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The Lost Olsen Twin: Elaine Stritch!

4/19/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

82-year-old Broadway legend Elaine Stritch rocked the latest in Mary-Kate Olsen chic at an awards show at the American Museum of Natural History in New York on Wednesday.
Elaine Stritch and Mary-Kate Olsen
The comedy relic sported her paparazzi princess, de rigueur, oversized 70s granny shades, form-fitting leggings, a shopping bag -- and the essential Venti-sized Starbucks cup. Tiny dog, Blackberry and less famous sister not included!

Her Robertson Blvd. look is almost complete, but there's no word on whether Stritch plans to get a DUI, breakup with an oil heir -- or flash her goods!


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These girls have no authencity and couldnt come up with an idea between the two of them.

Im positive they stole their look and "style" from this old betty.

2682 days ago


God Bless her... I can only hope that I look that good at 82.....

2682 days ago


Christ, I'll probably be leaking through my Depends at that age..... Good for her!!

2682 days ago



2682 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

why do all of you care so much about celebrities? go play with your children or read a book

2682 days ago


Aww, cudos to y'all that gave Elaine the kind props! She's a lovely icon of the Broadway boards .. just cuz yer in the "Golden Years" and still moble doesn't mean that ya have to dress & behave like a old geezer. Have fun Elaine!!

2682 days ago


Elaine Stritch is one of the last of a dying breed--GOBs--Great Old Broads! She is one hilarious woman, been a fan for years. Love Ya, Elaine!

2682 days ago


The olsen twins did provide good entertainment for years, more years than a lot of people who criticize them have been working themselves! So what if they dress like that, I was dressing like that when I was their age in the nineties. Yeah MK is a little on the thin side, and Ashley is thin too. I'm not saying that MK doesn't/didn't have an eating disorder but by looking at them a few years ago, they're both naturally thin. Elaine's a riot. I hope I look that good when I hit her age, MK is wearing a punk-boho look, and everybody has too much hate for the twins and that's that!

2682 days ago


To why (post #26)--why do you care that other people care about reading about celebrities? Why do YOU keep commenting on here? Why don't YOUgo play with YOUR children or read YOUR children a book? As for me--MY children are grown and gone. They kinda frown on me trying to play with them or read them books; and as of yet, no grandchildren. Guess I'll stick to reading about celebrities in my spare time. I'm old enough, I've earned my right. If that's alright with you, that is.

2682 days ago


Because someone has an eating disorder, It doesn't make them a bad person or less of a role model. Karen Carpenter a pop Star in the late 60's early 70's had an eating disorder she was getting help for it but it was too late she died of a heart problems. But this brought this disorder out in the open. Anorexia ia a phychological condition that causes a fear of becoming overweight . a person needs help to get over it ! it's not something a person does purposely! Mary- Kate and Ashley for the most part are good Kids.

2682 days ago


The twins still make a ton of money selling their clothing designs to several store outlets.. I know walmart.

2682 days ago


At least her body parts are covered! I'd rather my daughter see her dressing this way then 1/2 naked party girls lookin like sleezebags from hollywood. :X

2682 days ago


the Olsen twins look like crack heads stuck in the 80's

2682 days ago


It is not that I don't like the Olsen twins. . .but when you are in the public eye you will be a target for certain things. I still think it is soooo funny how I watched these kids grow up and now my kids are watching them grow up via Nick at Nite or whichever station shows the reruns of Full House. I personally don't care what they are wearing or the trouble they have had. I don't know these girls or any of the other troubled super stars. Where is it my business until our kids are subjected to eating disorders, dui's, famous peeps not wearing underwear. . .that is why it is our job to explain why you don't do those things.

As far as Elaine dressing that way. . . .YOU GO GIRL! Hope I have enough energy at that age to dress that way and not in the polyester wear so many grandma's wear!

2682 days ago

Still Hopeful    

Wake up America, you said the Olsen twins are bad role models becasue they "encourage anorexia"? That is a real sickness. I don't think they're going around saying, "Hey, everybody, get sick, its really cool!" It is a mental and medical condition and young girls under alot of public scrutiny are vulnerable to it. Don't be so heartless.

2681 days ago
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