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Officials 'Have No Idea'

Why Wrong-Way Richie

Can Drive

6/1/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0601_nicole_ritchie_mug1-2While Paris Hilton heads off to jail this week, her "Simple Life" cohort Nicole Richie is still cruising the streets with a valid drivers license -- even though she has the same DUI charge under her belt and a record as a repeat offender! But here's the kicker -- no one seems to know why!

Paris was busted September 7, 2006 -- and around 5 months later, she had already lost her driving privileges and was later arrested for violating her probation for driving on the suspended license. Richie was busted for DUI on December 11, 2006 -- and almost 6 months later, she is not only still driving ... but the California DMV hasn't even begun to take action against her.

TMZ spoke with Deputy District Attorney Ed Greene, a prosecutor assigned to Nicole's DUI case, who admitted, "I am a little surprised too." However, Greene pointed out that until Richie is actually convicted of DUI, the decision to revoke or suspend her license is up to the folks at the California DMV. Greene added, "They generally do it quicker than this."

We contacted the California DMV to try and get some answers, and the rep said: "I have no idea why Nicole still has her license."


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Parents Need to Know    

By: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

For the last week, you've read the latest news - and my latest predictions - about one of the biggest evils on the American medical landscape: Mass vaccinations.

As you'll recall, one of my extrapolations of this false panacea of medicine had to do with a new vaccine that's all the rage - one designed to prevent most cases of HPV (genital warts) in young women, along with the subsequent development of cervical cancer this viral infection is linked to...

My argument is that while it's all fine and good to prevent infections of a common STD and its often-cancerous aftermath, there's a "point of diminishing returns" in the equation if the vaccine gives young women a false sense of security about the safety of sex. This may expose them to all kinds of other diseases, some deadly (and getting deadlier).

But there are some "wild card" factors in this equation, too - things that could either mitigate the urge among young, naïve people to copulate with abandon OR temper that very same urge: Things like schooling, parenting, and one other influence I alluded to in the last Daily Dose...

I'm talking about popular culture.

If you've been a reader of mine for any length of time at all, you know I've long lamented the steady decline in the themes and messages in a lot of modern cultural influences - things like movies, TV, magazines, music (if you can call it that) and the over-publicized antics of spoiled celebrities. Now here's how this dovetails into the vaccine equation...

In the absence of strong, morally principled parenting - and schooling that minds the lines between what's proper curriculum and what's the responsibility of those parents to teach their kids - young, sexually curious adults are taking their cues on how to act from all the wrong places: Rap "music" lyrics and videos, movies, mom's Cosmopolitan mags, and whatever they learn from predators that prowl Internet chat-rooms and the MySpace profiles all their hyper-sexed, Ritalin-addicted friends are posting...

What's worse, they also learn how to act from what they're seeing Paris, Britney, Lindsay, and all the other pop-tarts doing on TV! (If you don't know who these people are, or are clueless about MySpace, you need to plug in to understand your kids and grandkids - but be forewarned, the journey's not for the faint of heart).

Think today's kids aren't REALLY so impressionable that they'd take their cues from a bunch of spoiled, talent-less Hollywood party-girls and gangster-rap stars?

According to recent UK Daily Mail article, researchers asked a random survey of 1,500 British kids aged 10 and under (the answers would be similar for American kids, I promise you), "What do you think is the very best thing in the world?"

Ranked from 1 to 10 by greatest number of responses, their answers were:

1) Being a celebrity
2) Good looks
3) Being rich
4) Being healthy
5) Pop music
6) Families
7) Friends
8) Nice food
9) Watching movies

And last on the list...

10) God

Take a look at the top three answers: Celebrity, beauty, and wealth. And also notice how "pop music" ranks above family, friends, and God...

Still think kids' sensibilities about life, love, sex, and what's important aren't being shaped heavily by hyper-sexed popular culture?

