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First Runner-Up to Become Miss USA

12/15/2006 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USAWith her dethroning imminent, Tara Conner's days as Miss USA are numbered. There she goes.

One day after pageant boss Donald Trump publicly denied that reigning Miss USA Tara Conner was being dethroned, TMZ has learned that first runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash, will be inheriting the crown.

A source tells TMZ that Miss California was contacted with the news by a high-ranking pageant official and told she will take the title once Trump finally makes the official announcement in the coming week.

The Miss USA Organization released a statement on Thursday stating that they are "evaluating" Conner's "behavioral and personal issues" in order to decide how they will go forward with her reign. Conner's questionable behavior allegedly stems from inappropriate behavior at New York nightclubs. The underage beauty queen turns 21 on Monday.

Tamiko Nash is a Los Angeles native and appeared on NBC's "Deal or No Deal" earlier this year.

A rep for Miss USA tells TMZ, "Mr. Trump will make a decision in the upcoming week regarding Tara Conner and her reign. No one has been contacted and no decisions have been made."


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Can anyone name a beauty pagent winner who wasn't de-throned? Seems like all the ones that follow all the rules never get any further then being someone's trophy wife.

2869 days ago

blah blah blah    

miss candice, I don't have to ask:
and your point is for you surely have pointed it out!. If that don't shut miss farrah up she is paddling up a river without a paddle haa haa haa

2869 days ago


yes farrah, all of white people are INFURIATED that Ms. USA, a pageant we couldn't give 2 sh*ts about, is losing her crown!! Do you really believe that Farrah? If you do you need some serious therapy as to why you see a racial conspiracy in everything. I'm white and I happen to think the black girl is much prettier. Not all whites are evil Farrah, if you live your life believing the old racist garbage you must be one miserable woman.

BTW- what's the "no justice/no peace" sh*t all about? Threatening violence? I wouldn't, because as we all know, you always lose on that frone girlie.

2869 days ago


Why are people even responding to Farrah???!!

She is looking for attention and you all are giving it to her.

2869 days ago


Wow I have to say I apologize. I was just reading the news when I came across this bit of interesting debate. As a woman of 3 small girls I feel that tara is a role model to them and if she can't conduct herself then she should be dismissed! The fact that the runner up is black is irrelevant. Hopefully she has more understanding and class when it come to her role as Miss USA. As a black woman I don't care who my daughters look up to as long as they live up to the standards that are placed before them. To see another black woman act in such a fashion is the reason we are still stereotyped. I have always told my girls to defy stereotype by rising above the mediocrity that has been placed before you and always act with grace. Farrah would do well to heed that advice. Have a blessed day!

2869 days ago


Big Dam Deal If she wants to have a few drinks at a club it fine, she is not out showing her cat like other women are. What is up with all these haters, get real, she is a fine women and a great pearson.

2869 days ago


to Girly....I want to apologize, I was not making my statement towards all black people, but it is people like Farrah that make this world the way it is now. (not only black people, white people too.)

And I so agree that Racisim keeps Racisim going.

I am not proud to be white, I am just proud to be an AMERICAN. people of my race disgrace me too.

2869 days ago


um i think tara needs her crown taken away. if your a public figure such as miss america and you behave in that sort of way. you like so deserve what you get. and even though like farrah brought up the race thing. you people are just as mean (some of you not all) the things you have responded with are just nasty and upsetting. white or black. Im black and i think there both goreogus. and hopefully the new miss america will be a better role model. but like again on the other side you can get to mad. like youve never had a sip of alchol before the age of 21. come on now. be honest. o girl just wanted some fun. you cant blame her. thats what you do when your young. you party and have fun.

but um yup i hope tamikoenjoys the crwon

2869 days ago


Of course drinking and/or being in a club underage are both against the law but no one would have said a thing about it. It would have gone unnoticed had there not beed minor property damage and a potential lawsuit as a result of her actions that night. Stay tuned... It gets better.

2869 days ago


#2: Cut it with the racism sh*t, would ya? It's truly pathetic how a person with a working brain would give a rat's ass about a vapid "beauty" pageant.

This degrading pageant has run its course and it's to can that, Miss Black USA (where are your comments about THAT racist show, Mr. Equality???), Miss Universe, and the rest of them.

Why men do not have to undergo such degrading routines as having to parade around in bikinis and answer beyond dumb questions for scholarship money, I will never understand.

So much for progress!

2869 days ago


This is so great because Miss California Tamiko Nash was by far more deserving than that other whatever her name is girl. I watch the pagent and behind the scenes documentary and Nash was far more intelligent, educated, and classier of the two.But it was odd watching that show, Trump didnt make any effort to congratulate Nash as the first runner up recipient, he didnt even make eye contact. Take that Trump!!!

2869 days ago

coco puff    

All of you who attacked my opinion have proven your racism. Just because I'm black and say something you don't like, you attack me. I'm proud to be black and I won't stop talking about racism until it no longer exists. Thank you to the folks who support me. We are still the minority, but that should not stop us from continuing the struggle for a equal playing feild.

2869 days ago


If white people want to look at the biggest racists, they need to look in the damn mirror. THEY are always making everything a racial issue - read some of the other posts on TMZ.

It's always easy for people to project what they are guilty of on someone else. Screw them!

2869 days ago


Craig, stop your funking whining. I'm so sick of people like you that want to play the victim. Are you so ferverent in your non-racist stance when white people say horrible things about blacks, or do you even noticed. Probably not. If you don't, go back and read some racist shit white people on past TMZ posts have said about blacks and then come back and talk.

2869 days ago


#29 farrah, you are absolutely right with that and to #30, who in the fuck gives a rats as to whether white people like us or not. I'm black and I don't give a damn. We (blacks) don't need to prove anything to you. Shit, do you pay my bills? Do I work for you? Hell no, so shutty. Plus, let me add, there is enough white trash saying far worst than Farrah. I guess you skipped over those posts, right?

Bye, you guys make me sick!

2869 days ago
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