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Britney Divorce Gets Really Ugly

11/21/2006 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's Evolution: Click to launch galleryWe ain't seen nuthin' yet in the divorce battle between Britney and K-Fed. Sources say that K-Fed's strategy is simple – make Britney's life such a hassle it will be a bargain to pay him to permanently exit her life.

We're told he's given his lawyer the green light to turn the courthouse into a revolving door, with the endgame making it difficult for Britney to stage a comeback while the custody fight lingers. Britney can afford the expense, but it may not be worth the hassle, though she will never give up custody and she's already resigned herself to the fact that he'll be incidental in lives of their two kids.

There is, however, a glimmer of civility. TMZ has learned that Britney is flying into L.A. today for the American Music Awards, and she is working out a plan so that K-Fed can see the kids. We're told he's missing them. Baby steps.

Reese Witherspoon: Click to LaunchReese Finds Celeb Shoulders to Cry on

A downtrodden Reese Witherspoon turned to some big Hollywood shoulders, Renee Zellweger and Bruce Willis, for some solace last Friday night. A TMZ spy spotted Reese dining – or, rather, stabbing disaffectedly at a salad – at Wolfgang Puck's latest celebriteria CUT in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

Reese looked groggy and sad, says our eyes on the scene, and Renee patted her on the shoulders and consoled her, while trying to keep things as uplifting as possible. Then, Bruce ditched his dinner companions to come over and talk to the two southern belles for about 45 minutes. Even Wolfgang himself got in on the lovefest, sauntering over to gladhand the trio. Curiously, after the meal, Renee took the chance to catwalk her way through the middle of the restaurant with hips in full swing, and left, as our cameras observed, with Willis.

Pamela Anderson photo gallery: Click to launchPam to Mom-in-Law: No Fur for You!

Pamela Anderson is furious that her mother-in-law wore fur to her July 29 wedding to Kid Rock. "Pam knew it was a slap in the face," says a source to Star magazine (via MSNBC), given Anderson's extensive work with PETA and other animal-rights organizations. (Of course, no one explained why Mrs. Kid Rock's Mom was wearing fur in the middle of the summer.) But what might really be concerning the erstwhile "Baywatch" babe is that her pet Chihuahua Luca is missing. The pooch was last spotted with Anderson's parents on a private beach in Vancouver, but, says Anderson, the dog has been "on medication" and may not "be himself."

Donald Trump: click to launchParty Favors: Trump Gets His Own Song ... Sacha Makes Honest Jew of Isla ... Mary McCormack Preggers With Second Child

Donald Trump has memorialized himself in just about every way imaginable – water bottles, buildings, shirts, you name it. But now, rocker Bruce Hornsby has provided the ultimate, um, tribute – a song about the straw-haired mogul. Hornsby's tune elegizes the Donald with such lyrics as, "You know who I am, I'm Don Trump ... let's all pay homage to me" ... Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen will tie the knot with galpal Isla Fisher (the crazy girl in "Wedding Crashers") – now that she's converted to Judaism. She has studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional recipes, says Us Weekly (via Ben Widdicombe) ... E! Online's Mark Malkin reports that former "West Wing" star Mary McCormack is pregnant with her second child. McCormack and husband Michael Morris already have two-year-old daughter together.

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Britney should have known all along that that loser Fedeline was after her money. It's a shame he is pretending to care about the kids just to get money from her. Hopefully, the judge will have enough brains to realize that and award her the kids and him no money. He is a pathetic user and loser who deserves nothing but humiliation and I hope he gets just what he deserves.

2895 days ago


Judge not..a lot of glass house's out there..might want to put down those rocks!

2895 days ago


I think that both have some growing up to do. They are two children raising two children. If they have any common sense they should see a therapist to come to terms with their situation. The children come first and they must realize this. They both have made many mistakes. She by marrying him as he was a nobody looking for a freeride. I cannot believe she is was that dumb. He made two other kids with another woman before Brit and he walked away from his responsiblities.Seems to me Britt should have been smart enough to say Whoa!! As the old saying goes what comes around goes around. Britt you cannot by a man or in your case a lazy bum. Pick up the pieces and hold your head high show the world you have learned a thing or two.

2895 days ago


Oh Please GET OVER the comments about Britney leaving her children to go party. So What! She has nanny(s) and such and there are PLENTY of wealthy people who are not NEARLY as wealthy as she is who go out on a regular basis - despite having children. She is, after all, 24 and her wanting to go out and vent a bit does not make her Mommy Dearest. Better she go out and blow off some steam then to be home and have the kids feeling all those awful vibes. NONE of this means she is a bad mother OR a good mother. She is simply a mother and the rest we will have to see play out. I think that if more mothers went out and partied from time to time - they would be much better mothers.