Bottom line: With STDs, sexual objectification, and victimization rampant - and with schools promoting sex as though it's civic duty - it's more important than ever for parents to set strong boundaries that instill sexual temperance and age-appropriate behavior in their kids.

Instead, we have parents steering children, either by first-hand example or by tacit approval of their over-eroticized young lifestyles, into having risky sex early and often...

If only we could come up with a vaccine against THIS kind of "cancer."

(Still) lamenting over-sexed parenting,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

2638 days ago


To: "10. Doesn't surprise me one bit that no one knows what's goin on! LA cops aren't really on the ball, now are they?

Posted at 2:04PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Dr. Ruth"

Anyone who has ever lived in LA knows that the only thing the LAPD is on the ball about is beating people down on the streets and making bad arrests. I put in my time in living in HellA and believe that to be the truth.

2637 days ago


Nicole's administrative per se (APS) hearing is set aside now because her DUI involves drugs not alcohol. The DMV will only initally suspend i.e. act on its own w/out the court when the DUI involves alcohol because APS hearing are concerned with section 23152(b) of the California Vehicle Code. The code section deals w/ a driver found driving w/ .08 percent or more of alcohol in their blood. That section of the vehicle code is silent to drug offenses. In cases that involve drugs, the DMV will wait to see how the court deals w/ the case i.e. if the person is conviceted of DUI, Wet-Wreckless or a Dry Wreckless. If the defendant is found with a high concentration of drugs in their system, the DMV can take action against their driver's license if the DMV deems that the public at large is not safe w/ the defendant's driving in the state.

In short, Nicole is not receiving any preferential treatment. She is receiveing the same treatment that any other defendant would receive under the same or similar circumstances.

2637 days ago


The reaon why she still has a lisence is because they did blood work on her, and it takes a while to come back. When it comes back as her having illegal substances in her body, her lisence will be gone for a (long) while.

2620 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Duh, she still has her license because she is some type of "celebrity" with a famous Daddy. She doesn't do anything, but she's famous. She won't get convicted. Not a chance.

2638 days ago


I hate all these f'n losers. Nicole is nothing but a worthless anorexic nothing.

2638 days ago


When she kills someone than they will try and figure out why and make excuses! Glad I don't live in Cali anymore with these CRAZY SPOILED BRATS!!!!

2638 days ago


I LOVE TMZ! You guys always get things done! Thank you!

2638 days ago


In all honesty; I would rather read about the unknown teenage female that managed to get her life back together after losing a limb.

2638 days ago

One for the road    

Just another lonsome loser.

2638 days ago

Britney's Lawyer    

Nichole SLIPPED throught the cracks!! Hahahahahahaha...get it??

Slipped through the cracks....'cause she's so thin....

2638 days ago

the way it is    

Wow, what is happening to Hollywood. People are so screwd up.

2638 days ago


She pleaded "not guilty" and Paris pleaded "no contest". Nicole must have waived the right to a "speedy" trial.

2638 days ago


UGH! What does she do? Catch a ride with "I have a suspended licence" Paris or "I drive while under the influence" Lindsay? All I can say is...I'm tired of this crap. These stupid "celebs" need to start facing consequences. It's only when you face consequences that you learn anything.

I also saw part of her interview with Seacrest. She states that Paris' punishment is too severe!!! WTF? Since when did she get a degree in law? She really should shut her mouth. If it had been your average citizen, they'd be without a icence & probably facing jail or probation!

Pull her licence! She is a repeat offender for God's sake! It'll be just a matter of time before she, Paris, Lindsay or Britney ends up killing someone. They have zero regard for anyone but themselves & I for one am sick of it! Someone should get to the bottom of this & SOON!

2638 days ago


When you get DUI in CA, there are two cases, the DUI court case and the DMV case. When I got DUI I actually had my license for more than 5 months because I appealed the DMV's suspension. So I could drive while that process went on and on. I lost appeal (99% do lose) and then my license was suspended for three months.

2638 days ago
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