Battle of the Bulge! Perez vs. Gummi!

7/18/2007 8:24 PM PDT
The Queen of All Media has challenged the King of the Parade Floats to a duel! Who can eat more wieners?

Perez Hilton Gummi Bear
Perez Hilton has thrown down the digital gauntlet and dared Gummi Bear to find out which of them can chow down the most hotdogs -- is this kosher?

The Queen says he's going to be outside of Kitson on Robertson Blvd., Thursday at 5:00 PM, where they'll see which of the two bloated loudmouths can run a mile and then down the most dogs. There she blows!

Perez has asked TMZ boss Harvey Levin to officiate, and he has agreed -- on the condition that they eat only Hebrew National dogs. No word yet from Team Gummi.