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Scary Spice

Pregnant With

Eddie Murphy's Baby

10/17/2006 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, is four months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby. The news comes amid rumors that the couple will marry next month.

Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy
A source tells TMZ that Brown came into the hip Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Hollywood on Saturday and was gushing about her impending birth.

Brown, who has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is a frequent shopper at the store and admitted the pregnancy had her feeling tired. Brown added that she was concerned she may be carrying twins since, she noted, they run in Murphy's family.

While on her shopping spree, Melanie picked up nearly $5,000 worth of Eres lingerie for herself and about $300 worth of La Perla men's undershirts and underwear for Eddie.

In April, Murphy's divorce from his ex-wife Nicole became final. The "Daddy Day Care" star has five children with Nicole and another son from a previous relationship.

Murphy's rep told TMZ "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life."

Calls to Brown's rep were not immediately returned.


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Some people's comments are utterly disgusting..Were some of you raised by an animal..I don't mean everybody..but the one's that are just disgraceful and ignorant.....

2887 days ago


I don't think this is surprising at all. Scary spice even sounds like a transvestite stage name.

2886 days ago

Kojo B    

Eddie is no saint and SB should have known better. Get out girl, Eddie is one scarly arse hole blackman

2882 days ago

Kojo B    

Eddie is no saint and SB should have known better. Get out girl, Eddie is one scarly arse hole blackman

2882 days ago


OMG, what a complete idiot... since twins come from the EGG splitting, nothing in Eddie's family would predispose HER to twins... are there actually women that completely STUPID out there? Wait... maybe Eddie's rocket fire super-sperm blast the egg into pieces so THEN she can have her twins.... yeah, that's the ticket.... (one more time in unison) GOD WHAT A COMPLETE IDIOT. It really pisses me off when stupid people get to be rich and famous...

2882 days ago


That's what happens when you unknowingly get involved with a bisexual man. They are confused about what they want in life and love and unfortunately the wife and/or girlfriend and especially the children suffer.

2881 days ago

VIDA guys wanna talk about her not taking biology because she can only have twins if there on her side...if that was true..then my cousin wouldnt of had twins..her husband is a TWIN..and there are NO TWINS in our how does that happen?

2881 days ago


I can't believe everyone believes everything they read...who cares IF she really said something that might make her sound stupid...have non of you ever done anything dumb before? Who cares if he has that many kids as long as he pays for them,,,you aren't paying for them! As for his ex...looks aren't everything! You have to be able to live with a person and maybe she couldn't take his crap anymore..unless you lived in their house you wouldn't know the truth! Geeze...everyone should get off their high horse and stop judging everyone else...WHO CARES! They are all just people who make more money than most of the rest of us for doing what?

2881 days ago


To all you haters out there, twins can come from either side of the family, eddie murphy's ex-wife is not any prettier than anyone else, so dont call her beautiful because scary spice aka melanie brown is just as beautiful or more so, if you idea of beautiful is bone thin and hungry looking well ya all need help, so lay off of scary spice. ya all are just frauds and playa haters

2879 days ago


Not too long ago he was caught up in rumors about him and Johnny Gil. So this is just even more proof into the secret live of Eddie. Are we even sure that she's not just carrying the baby for Eddie and Johnny so they can start their own family.

2878 days ago


Mel Brown. is a beautiful, talented and intelligent lady. I hope that she and her baby are alright, and that's all I believe is important. It's unfortunate that she got involved with a guy like Eddie Murphy in the first place.

Why a woman of her standing would have anything to do with him is beyond me!! His cruel comments about her and her unborn child are monstrous and appalling!! I hope she takes this clown to the cleaners!

Go Mel!!

2875 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

Most of you guys are stupid on here calling Mel B ugly! YOU obviously need glasses. This is not a very flattering shot of her, I will admit, but she is definitely a very attractive women. If she is a slut he is too. After all it take 2. Eddie is a jerk and I hope Mel B. continues to be independent and care for herself andher children. SHe is after all, the fourth richest black woman in in England! None of you will be half as successful as she, so stop HATING!!! Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!

2872 days ago


She won't be the first one to put the cart before the horse. Sounds like she's very happy, and best wishes to her and Eddie. Eddie's going to have enough kids for a football team!

2930 days ago


What a twit. Apparently basic biology isn't Scary's forte. Most high school sophomores know that a predisposition to twins, whether fraternal (releasing more than one egg) or identical (one egg splitting), runs on the female's side.

2930 days ago


So why the hell does she think the fact that twins run in his family she’d be affected? Is she a Murphy? Are we talking incest? She not the brightness bulb on the tree is she??

2930 days ago
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