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Brit Crashes Paris' Pad, Cops Respond

11/22/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris might be a wild child, but it took the newly out-and-about Britney Spears to really get her in hot water.

Police were called to Hilton's Hollywood home after the heiress and new pal Britney Spears allegedly blasted music a little too loud for folks on the block.

The neighbors were already on edge after word leaked to paparazzi that the two blondes were planning on kickin' it at Paris' place after the American Music Awards. As the ladies arrived, a swarm of paparazzi unleashed a blinding flashbulb frenzy that lit up the whole neighborhood.

The police incident comes just days after Paris and a pantsless Britney were photographed in Vegas during a crazy girls night out.


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coco puff    

I like this britney and paris, you like? I want make sexy time, push push, them both, you too? We make a, sexy tape, then sell and buy my country, nice.

2860 days ago


Me personally Im a pretty damn tired of hearing about Britney Spears, I'm going to need TMZ to find a new subject or subjects for that matter, they talk about the same people and the same sh*t every time I come to the page. Who gives a damn about Kevin Federline with his broke ass, she's not with him no more so why is everyone still mentioning his name like he's somebody.

2860 days ago


Where are her kids?

2860 days ago


Unless the kids are with the other parent, who gives a ratsass what these two harlots are up to. What matter most is that the parent caring for the kids at the moment is behaving like the ideal parent should be. Whichever parent gets custody, hopefully that person will be discrete enough to spend quality time with the boys. And discrete enough to keep poor role models and parties away from the vicinity of the boys.

2860 days ago


She should be home with her children. It's one thing to go out once in a while, but she has two babies at home. One is only two months old. Now that their father isn't in the picture you'd think she behave like a responsible mother, not walking around without any pants and partying all night. Reese Witherspoon is one of the best Hollywood mom's you rarely see her out partying and behaving like a skank.

2860 days ago


Everyone hated k-fed for his nights out on the town when Britney was pregnant, and all that crap about him being a bad husband....

Well I have news for all the haters, Britney is just showing the world that she is just as much to blame as Kevin, and for the people who say that she is deserves a few nights out, she is out every night ( with skank Hilton no less) when she should be at home with her two very young kids.

Let's face it they both only care about them selfs and SUCK at being good parents!!!!!

2860 days ago


What a horrid way to live!!!

But Britney baits the media by handing with Paris. The two synthetic haired blonds are clearly handing out together because they get publicity. This kind of narcissistic need is sick.

I still say K-Fed was sucked into Britney's world and she owes him.

It's amazing that the world seems to be embracing this new Britney who has clearly abandoned her sons.... remember one of them is two months old, the other 14 months.

2860 days ago


Why is everybody feeling sorry for Britney. Whatever K Fed did to her she deserved. She was a slut before he met her and she will always be a slut. People need to stop talking about this now. I hope he gets more money out of her when he's done and gives it to his baby mama Shar. Trust me this probably happen to her again. Fricking idiot!!!

2860 days ago


I feel really sorry for anyone who lives anywhere near Paris or Britney. Such classless whores

2860 days ago


Who cares if the nanny's watching the federsperms

2860 days ago

Down To Earth    

Leave this girl alone! She can do what ever she wants. Is does not matter if she goes out a few nights a week. Don't judge people she was at the music awards and that is a party night. She spends more time with her children than any other celeb is see.

2860 days ago


You people need to get a grip. She has every right to go out in the evening is she so chooses. Those kids are probably asleep anyway...and the first night she was out was in Vegas at the Palm's where she was recording and booked some shows there. The second night was after the American Music Awards. You people obviously can't afford a night out other than McDonald's and probably sit around the house with your fat lazy husband....drinking and smoking pot..that is when you aren't posting stupid remarks on TMZ.

2860 days ago


I didnt feel like reading through all of the comments; but I knew she didnt loose her weight the natural way. Shes a coke head.

2860 days ago


Can you say "Publicity Stunt"?

Paris' star is starting to fade and Britney needs to be seen. They're just doing this to get attention.

They don't have anything in common other than their ages. Please!

2860 days ago


Can you say "Publicity Stunt"?

Paris' star is starting to fade and Britney needs to be seen. They're just doing this to get attention.

They don't have anything in common other than their ages. Please!

2860 days ago
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