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Did 'Several Shots'

Before Fatal Crash

12/6/2006 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has exclusively learned that Lane Garrison drank "several shots" of Grey Goose vodka at a party before driving a Land Rover that crashed in Beverly Hills, killing 17-year-old high school student Vahagn Setian and injuring two 15-year-old girls. This contradicts the account of Harland Braun, Garrison's attorney, who told TMZ that the "Prison Break" star had consumed only one drink at the party, and that he doubted that Garrison was intoxicated when he took the wheel.

Five eyewitnesses from the party tell TMZ that Garrison arrived at the party with Setian and two women, whom he had met earlier at a gas station. They say Lane brought a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to the party and unveiled the bottle to the crowd with a flourish. The gathering was described by several attendees as a "kick back of around 30 people." Two of the eyewitnesses claim that Garrison took four or five shots of vodka. Two others claim they witnessed the actor throw back six or seven shots. Several eyewitnesses also claim Garrison offered shots to other partygoers and say photographs were taken of Garrison consuming alcohol.

Later in the evening, when the alcohol at the party was running low, the eyewitnesses say that Garrison agreed to drive out to buy more, and took Setian and two girls with him. About four hours elapsed, they say, before they became concerned and drove out to look for Garrison, Setian and the young women. After discovering the accident, they then drove to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where they learned that Setian had died.

Attorney Harland Braun tells TMZ that ultimately the results of Garrison's blood alcohol test could tell the story. The results of that test are two weeks away.


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#82. Ding dong, anyone home? The young man who was killed in the car accident was not an 'illegal immigrant'. Unlike Hootersville (where I'm sure you're from--or something like that) we have lots of different kinds of people here in Los Angeles. Many of them are from points beyond...Kansas. Some of them have never seen plow or hoe, or hick. Beverly Hills has a large Persian (Iranian) community. Besides your overt racism, you display the ignorance that is typical of "people like you". Do yourself a favor and stay inside, each Cheatos on the couch, and watch reruns of "All in the Family" or "Dukes of Hazard" because that (my friend) is where you belong.

2845 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I am appalled at all the comments stating that " V" deserved to die because he supposedly was an illegal immigrant... I know that this is a gossip site, but the topic being discussed is a serious one, where a young person has died, and two other people were seriously injured. The racist comments are very chilling and to know that they find pleasure in the death of an innocent child is horrible, and scarey.

I would personally like to send " V "'s family my condolences, as well as my support to the two girls' families while they are healing and grieving for their lost friend.

I also reside in Los Angeles, though not Beverly Hills and I agree with the poster who stated that we have a city/state that is multicultural and that's what makes it great.

All you racist idiots need to stay where you are, please don't move out west....

2845 days ago

Jo Blo    

lol I live in Los Angeles, not Bumf***, Egypt. Stop generalizing the south, and maybe people will stop saying this dumb kid was an illegal immigrant.

2845 days ago

Jo Blo    

Why do you assume these people don't already live where you do? Also, it's hilarious to me that you don't see that L.A. is probably the most shallow, racist city of them all. Obviously the city with the most dumb occupants too. MORON.

2845 days ago

Jo Blo    

The reason they haven't arrested him yet is because HE WASN'T DRUNK. If the blood tests take only a couple hours to reveal alcohol content, and his was taken, then why hasn't he been arrested? Because he wasn't wasted. Those kids, however, were.

2845 days ago


The teenagers have been posting the last two days about how they watched this guy get drunker than a skunk and then sent him on a booze run.... HELLO! Do they or thier parents even realize that by doing this they are not making the actor look guilty. They are making themselves look guilty! They are criminally responsible for the death of thier friend. The teenagers had a party obviously without parental supervision. They ran out of booze and then asked the drunk adult to go get them more booze. At that point that adult was unable to make decisions. They watched him drive away with 3 of thier friends. And didnt get worried till they sobered up and realized what they did. Now its all about covering thier rear ends.

2845 days ago


It seems to me that alot of you are quick to judge someone, whom you know nothing about. none of you were at the party and I agree with the comment above.. if he had sooo many shots why would his "friends" let him drive to go get more and if it was a "high school party" then where were the parents that allowed the kids to drink. It's a tragedy yes that someone so young lost his life, but lets remember that none of us are perfect. At least Garrison seems to be upset about everything, unlike some other hollywood hot shots I've seen. Show him some empathy and the families that lost their children sympathy. None of us know the true story. Most of us have not, nor ever will be in his shoes or the friends and families of the victims. If he did have too much to drink, then yes he should have to answer to that, but is prison really the answer for someone who does not have a past like that? I don't think so... Most of you would think quite differently if it were you, your friend, your significant other or your own family member that is in the middle of this mess.. trust me! Obviously, the kids who are writing on here have some culpability in all of this too... most of them LET and WATCHED their friends get into the car of someone they said they knew was drunk. Are you kidding me? I have had this happen to me and I never let them go without a fight. So next time think about that when you go and look at that tree....

2845 days ago


I thought that we lived in the United States where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is very sad that a young man died and if he is responsible then he should pay for his crime. Most of you posting comments are nothing more than a lynch mob that would have him strung up and hanged before he is even proven guilty. I don't believe that he set out that day to deliberately kill someone if he is responsible. And I bet that the majority of you guys have driven drunk at one point in time in your life and got lucky and didn't hurt someone but you don't have the balls to admit it.

2845 days ago


Yes it was stupid of the kids to get into the car with Garrison, but let's all be honest kids can do stupid things and especially when they are with an adult they admire or want to impress. Garrison is an adult, there is no excuse for his actions, he shouldn't have been at the party to begin with, & he certainly shouldn't have been driving whether he'd had 1 drink or 5.He was endangering the lives of these kids and his own, and he knew it. He should be held accountable for his actions. there is some blame to be placed on the owners of the home where this party was held, but this isn't the first and won't be the last time that kids break their parents rules and have party when they aren't home.

2844 days ago

Bob Elsner    

Lane Garrison is not the "star," or even "a star" on "Prison Break." He's just part of the (increasingly expendable) support cast. To call this jerk a "star" of the series is idiotic. Probably 99% of the viewing public--even those such as myself who watch and like "Prison Break"--would not recognize, much less know his name, if we met actor Lane Garrison on the street.

2842 days ago


My God, what is wrong with celebrities anymore, they think they are above the law. If this was your ordinary Mr. Smith, he would be wasting away in a jail somewhere. Also why was he with 15 year old girls? Where were their parents to make sure that they were safe?

2840 days ago

Jo Blo    

He was going to bone them, Diana. And they would've loved it.

2839 days ago
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