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Sanjaya is a

Looney Tune!

3/28/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Diana Ross to Halle Berry, you never know whose weave will inspire "American Idol" wannabe Sanjaya Malakar. This week, his hairspiration was none other than Looney Tunes character, Road Runner. Acme Hair Spray, anyone? *beep beep*

Sanjaya Malakar and Roadrunner
Sanjaya's mindboggling pony-hawk was enough to almost distract from his butchering of No Doubt's "Bathwater." Almost. Unfortunately, a more appropriate song choice for Sanjaya would have been the power pop band's 90s hit, "Don't Speak," which Timberlake-alike Chris Richardson ravaged. *beep beep*

If Sanjaya survives another week, he's going to have a busy day in the studio -- the hair studio that is!

That's all folks!


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Moe had it one last time    

Rumor has it---he gives better head than his sister.

2676 days ago

A-yo Leroy!    

i like how creative he is with his hair. this hairstyle is gonna buy him another week. i just know it.

2676 days ago

John Martin    

My gaydar goes off every time I see Sanjaya. There's a fine line between sweet and gay. I was just watching MSNBCcand his choir director was beign interviewed about Sanjaya and she said whenever they went on trips for a concert Sanjaya loved doing the girls hair. No joke. I personally think Sanjaya is gay. I also don't have a problem with that. I just wish he would be honest with us, not hide and be outed like R.J. Helton. What do you think?

2676 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I have been defending Sanjaya from the beginning. It wasn't his fault he found himself in such deep waters. We all know he should have exited weeks ago. However this hair-do from last night is just so wrong on so many levels I speechless. Good luck, Kid!

2676 days ago


Two weeks ago, I decided to stop watching American Idol until I knew this smiling freak, Sanjaya, was gone. It was good to see this picture of him---reminded me what a good decision I made. The show has gone in a terrible direction.

2676 days ago


Did anyone else notice that both he and Timberfake messed up the words! To a Gwen Stefani song at that!!!

I have no beef with Sanjaya, once upon a time he was awesome at his audition, but hasn't done a song that suits him since. I want to see him do some oldies like My Girl or It's Gonna be a Bright Sunshiney Day. . . something like that.

2676 days ago


Big hair, little talent.

2676 days ago


Sanjaya is cute but it seems he sang a lot better in his audition...why does everyone say people are gay because they are cute etc.. also Birkhead etc.. I do not think so but who cares anyhow ...they are cute... also one of my sons was voted best hair in high school.. he had /has thick nice hair and had diff styles as they changed with the times, but he is not gay, not that I would care if he was....he's a great kid.....

2676 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

this is the worst american idol i ever seen... my 3rd season watching and might be my last. hula boy has to be gone tonight its so dispicable

2676 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

this is the worst american idol i ever seen... my 3rd season watching and might be my last. hula boy has to be gone tonight its so dispicable

2676 days ago


If SanGaya makes it through another elimination-I will throw my TV into the river. He cannot sing and THIS IS A SINGING CONTEST. S.I.N.G.I.N.G.

2676 days ago


...and its Meep Meep not beep beep.

2676 days ago


He can't sing but maybe he should be a hair dresser.

2676 days ago


Doesn't he realize he's just becoming this huge joke???? obviously he cannot sing. obviously he doesn't deserve to win and have a singing career. arghhhhhh I hate him. and his stupid hair........

2676 days ago


American Idol has gone to the "dogs" so to speak. I can't stand to hear Sanjaya sing, HE CAN'T SING, I wish the parents of all the little teens and preteens had not bought their kids cellphones and there was an age limit to vote. If this were the case, He wouldn't have made it past the first week. So many good singers were voted off because of this clown!!!!!!!!!!!

2676 days ago
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