2895 days ago


Everyone who i writting about brittneys life needs to get over themselves, if they know her personally then maybe they can comment on her life. Nobody knows the real story so they should just leave her alone and let her live her life!!!! She doesn't need anyone's help but her family and real friends.

2895 days ago


While everyone is bashing Britney on partying without her boys. At least her boys are not with her some parents party around their kids. How many celebrities have nannies and do things without their kids? Haven't we seen many pictures of another celebrity couple without their new baby, enough that the baby itself became the question in the tabloids. I don't think her going out to have fun should be the problem. Maybe some of the propriety involved. But get back to the facts. She is getting divorced. She is trying to prove her life is not dead. She also had a baby recently, depression is common after a baby is born. She may have been blind to his other kids mom being still in the picture back then. If she loved him she would be prone to believe him over the tabloids as being a celebrity she knows they are not 100% true. She made a mistake she will learn from it. All I can say is I hope for the boys sake this does not become a big war in the courts. They are the ones to watch out for not the celebrity parents.

2895 days ago


"Britney Divorce Gets Really Ugly"....REALLY???? ha HA HA hA What exactly was the marriage? Surely the divorce cant be much uglier than the sham of a union. Betcha Justins laffin his unsoulful ass off....and Shar's makin room for, ahem, Daddy.

Betcha dollars to donuts that Brits new cd comes out right around the same time as the final divorce settlement concludes.

K-Fed Kevy K or whatever:Yous a pimp f'sho. Maybe next time britney'll marry a cool black dude...betta get that prenup drawn first tho

ANy takers on the cd release divorece settlement prediction?? Anyone?....

Rich folk behavin badly, man. Ifeel dirty for even posting, man. Ima hafta take a shwr now

2895 days ago


Correction TMZ k-fag is missing the money not the kids. He sure didn't miss his kids with Shar!

2895 days ago


i think people make mistakes and stars are human......lucky rich ones.....but human just like any of us they make mistakes, it's to bad they have to pay for their fame and have no privacy.....i feel bad for anyone who has to answer to the world let alone their family and themselves. It would be nice to have fame.... (i would imagine)..... and money considdering many people struggle to make ends meet, but the price seems quite large.

2895 days ago


Britney, I'm a single dad who gave up just about everything fun in my life to take care of my three boys when I divorced. You could give up 1000 times more and still have 1000 times more than me. Your decisions of your importance to your kids is being underestimated by yourself. Did you ever see the movie, Trading Places"? I hope you see the effect if you trade places with being the best mother you could be in relationship with your children. Being about four worlds from you, want some down to earth regular guy advise?, give me a call 814-860-6988. There are regular people to talk too who care. Ask for Mike

2895 days ago

Christy Cox    

Its about time Britney got rid of that low life Gold Digger husband. I must say Kevin isnt that stupid, he seen his oppurtunity to get paid and he took it. I dont think he diserves crap but Britney isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer. What did she expect from a man who leaves his pregnant girlfriend for another? remember...
you cant turn a ho into a housewife.same saying goes for the man as well. But theres always some dumb ass girls out there who think Kevins hot and is a good man to have. I guess some girls like being a doormat. As for Britneys come back, i think her times up in the spot light, just be a good mother and remember the good":ol days..

2895 days ago


Why isn't Britney home with your children? Why, oh why is she partying all over the country??? It's hard to feel sorry for her.

2895 days ago

April Vazquez    

He is only trying to fight you for custody because of the money, and your first husband is trying to get back in your life probably for the same reason. MONEY. Get your life together before you even think about another relationship!!!!!!!!!!!! We sure don't want to see more K-Fed's running around if there going to turn out like there father. But your sons are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2895 days ago


Brittney Brittney Brittney god don't like ugly why would you go after Kevin when you dam well knew he was expecting a child by Shar, now see you look so stupid right about now. I mean let's get real did you actually think you could of hold him down by getting pregnant for him i don't even care if you was married to him. what makes you think your life will be a bowlful of cherries. Shar the laughs on Brittney.

2895 days ago


I think this whole thing is a disaster. K-fed is a tweeked out loser looking for the easy road. Maybe someone should snip his boys off so he cant do this to anyone else. As far as Brittany goes, I think she needs to take parenting classes and prove that she is making an effort to be a good parent and STOP hanging out with white trash ( she may be rich but she is still trash) Like Paris hilton and stay at home with your children where you belong. As far as the money goes, She is the stupid one who didnt do the pre nump her parents advised her to do. They are there for a reason and I bet shes learned her lesson. I really feel sorry for her kids though, They did not ask to be here, let alone to be with with selfish irresponsable parents. Wise up you guys, get over yourselves and start thinking about your kids.

2895 days ago
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