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Babwa on Trump: "That Poor, Pathetic Man"

1/10/2007 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie and Babwa stuck it to The Donald again today, with Babwa calling him a "poor, pathetic man." They showed solidarity with each other and their "View" companions, and Rosie then couldn't resist a little knife-turning of her own.

Rosie opened the show, sneering,"He's at it again," referring to Trump's open letter to Rosie yesterday, in which he recounted a conversation with Walters wherein she supposedly called Rosie a "pig" and essentially gave Rosie her walking papers.

Just after Barbara took her shots at Trump, whom they couldn't bring themselves to call by his name, Ro and Babs reaffirmed (at least on-air) their professional relationship ("We're both OK?" "We're OK"). Then, they engaged in a deeply galvanizing, team-building high five with Joy and Elisabeth, whereupon Ro took one final parting shot at Trump, exclaiming, "His show tanked!" (referring to "The Apprentice's" tepid Sunday debut) and quickly changed the topic.

No word on whether Trump will preempt President Bush's address to the nation this evening to present his response. The Donald did, however, release a statement early this afternoon slamming both of them, yet again.


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Thanks to all of us The Donald TRAMP's stock is going up!!!!!!!

The LAUGHING stock that is!!!! LMAO.

This feud better last, its too interesting to end here. And it doesn't make me wanna watch is dumbass show. I'd rather watch Ro' rant than cotton candy head mumble any day.

2780 days ago


Hey Number 82,

I HATE Trumo big time, but i really hate that freaking ho WAWA and Roseishole

2780 days ago

William Bond    

Rosie Odonnell is a fat low life pie eating, bully bitch.....

2780 days ago


I also think BW is lying but I'm glad the combover king is getting double teamed and that some of the other media folks are seeing how he only wants to self-promote. The apprentice SUCKS and should have been cancelled last season. Nobody is interested in his hour long infomercials. He is truly pathetic and I wonder if his next move will be to fake a health ailment to blame on the women. He's clever that way, ya know?

2780 days ago


actually "jon" i am at work too. I acutally just typed in three words... Kelly Ripa Hypocrate.

Came right up for me.

But it is okay "jon" if you need to feel superior to me then go ahead. I can handle it.

2780 days ago

Reich Winger    

Wake up, TV fans!

We're all being duped.

Ro and The CombOver aren't really enemies at all. Or, if they are, it doesn't even matter. Money-and-ratings are the Name Of This Game. This whole brouhaha was was cooked up in advance in a secret agreement between The View and The Apprentice in order to RAISE THE RATINGS of both shows. Unfortunately for him, CombOver overplayed his role, and The Apprentice's ratings have declined. Ro and Babs, however, played their roles to perfection, and as a result The View's ratings have climbed.

2780 days ago


I believe Trump as to Barbara Walters' comments, and I think she is lying when she denies them. I hope Trump has tape of the phone call so that Barbara Walters is shown to be a liar, especially about having said how awful it is to have to work with Rosie O'Donnell.
It's probably too much to hope that Walters and Trump would both submit to polygraphs as to who is right and who is lying about this latest episode. I'd bet everything on Trump telling the truth about that phone call.

2780 days ago


I am by no means a Trump fan but why is it that everyone seems to have their head firmly lodged up Rosie's ass? She is somehow some great moral authority or a bastion for goodness? She is a nasty looking obnoxious bitch yet it seems like everyone seems to think she can walk on water when the truth is she couldn't walk on a glacier without falling through. I know Trump is an egomaniac and in person he is probably one of the biggest a**holes you could meet, I just don't see how everyone has jumped on the Rosie bandwagon. That thing weighs enough as it is.

2780 days ago


Jon is an idiot!

