certain celebrities who might, " Protest too much, " about the media attention, who otherwise, might have been long forgotten. I will not use any names, because, that would be hypocritical. I am sure you get the gist.

2905 days ago
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