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1/12/2007 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markWhat happened to that innocent, quiet girl from MTV's "8th & Ocean?" --Evelyn

britt_g-2Evelyn, people might not remember her name, but they'll sure remember her face. Britt, the innocent, naive model on the show, has continued with modeling and actually appeared in Maxim's Hottest Women of Reality TV issue (along with twins Sabrina and Kelly). It seems she's found a way to balance her love for the lens with her religious beliefs.

graphic of a question markWill there be a 5th season of "One Tree Hill?"

One Tree HillWell, Connie, with the recent cancellation of "The OC" it's understandable that you'd be concerned about the future of "OTH." But for you and all the other high-school-drama-prone fans, a fifth season is imminent. In fact, the show's creator and head writer, Mark Schwahn, recently gave an interview describing how the next season would pick up -- by jumping ahead five years to when the kids have finished college. With previous seasons giving way to underage marriages and near-death encounters, who knows what these kids'll be facing in their twenties?

graphic of a question markI want to know Nicole Richie's official MySpace page. --Caroline

Nicole Richie Caroline, if you can't find the latest on Nicole Richie on TMZ, feel free to browse around her MySpace page. You might be able to find some extra commentary on her latest trip to Mexico with boytoy Joel Madden, or how it feels to be behind the wheel again.

Before you take a look at what her page has to offer, make sure to check out our Nicole photo gallery!

graphic of a question markWhat is Christina Milian's favorite movie? --Lili

Christina MilianDarling Lili, you'll be glad to know that Christina has two favorite movies! "Selena" and "Pretty Woman" are the ones she loves most. Maybe you want to rent those and brush up on your movie trivia -- in case you ever have an encounter with Ms. Milian!

To catch up on some of Christina's movies and music you might call your favorites, check this out.

graphic of a question markPerez Hilton keeps saying that Catherine Zeta-Jones looks over 40. How old is she? --Susan

Catherine Zeta-JonesSusan, we're not sure why Perez insists that Catherine Zeta-Jones looks over 40, but we can assure you she's only 37... and gorgeous! Check out this pic of her in St. Bart's last month! Ever the hard worker, CZJ has three flicks in the works. One of which, "No Reservations," can be expected this July.

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No Avatar


Mad Balls    

I have gone into diabetic shock . Hep me please . I can't see . Oh is this the end of Ricco ? Dickeads . PLease just start jr. and get it over with . Do I have to tone down my act for you overpayed BAST*RDS ! Maybe its' better I don't get payed under the table to keep my mouth shut . Perez Hezdone . Really ? SH*T . Dcikheads .

2805 days ago

Mad Balls    

Of Course all this women are spankalious . Nichole included . Oh Yeah , I cream her on jokes but I never said shes ' ugly . Dickhead . And Zeta you Beta I'd be dialing her bOIL "zone " . They are all of age . Right ? Dickheads .

2805 days ago


That's not Nicole's Myspace lol, you guys are to much

2805 days ago

c'est moi    

this is nicole richie's myspace page:

the photos of britt and sabrina and kelly in maxim are from promo shots done for 8th and ocean, and were not specifically shot for the article. britt has done campaigns for the buckle, and sabrina and kelly were in a christmas movie with matthew broderick and danny devito--deck the halls ? last i knew kelly also had a myspace page, i think you can access it through the deck the halls myspace page.

2805 days ago


Perez doesn't like Catherine Zeta Jones, so he trashes her in typical Perez form the way he does with Mischa Barton (he refers to her only as "Mischa 'Fart'one".).. Whenever he doesn't like a celeb-probably because they don't want to be bothered by him, he trashes them constantly, like a 12 year old.

2804 days ago


Britt is in LA. I hope she makes it big in the film industry. I would love to see her in a movie!!!

2740 days ago

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