2780 days ago


Personally I've never cared for either Rosie or Trump. I've never watched The Apprentice nor did I ever watch Rosie's show (I take that back, I watched a video of the time she tried to shred Tom Selleck - classless back then too). Barbara Walters, however, I did enjoy (ok, her lisp is irritating but she still did seem to do good interviews). Now I find that Barbara is the one who disgusts me the most. She has the power to shut Rosie up, whether it be about Trump or Ripa or Aiken or all the "homophobes" she likes to spout off about. Rosie sounds off like the moral's judge of the country and she's not exactly known for her tact. She's loud and she's judgmental - but that's what she's known for and obviously seems to work because she has a large fan-base. Trump - well, Trump can take care of himself and doesn't seem to mind controversy. In fact, I would say he thrives on it. But through all this Walters has become a major disappointment and looks to have lost all control of a program that is really hers. I saw a video clip of her on The View today and Trump was right - she did appear to be a puppet. Rosie looked smug, Barbara looked browbeaten and mechanical. Barbara has the most to lose, I feel, and this whole fiasco of letting Rosie run wild with her mouth isn't going to reflect well on Barbara Walters. I really don't doubt she said to Trump what he claims she said. Rosie has to grate on a person's nerves after a time. But Barbara put Rosie where she is and Barbara has the power to reign her in. And if it's not resolved soon, she'll lose a large segment of viewers who just want to get on with real issues, not Rosie's moral judgments.

2780 days ago


This is getting really old and boring. Can't the three of these asswipes just agree to disagree?

2780 days ago


G-Man, are you really the combover bunny?

2780 days ago


I have watched "The View" from time to time, whenever possible. I thought the show had integrity and the four who filled the seats were interesting and informed....However, when Rosie got the head spot as host, I was very, very surprised. Yes, she is well known, but as HOST of this popular show, mostly watached by women, I felt she was a inappropriate choice. One of the girls, yes, the HOST, no.

Since she is at some type of word war with Trump at present, who was it the last time, the well respected Kelly Ripka? Then she was slamming her on air, which I felt was also inappropriate. Kelly gave her opinion on air regarding a guest whose behavior she thought in poor taste and so now, Rosie blasts HER, for what Rosie is DOING herself? With exception that Rosie is not giving sexual preferences to this particuliar word on.

I think in all honesty, that Trump was defending his stance on a show he is responsible for. The young woman who had broken her contract by acting and behaving with inappropriate behavior was a decision that only Trump could make, he gave this young woman (without mentioning her name) another chance. Why should Trump have to explain the policies and his earnest decision about this young woman to the host of a TV show? It made NO sense to me. Rosie was out of line and if she expected Trump to just sit there and take her verbal abuse, she was mistaken. Rosie caused what has happened and now she is venting on the View...I think her reputation is sullied enough, she has no place on that type of TV venue, let alone dragging a well respected woman like Barbara Walters in to this silly mess. My advice for Rosie is to keep her hasty and inppropriate comments to herself and stick to discussing other topics, rather than stating a war with respected celebrities, like Kelly and Trump, whose next, oh, I forgot, she's on WIndfrey's private life now, when will she stop with this bashing and insults? Hopefully soon, it is VERY boring and immature behavior by Rosie O'Donald.. ABC needs to take responsibility for Rosies behavior and give her a choice, SHUT UP with the fighting and insults or BE FIRED.

2780 days ago


Remember this all started because of Miss USA being a beautiful young woman and that the fat c**t Rosie%u2019s is jealous of her.

2780 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

Barbara would sell out her family members is it meant losing her job. She has no class and she cannot control Rosie. Lets not forget who started this in the first place, who thru the first punch line - it comes down to one nasty load mouth person - ROSIE. As for Barbara Walters and not sticking by people who are friends that is her MO. She did that to Star she is the one who lied not star. Barbara was willing to let Star work for a few months expecting all smiles and happiness when the poor lady knew her contract was not going to be renewed. Rosie has always made nasty comments about Star and who does Barbara hire Rosie. So Barbara is a b*tch and I wrote that to her when she did that nasty things to Star Jones. I am not a fan of Ms. Jones but human nature showed me then what Barbara is like under pressure. Donald repeating what she told him put her in a big spot so she is going to lie and tell all of us and Rosie she never said that. I want a lie detector test on that broad. She is a broad and no lady.

Funny Rosie picked on Kelly Rippa and now Donald Trump. Neither of these two people asked her. Then it becomes an all out fued. I will not say Donalds comments about being fat ect are nice but come on we all have been there. When someone attacks you for no reason you want to get back at them. He would have been a woose if he did not come back with comments for that nasty thing. Rosie I used to love your show and you can be funny but you need a leash. Barbara no offense but I like Rosie more than you - I always hated liars and you are a big liar and fake friend.

2780 days ago
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