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Lane Garrison's Other Car Crash -- New Details

12/12/2006 7:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has obtained details of "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison's other accident, which was caught on tape... from the man whose car was on the other end of the wreck.
The accident occurred outside of Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood on October 20, just seven weeks before Garrison was behind the wheel of his Land Rover when it slammed into a tree in Beverly Hills., killing 17-year-old high school student Vahagn Setian.

John Collins, who had been at the Laugh Factory that night, tells TMZ he was standing on the corner waiting for the valet to retrieve his black Infiniti M35 when he witnessed Lane Garrison's white Land Rover rear end his car at a stop light.

Collins approached the scene with two friends, and tells TMZ that Garrison asked if they could exchange information after they had moved the cars away from the middle of the intersection. Collins says he told Garrison "absolutely not!" and demanded his insurance information. At that point, Collins says he was told "I'm Lane Garrison," to which Collins replied, "I don't care." As a swarm of paparazzi surrounded the cars, the parties moved to a side street.

Collins says Garrison never mentioned any difficulty he was having with the car's brakes or alignment. Garrison's attorney Harland Braun told TMZ the car had been having "mechanical problems" as of late, and those issues could have contributed to the fatal crash.

In addition, Collins tells TMZ that Garrison personally called him after the accident and made it an "easy situation."

Lane's the one in a tough spot now.




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another drunken/druggie loser celebrity!

2808 days ago


oh yes Larry, Lane "accidently" poured a bottle of vodka down his throat that nite......and Lane "accidently" got behind the wheel of a moving vehicle....are you kidding me?

2808 days ago


guess he wont be making this lastest accident an "easy situation" as he did for the first one...i.e., calling the guy later and paying the damages and who knows what else.

no for this one, they'll be calling him---for an arraigment in Felony Court.

If Jeff Skilling got 24 years for ripping off the elderly and employees of Enron---and this guy is found guilty of killing a kid, he needs to do double that time, plus some.

If he didnt do it---well, hope he finally learns not to drink and than drive.

2808 days ago


Reply to first poster: Hmm... drunk driving... killed someone... OBVIOUSLY not a loser. And I'm sure he wasn't drinking in this accident, who goes to a club to drink? (sarcasm)

2808 days ago


Besides drinking and driving, what legal aged CELEBRITY picks up such young kids and hangs out with them? Sounds a little weird. Even if he wasn't a celebrity, who would pick up minors they had never met before and party with them.

2808 days ago

coco puff    

I agree, he was most likely drunk after leaving the club. Why weren't the cops called? If they would of caught him there maybe he wouldn't of been on the road drunk again. I guess he rear-ended that car because his front end was out of alignment like his lawyer said.

2808 days ago

Razib Ahmed    

This is the sad part of being a celebrity. Even if you suffer from an accident, the media would watch your every pain and suffering. On the other hand, we love celebrities and we want to hear about them. So, congratulations to the TMZ team for this exclusive report.

2808 days ago

Frank Saduko    

To commenter # 1, first of all it’s obvious your grammar and spelling skills are that of a 4th grader but maybe you can understand this. He most likely was driving DRUNK and he killed an innocent passenger. What was he doing with high school students anyways, isn’t he around 26 or so? So why leave him alone, he should be put in the spotlight even more than his crappy career has to show what repercussions there are when you drink and drive. Who cares about his measly career, he’s a nobody and he should be put in prison where I’m sure his name will quickly go from “Lane” to “Sally Shower Pal”.

2808 days ago


Give me a break! What is the deal with crucifying Lane?? Trust me Lane is suffering enough without all this malicious crap. This accident could have happened to anyone and the blood test will confirm he was below .08 and you guys will look like jack asses. They would have charged him by now, and the police have nothing on him. Parents drive everyday with their kids after a couple glasses of wine. It's NOT illegal to drive with alcohol in your system. These kids approached Lane, and he was trying to be a nice guy and stop by their party. Trust me, these kids who are turning on him now where the same ones freaking out that he was at their party. Lane will live with this till the day he dies, as anyone does who was involved in these types of accidents. Lane will also have to live with everyone he ever meets judging him right/wrong for the rest of his life...

2808 days ago


I agree with #1

Give the guy a f***ing break already. Nobody knows the actual details of what happened so quit hounding him like a pack of rabid dogs.

He's INNOCENT until proven guilty in a court of law.

Leave him alone!!!!!

2808 days ago


Give the guy a break??? He made a couple of mistakes??? He is a reckless, selfish a-hole. He killed an innocent kid. What was he doing hanging out with 15 year old girls at a high school party? He rammed this guy's car a month earlier. Clearly, Lane Garrison is a menace and I really hope he does jail time. His actions are far removed from the "mistake" category.

2808 days ago


If I were Lane, I'd call some family in another state, preferably Mexico - lay low for a minute. If you have no family there (which I'm guessing you don't) get a hold of me (I'm here daily), I know a guy. .. But make no mistake, you better run, Kid!!

2808 days ago


he's an example for our kids of the dangers of drunk driving. they look up to celebrities... all we see are celebrities partying, drinking and drugging. if lane garrison killed someone while drunk driving i hope my 19 year old daughter sees this in the media. keep reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly tmz!

2808 days ago


Alright people. Yes, This was an accident. Do you honestly think he would intentially kill someone? Do you know he went into a church recently and came out crying. How would you feel if you were in a terrible car accident (drunk or not) and someone died? No one has proven him drunk yet anyway. I am praying for him and the victims family. And that is what everyone else should being doing too.

2808 days ago


you guys who are defending him are a bunch of morons! How could you defend someone who knowingly gets into a car after drinking? I don't give a rats ass if it was 1 drink or 20? All it takes is 1 drink to make you lose partial mobility and reflexes. I bet if this was your family member, you wouldn't be feeling so sorry for Lane. Bad judgement on the kids too, but he was supposed to be the responsible adult/driver. It is sad he has to live with this "tradgedy", but he made a choice that one else....and as a result, a mom and dad will never get to see there child grow into an adult.....

2808 days ago
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