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Haley Scarnato Is Covered in Kat Hair!

3/19/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like "American Idol" wannabe Haley Scarnato is sporting the same hair extensions previously worn by last season's runner-up, Katharine McPhee. Unbeweavable!
Haley Scarnato and Katharine McPhee
On-set sources tell TMZ that it's not uncommon for the show to recycle things like hair extensions, jewelry and other pricey accessories from contestant to contestant and from season to season. Just keep the communal lady locks away from Sanjaya!

A few weeks back, Simon revealed he couldn't remember Haley's name. Perhaps the McPheever mane will help Haley leave a lasting impression. Or not.


In a conversation with Lisa Fox on Star 98.7's Morning Show, "American Idol" hair guru Dean Banowetz admitted the extensions belonged to Kat. Don't worry, Banowetz says he "washed them up" before using them on Haley.


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hot snot    

I can understand re-using the jewelry, but not the hair. that is kind of gross

2775 days ago


What is even more discusstingly outraggious is it looks like their sharing the same freaken dress to. Too schievy!!!!!!!! American Idol has been on the waiting list of things that need to be assisinated.

2775 days ago


Katherine who?

2775 days ago


to bad she cant sing like her

2775 days ago


mcphee sucks

2775 days ago

Funny Answers    

Please stop pushing that women down our throats, she is more than a mess, media hog, and no one can love her as much as she seems to love herself. She is every magazine, ET, E-news, just like Paris Hiton, whomever her press agent is, she must have to pay them a lot, as she is everywhere, and just like Paris, a pain in the bottom

2775 days ago

Dark Knight    

I noticed it from day one that she was trying to be katherine mcphee. She tries to strike sexy poses and gaze into the camera and thinks she's the hot girl on this season for some reason. Problem is she's not as hot as Antonella who was voted off, and she isn't close to Katherine as a singer.

2775 days ago

John C jackson    

I am a guy, so I don't really know... I am just wondering why women these days use hair extensions so much rather than actual hair? Are they "follcally challenged?

2775 days ago


this is exactly what i said last week during her performance! it looks good, but very familiar.

2775 days ago


Too bad Haley can't reuse Katherine's voice. Idol is a joke this year.


2775 days ago

Sea Arby    

anna said, "mcphee sucks." I think she must be confusing her with Ms Antonella.

On the hair: The fact of the matter is natural human hair extensions are expensive. Katharine didn't want to buy them and not enough stalker types knew about the eBay auction to get the minimum bid ... so they end up on the head of one of next years contestants. I thought Haley's hair looked good and, ultimately, that is why you wear them. The singing could use a bit of work though.

2775 days ago


Comparing yourself to Katharine McPhee is asking for trouble. You will be lucky to come in a distant second. She made Halle Barre look plain. She made Miss Canada look ordinary. She has been described as "Miss Universe - with talent".

And Lulu, you are so sad. Katharine McPhee is in all the magazines and all over TV because she is beautiful and sweet and charming and funny and a gorgeous singer and because they want her.

Your envy is apparent. If you don't have any of the above qualities the least you could do is work on your personality. Alas you are lacking there too.

2775 days ago


I'd use Kat's hair. If I were Haley, I'd hope it'd bring me some luck.

2775 days ago

Kat Rap    

Yeah, Kat is the hottest looking AI contestant who can really sing! Pathetic wannabe's can use her hand-me-downs including her undies and they wont even come close to her talent and beauty! And to those jealous haters, not only I'm gonna shove her extension down ur throat, but i'm also gonna shove Justin Guarini's CD up ur ass!

2775 days ago

Vigilante Justice    

Ewww.....same dress too!

2775 days ago
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