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The Dog Chows Down

11/13/2006 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was all smiles for Duane "Dog" Chapman on Saturday night, when we spotted the "Dog: The Bounty Hunter" star and his wife outside the celeb-friendly Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills. Despite his trouble with the law, the Dog was all smiles, stopping to pose for cameras and giving TMZ's cameras a quick shout out.

Chapman was recently arrested by U.S. Marshals after Mexico issued a warrant related to his bounty-style capture three years ago of convicted rapist and Max Factor cosmetics heir, Andrew Luster (now serving a 124 year sentence). The Dog caught a much deserved break when a Mexican court moved to delay the charges until more evidence could be presented. Que bueno, Perro!


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Kathy Lankford    

Despite all the debate on Dog's predicament he is a contributing member to the society who is trying to stop deaths from drug abuse in Hawaii. He put a rapist in jail and has arrested thousands of people who needed help. Why can't you folks see that he is a "hero" and support the good works he does. That family has put their lives into helping drug addicts get to rehabilitation and off the streets. If he keeps one person from selling dope to children then he is a success.
I think you all are just jealous that he has gotten so much attention. As for me Dog and his team are really nice people who are just trying to make a difference. Instead of bashing him you should be thanking him.
FREE THE DOG from all charges!!!!!

I'm a Dog supporter!

2857 days ago



Although they are very busy filming DTBH, Beth and Duane will be flying to LA tonight for filming, to appear on Larry King Live on CNN tomorrow, November 29th, at 9, 12 and 3 am EST.
Check your local listings for times and channels in your area.

2851 days ago


Well after the Larry King, show Wednesday night on CNN, it seems their attorney was quite optimistic.. hope and pray all works out for them..



2848 days ago

Melissa New    

To Whom This May Concern: Saturday 6, 2007

Duane Chapman has a family to support, not to mention he has children and grandchildren that he still has to provide for, but at the same time President Fox is in the process of trying to nab Duane on charges of "deprivation of Liberty" against a RAPIST!?!?! A rapist who was actually going to be allowed to be heir to a corporation of that caliber?? Your trying to jail someone on "Deprivation of Liberty" when the person did the State of Mexico a good deed?? Why is Duane "Dog" Chapman getting shit on when Andrew Luster jumped his $1 MILLION bond, then disappeared during his trial in California on charges that he drugged and raped 3 women that he was probably guilty for in the first...hence the reason he why jumped his bond and disappeared during his trial...that man was guilty and even he knew it. That looks like the truth to me. Come on people...can't you see the evidence for yourselves?? Duane "Dog" Chapman is the Innocent one here while the "heir" Andrew Luster is The Guilty one here and no one else!! You don't need to go through law school and come out with a Lawyers degree to figure that out.

I really dislike arguing with Duane on any subject, but it is bad that in Mexico you ARE guilty until proven Innocent. That, and it is bad that you have to prove that you're Innocent when you know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are Innocent of the charges that you are up against. Later on in the future, in approx. 2020 there will be the death penalty sentence...but there will also be innocent people on death row who are INNOCENT of the crime they are being accused is that fair??? How is it fair that Duane caught this guy 3 years ago but he is still going through court over it when the real criminal is finally behind bars where he belongs??
The guilty is where he (Andrew Luster) belongs...sooooo when are we going to leave Duane and his family alone for once and all?? When is President Fox going to see that by doing this to Duane all he really is doing is wasting tax-payers dollars, and his time, time that he should be using to brace himself against what our world is up against in the very near future. What I think should be done about this whole matter is that Duane should go free, with no court re-appearances at all in the future, be given the bounty for Andrew Luster, and once that's all done and over with...President Fox should sit down and think about how he is going to protect his state against what is to come in the future.

I have an idea to all those out there who are reading this and are wondering what I mean about "in the future". Go out and buy a book called: Prophecy...What the Future Holds for You Written by Sylvia Browne so you all can begin to see where our world is really going to go, and what's going to happen to the human race in the next 10-15 years.

Melissa New

2812 days ago

Melissa New    

All you people who are insulting Duane "Dog" Chapman about his line of work should stop and look at themselves when they are saying these things...because what you say about are really saying about yourselves. I think all you people who sit around on their asses all day long and insult Duane should get up, go out, find a job of their own, and stop being fucking retards...If your just going to send letters to this site to insult someone, you need to get a job!!!

Stop being stupid and Grow a brain people!!!

2812 days ago

Jo Blo    

Can someone tell me why Duana has adopted a child just last year, yet he has put several children up for adoption? Why doesn't this redneck sack of shit find his biological children first?

He has to be a bounty hunter, and aggressive, to make up for smaller things. I can't wait til he manhandles the wrong person and they turn around and blow his fucking teeth through his cranium. Smalldicked faggot.

2812 days ago


I like the show. He is a bit of a hypocrite. He quotes scripture all the while having numerous children out of wedlock. He gets in the faces of these criminals yet, if not for them skipping, he'd have no show. He just signed a multi-million dollar contract with A&E, so as far as making money, the Dog has that covered.

2812 days ago

U Know Who    

This guy is a total TOOL.

As said here before leave the islands and come to LA catch ONE criminal in a county of 9MILLION instead of your tiny island. He would NEVER make it out of LA alive if he actually spent any length of time here TRYING to apprehend. ANY of the fella's on LAPD most wanted list.


2866 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

He hunts people. That is messed up.

Do not encurage shows like this.

2866 days ago


That's My DOG...............To the hater above, we have already had this debate. DOG is a true American HERO!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell do you know he was not hunting in LA. If he was I hope he takes your ass back to where you came from. Stop hating Dog and the Pound!!!!!!!!!!!

2866 days ago

U Know Who    

I just saw on another site, that Chows had to close for the night. After this dudes wife left they were out of EVERYTHING she ate it all!


2866 days ago

U Know Who    

Yeah a true American Accessory to MURDER Hero!

Oh FYI there are NO Babes in Alabama you damn flyover mud duck! QUACK!


2866 days ago

It really doesnt matter    

#1 & #2 - you both are losers. I think it's great what The Dog does. At least he is getting scumbags off the streets - it may only be on some tiny island - but he's doing it somewhere.

2866 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Mullett the Bounty Hunter needs to go away. Please take the Freak Squad with you. In fact, I believe the time machine is fixed and can handel the weight of the loudmouth bitch that you call a wife. I didn't realize Hawaii had white trash trailer parks. Remind me never to visit. Now pack up the trash (family) and go away, back to the '80s, becasue it looks as if you never left.

2866 days ago


As to the comment above, he hunts people for a living.
Well, if we were all law abiding citizens, he wouldn't have to hunt people down and isn't that pretty messed up......

2866 days ago
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