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Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis


7/14/2007 4:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say it isn't so! Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis' hard-partying, firecrotch-calling ways have finally caught up with him. Page Six reports that Davis' wealthy oil family is so disgusted by his behavior that they've financially cut him off.

Greasy Bear's been asking friends for funds to stay afloat, but these days, many of them, including Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos, aren't calling him back. Oh, how the Greasy Bear has fallen!

The oily heir has reportedly holed up in Miami with one of his few remaining pals, music producer Scott Storch.

Britney Picks Up New Pooch

britney spearsBritney Spears falls in love with dogs just about as quickly as she falls in love with men, y'all. Brit-Brit picked up a new Yorkie puppy yesterday after walking into a Bel Air pet store and spending less than a half hour with the pup. Take that, Jason Alexander!

The pop trainwreck plunked down a cool $3K for the pooch, who, reports People, has been named London. Also new to the Brit menagerie of weird and wacky animals: a parakeet she picked up last month.

Cowell to Kelly: Back Off!

Crabby Simon Cowell weighed in on the ongoing feud between Kelly Clarkson and Sony/BMG boss Clive Davis -- and he's firmly in the Davis camp. Clarkson and Davis butted heads over Clarkson's newest album -- with a catty Kelly saying to Davis, "You're 80, you're not supposed to like my album."

Cowell fired back in Davis' defense, telling EXTRA "Clive Davis at 80 is better than 99 percent of the people in the music business in their 20s, 30s and 40s ... and he's not 80 ... [Davis] is the boss of the record company, and it's his job to advise."

Party Favors...Reality TV, Doggy Style...

Hey Paula, move over! The newest reality TV star is here: rapper Snoop Dogg will have his own reality TV series on the E! channel this fall.


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sorry greasy fat boy, you should of saved your money ,what are you gonna do now

2634 days ago


Kelly also said Clive Davis was an old geezer. She didn't have enough ticket sales to
keep her concerts going a few weeks ago, so I can't believe she could make such callused remarks to the boss of Sony/BMG. Clarkson better start concentrating on taking some classes in PR relations and take some time off to do some soul searching about her fading career. With two toddler boys, doesn't Britney have enough to do besides buying and taking care of more pets? I guess she can always hire a "manny-pet sitter" for her zoo.

2634 days ago


why does TMZ waste space on that lousy good for nothing piece of crap, Brandon Davis ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
He's a worthless pig !!! Hope his family sticks to their guns, and keeps him OFF the PAYROLL !!! He's done nothing with his life !! He's disgusting and useless !! I believe that after all the damage he did at his brother's wedding, is what put the icing on the cake and woke his family up !! Enough is Enough !! Die Brandon Die !!

2634 days ago


Kelly is a typical 25 year old. She knows everything(not)better than people who have been in the business longer than she has been alive. She is hopefully learning that the world does not revolve around her, and that she does not know everything. I am glad that the events of the past weeks have occurred. She is a very talented performer, but just got to full of herself to fast. Hopefully, she heeds this reality slap and comes to her senses, or I feel she will be done.

2634 days ago


Kelly,Kelly,Kelly.Don't be fool.When Clive Davis speaks,take notes.

2634 days ago


Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis Broke?

All his allowance is up his nose! IT COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED TO A NICER PERSON!!LOL
He can always flip bergers at Mickey D"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where's his bf Paris when he needs her???????????LOL

2634 days ago


kelly you should be a damn shame of yourself the fact that he might be 80(?) that alone should make you respect him even more and because he took you under his wing should make you grateful to him. Now you see that karma is a bitch and if you dont check yourself and soon things are going to continue to get worse (ticket sale) lol!

2633 days ago


poor pooch..

2633 days ago

Dawn Day    

Oh-My-God...Brandon has to get a j-o-b? Ewwwww, that's sooooo gross.

Britney is looking for love in all the wrong places. 3K for a Yorkie? She plan on winning the Westminster with that dog or what?!

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...My advice, don't bite the hand that fed you! Your new album does bite but we're still out here for ya...conform a bit and just chill.

Now Snoop's reality show might be interesting...hope it doesn't go up in smoke! ;-)

2633 days ago


Kelly is determined to sing "her" music and that's fine - but Clive knows what is going to sell. If I hear her scream that Never Again song one more time it will be too soon! Kelly has been so successful but her voice doesn't hold a candle to others and she should be taking notes as someone else said. She could end up broke at this young age with no future - after having this handed to her on a platter. It's a shame.

2633 days ago


okay, about Brandon Davis - who cares? It`s called flipping karma, Brandon, and boy betta get used to it. What is he even famous for? Being greasy? Yeah, actually I guess he is. TMZ, though, please spare us all and stop reporting about this ugly fatso. Even rag mags dont care about him anymore and i think that`s a sign the reporting should stop there. Yeah we all know you coined the term "Greasy Bear" and yada yada but this guy ... nobody gives a crap about him so shut up about him. Thank Yous. I could care less that he`s broke and even Paris was right this time - She`s not helping him out. Good. Maybe jail has changed her.

I too feel sorry for Britney`s dog. How many of those has she bought yet? Every five days she gets a new one. Then you never see them. Again. Ever. They`re probably all dead `neath her bed y`all! I can imagine that. Once they die, or something, she dips em in cheese sauce and eats them.

Kelly Clarkson needs to lose about a fillion pounds and Simon needs to use some heavy blotting pads for his oily skin. That`s a greasy bear.

And who cares about Snoop Dogg? Shouldn`t he be in like, jailll?

2633 days ago


Kelly's new album is really good. Check out Irvine -- it's awesome. While it is different than her previous albums, to say that it is not good is just unfair.

2633 days ago


"Karma Bitch!!!!!" Although, I really enjoyed the video clip of his broke, greasy ass trashing firecrotch. Quite entertaining.

2633 days ago


"Karma Bitch!!!!!" Although, I really enjoyed the video clip of his broke, greasy ass trashing firecrotch. Quite entertaining.

2633 days ago


Love kelly's music- "It makes me feel like dancing, I wanna dance the night away!"

2633 days ago
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