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Is Finally Over!

5/24/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With performances by Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson and BeBe and CeCe Winans, last night Jordin Sparks was crowned the latest "American Idol" on what seemed more like a "Solid Gold" rerun than the finale of the most watched show on television! Nothing says 2007 like ... Bette Midler?!

American Idol Finale
TMZ has the rundown on last night's eight-hour live broadcast:

The finale rambled on longer than a Paula Abdul interview! Something's broken on Paula -- and it ain't her nose!

The "Golden Idol Awards" -- Um ... No! Making fun of an infantile overweight woman dressed like Big Bird and two peculiarly challenged young men does nothing for "Idol's" industry cred ... who knew minstrel shows were making a primetime comeback? Why do producers want to add a crappy awards show to a crappy award show?

Gladys Knight -- She's gotten rid of the Pips -- and all facial expression! Thankfully, the only thing Botox didn't kill was her voice. Girlfriend needs an eyelash/weave wrangler.

Smokey Robinson
-- When did he become "Whisperin' Smokey Robinson?" At least one wide-eyed Jurassic crooner knows what notes he can still hit.

Doug E. Fresh
-- Thank you, "Idol," for transporting us all the way into ... 1985! *pah-chunk foomph-a-foomph*

Tony Bennett
-- Nobody hit the money note last night better than Tony -- who's 80!

Sanjaya/Joe Perry
-- Enough about Sanjy's hair. What the f**k was going on with Joe Perry's ratty bird's nest weave?! You Really Got Me!

Clive Davis -- Since he won't trash Clarkson in public, he'll just rave about Carrie Underwood (aka the un-Kelly) like she cured cancer. And can someone remind him Clay Aiken did NOT win "Idol" -- Ruben Studdard did! Poor Rube! While he pointed out everyone from Chris Daughtry to Jennifer Hudson (what no Carmen Rasmussen?!), Clive forgot to mention the Velvet Teddy Bear himself.

Kelly Clarkson -- "Idol's" prodigal daughter comes home. Love her or hate her (Clive!) she knows how to transform a poetry slam into an "Idol" performance. Metalicious! By the way, how much must it suck when your album sells 10 million copies (more than Saint Carrie), you win 2 Grammys and your songwriting ability is honored by ASCAP -- yet your label Prez still shelves your new album because it isn't "pop" enough?! Was Kat McPhee's non-selling album pop enough for ya, Clive?

Carrie Underwood
-- Country Barbie could get a DUI and flash her hay and she'd still be "Idol's" Patron Saint. The twangy gal can do no wrong ... except when it comes to Beatles songs!

Melinda Doolittle/BeBe and CeCe Winans
-- Hallelujah! Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

Green Day -- Through the magic of television, we were transported out of the Kodak Theater to the regular "Idol" stage and back -- in just under four minutes! How'd they do that?!

Bette Midler
-- Where was Kermie?! Somebody knocked out the wind beneath her wings! Que paso?! The only thing worse than the not-so Divine Miss M's Vegas-bound performance was the rubber S&M bathmat she transmogrified into a skirt! Ya gotta have friends!

Beatles Songs -- Michael Jackson might want to reconsider the worth of the catalog; it was seriously devalued by last night's shrill salute, exemplified by Taylor Hicks' special needs rendition of "A Day in the Life."

Blake Lewis -- Was there ... we think.

Jordin Sparks -- She should sing next to Ruben more often -- she suddenly became a size 2! Oh, by the way, nice how they tossed in at the end that Jordin won. Goodnight everybody!

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I don't know what idoit wrote the comment about GLADYS KNIGHT, How could you say anything like that about the Queen. Gladys is the poster girl for Real Women who didn't need botox, and those lips are hers, However seems like everybody wants lips and smile like Gladys. It's all hers, BONEHEAD!!!!!! Next time get your facts right about the KNIGHT!!!!!!

2662 days ago


Does anyone still watch this show?

2672 days ago



2672 days ago


Jordin's so frickin boring... I wish Blake had won

2672 days ago


Thank God that dumb show [with its silly and idiotic host of judges] is over! Dancing With The Stars was much more entertaining!!!!

2672 days ago

Captain Tina    

BETTE MIDLER SOUNDED TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2672 days ago


Geez, you think they could've milked the show and made it longer, just so the results take up the last minute?

2672 days ago


Jordin was boring???? Blake can't sing and still beatboxes for crying out loud. Can you say "How 1983"?

2672 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Fab recap!

Did Sanjay actually hit a real note last night? What a waste of time.
I was waiting for Paul McCartney to walk out last night ... and all I got was Bette Midler.
REU-BEN was fabulous - in good voice and looked nice.
Where was Kat McPhee and Clay Akin? Should we start a rumor? ROFLMAO

I wonder what next season is going to bring? Hopefully more talented people and less 'one hit wonders' like Sanjaya.

2672 days ago


TMZ, Show some respect for the legends in the music industry. I know their publicist don't pay you guys for favorable plugs like the disposable stars of today, but they are still performing around the world. I will check back in 20 years to see if you still talking about Heidi & spencer.

2672 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

San-gina's performace was cringe worthy - I honestly felt embarressed for him................................

I did appreicate Jordins raw emtions though, that made for good TV.

Disclaimer - not an idol fan in the lease ...

2672 days ago


Hey I like the show- but was it my TIVO or did they call out Jordins name that then the station went to the news?

I will say- that I don't follow the show, but I did like all the 'guest' on the show.


2672 days ago


It SUCKED!!!!!!!!

No wonder their ratings are going DOWN............

2672 days ago


Bette Midler sounded awful!!

2672 days ago

el polacko    

toney bennett rocked the house .. at 80 !! maybe it's time to lift the contest's age restrictions.

2672 days ago
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