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The Bee Cees?

5/10/2007 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After watching Barry Gibb's performance on last night's episode of "American Idol," TMZ has finally uncovered the missing link ... between disco and auto insurance.
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el polacko    

oh come on you prudes.. it's the old 'separated at birth?' gag ... and it's funny. lighten up !

2688 days ago


This poor man has lost two of his'd look like hell after that, too! Leave him the hell alone. He, and all of the Gibb brothers are music icons. You are mean bastards, TMZ!

2688 days ago


I thought he really looked weird.
I believe he has veneers that are way to big for his mouth.
Whoever did them really f-ed up.
Plus he looks like he is full of botox.
His performance was awful too,very embarrassing compared to his hey days.

2688 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Ridiculously on the money, TMZ!

2688 days ago


Considering Barry's age, I don't think he looked bad at all. TMZ must have been hard up for stories today bc this is just completely uncalled for. Have a little respect, TMZ!

2688 days ago


It's all in fun, and that is FUNNY, I don't care who you are!

2688 days ago


The writer of this article should be so lucky to look half as good as Barry Gibb looks at 60. And the writer is extemely lucky that I am not his or her boss because they would be fired. Would serve you right if TMZ got sued for slader and libel. Barry is the greatest singer, songwriter and producer in the whole music business. He is also a very kind caring and giving person who has more than given of his time and money to help others not to mention all the beautiful music this gifted man has shared over his lifetime.

2688 days ago


TMZ- YOU ARE MEAN!! Finally we see someone in the entertainment industry who doesn't feel the need to become another plastic mess! This guy is an amazing musician & has suffered much heartache in his life. If a celeb has noticeable surgery, you make fun of them. If they don't have surgery & choose to grow old gracefully, you make fun of them. WHAT A WORLD!

2688 days ago


Barry is 60 years old and to sing the way he did on IDOL was fantastic the man is like the eveready bunny he just keeps going and going and I can't wait to see him perform again.
Making fun of his looks takes a lot of nerve when you see what some of the young musicians look like nowadays and that includes all genres of music.

2688 days ago


Ohhhhhh, thats a shame!!

2688 days ago

A Gibb fan, since 1967    

To me this is really sick, Or just a jealous person.
wrong eyes, wrong lips.

Oke, keep it to a jealous person, who probably cant show how sexy he will be when he turnes 60!! My God, the one who brought this idea to the internet is sick and needs help,

I am glad I did see Barry in a sexy pair of jeans, and he was HOT!!!

An European fan !!

2688 days ago


This is down right WRONG!! Can not believe some one could compare this awesome man to a caveman, it is really sad. I am disgusted by this post big time,Barry deserves better TMZ.

2688 days ago


I think Barry looked and sounded great last night, as other people have said, people do age, sure he doesn't look like he did some 25-30 yrs ago, but he still has that beautiful voice. Barry is the sweetest person, who loves and adores his fans just as us fans love and adore Barry. so who ever at TMZ wrote those horriable remarks should stop and think people do have feelings and when u r hurting Barry, u r hurting his fans!!!!!!!!!!!

2688 days ago

No place now but UP    

DUDE, The real American Idol who resembles the Geico Caveman is none other than CONSTANTINE MAROULIS.

Come to our site and see our comparisons of him. He should do the caveman show. They could save a fortune on caveman makeup.

2688 days ago


I love Barry Gibb...I hate, hate, hate that stupid Geico caveman. Why are you being so rude to Barry?Barry was once a very hot guy and for his age, he still looks pretty good.

2688 days ago
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