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KIISes and Tells on

Rehab, Mischa and Lindsay

5/30/2007 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie says, contrary to media reports, she was not in rehab earlier this month and was just "on tour with Joel," her Good Charlotte boyfriend.

Richie went on On Air with Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning show today and said she believes that because she was not photographed for over a week, reports surfaced she was in rehab for drug abuse and an eating disorder. That and the fact that she weighs 4 lbs!

While she revealed that Paris is "scared" about going to prison, Nicole is also nervous she may have to spend time in the slammer for her wrong-side-of-the-road DUI arrest. Although no decision has been made in Nicole's case, she says, "I have to deal with any consequences that come my way." Yeah you do!

Nicole held a now infamous barbecue last weekend, where Mischa Barton was hospitalized for "an adverse reaction to prescription medication," and which featured a pre-rehab appearance by Lindsay Lohan. Richie says she was not present for either Lindsay's "five-minute" visit, or Mischa's medical scare, because the hostess was at the supermarket "buying Sunny Delight."

Well, at least one of these embattled girls is getting their full day's supply of Vitamin C!


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Nicole is so desparate for attention!

2640 days ago

jProud American Author    

Oh so Richie is special now? Sheez. That girl needs rehab and fluids. She looks horrible and needs help fast. Where is her father? Don't these parents care?

2640 days ago


Is someone supposed to care?

2640 days ago


WORD! I also think she leaked that e-mail out too. It's been all about Hilton & Lohan - she wants in on the action. What an ass!

2640 days ago


Nicole. PLEASE gain some weight. PLEASE

2640 days ago


Oh come now we all know the girl weighs more than 4 pounds.....just add 60 to that

2640 days ago


Why the hell is she famous? Some little coked up annorexic throws a party? Thats news? I love it when the anorexics try to pretend they eat by specifically mentioning food in interviews. Hey Nichole, a normal person would just say "I was at the store buying stuff for the party" but you specifically mentioned a type of food/drink. Thanks for verifying what your skanky hideous preying mantis-like pictures already show us. That you are a walking skeleton whos death is basically already a foregone conclusion.

2640 days ago


Somebody buy that girl a steak!

2640 days ago


Gag me with a spoon who cares

2640 days ago



2640 days ago

tata larue    

You people are so OUT of it! Don't you know that the latest celeb trend is a concoction of Sunny Delight, rat poison, the fingernail shavings of a corpse, an eyelash form a dirty homeless man and parsly,sage, rosemary and thyme. Yes, why this magical drink is used to put these uber-skinny girls into comas so that they won't eat for two weeks! Some celebs add just that extra touch of rat poison to ensure a longer coma, which really takes off the weight but has an annoying side effect of blondness. But who cares!
Nicole, homey, make me a "Zombie."

2640 days ago


TMZ-why don't you just start a separate 24 hour site for Lindsay, Paris, Nicole and Brit. That way, those of us that are sick of reading about their every move won't have to see them constantly, and those that do care can monitor them 24/7.

2640 days ago


funny she's out buying sunny D. also funny, that OJ helps speed the bodies uptake of E. hmmmm. i wonder....

2640 days ago


I for one am sick of these stories on these girls. Goodbye, TMZ!

2640 days ago


OMG, I AM gonna puke!! Nicole Richie, jealous because the attention is off of her for five fricken minutes!. Nicole, here's what's "pathetic" - the fact that you are SUCH an attention whore and that maybe you actually WEREN'T in rehab for a week! Earth to Nicole - no one noticed pictures of you were "missing," GOD, does this poor thing actually believe everyone was all agog about missing pictures of Nicole Richie? ROTFLMAO!!! So all these no-talent trashy vag-flashing anorexic doper sluts had a little picnic at Nicole's but Nicole didn't see doped-up dopey Lindsay being hauled away from the picnic because Nicole was at the market looking for Sunny Delight for 40 fricken minutes even though she says it isn't hard to find blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah ad nauseam............and all this mindless blathering is newsworthy WHY???? The Simple Lives of the simple-minded.

2640 days ago
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