"Prison Break" Star's Snobbiness Triggered Crash

12/10/2006 5:00 AM PST

"Prison Break" Star's Snobbiness Triggered Crash

"Prison Break" star Lane Garrison may have averted tragedy last week had he settled for a lesser vodka.

Garrison was behind the wheel last weekend when his Land Rover crashed into a tree in Beverly Hills, killing 17-year-old Vahagn Setian. As TMZ first reported, Garrison met Setian and two 15-year-old girls hours before the crash. The teens invited the actor to a party. People who attended the party tell TMZ they saw Garrison drink between four and seven shots of Grey Goose vodka in a short period of time.

Now other sources say seven was the unlucky number of shots. And we're told, Garrison was not drinking out of a shot glass -- the receptacle was much larger.

People who attended the party say Garrison finished off the Grey Goose and was offered Absolut vodka, but insisted on his drink of choice. The sources say Garrison was making a liquor run for more Grey Goose with Setian and the two girls when the accident occurred.

Garrison's high-powered celebrity defense lawyer Harland Braun tells TMZ his client was heading back to his apartment when the crash occurred. Garrison's blood was tested the night of the crash to determine his blood alcohol level. Results are pending.