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Britney's Disastrous

Photo Shoot

7/23/2007 8:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0723_britney_ok_01_ex-1TMZ has learned that Britney's self-arranged photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine was a complete disaster. We're told that the photos are so bad, execs at the magazine are, at this moment, trying to decide whether to report what actually happened -- or sanitize the truth to protect the pop train wreck.

According to multiple sources, Britney's behavior during the interview was "nothing less than a meltdown." She was, according to our sources, "completely out of it" during the shoot. The photos are "so bad" we've learned, that to publish them could "kill her career."

Apparently, Brit Brit's eyes rolled back in her head at one point, causing her to look half dead. Her mood, we're told, was extremely erratic. She took frequent bathroom breaks our source says, and each time she returned her mood would change. She was also completely paranoid during the entire interview, fearing at one point the ceiling was about to cave in on her. Out of control y'all!

We've also learned that Brit had some issues with hygiene on the set as well. At one point, Britney ordered up some fried chicken to munch on. We're told after she chowed down, she wiped her hands on a several thousand dollar dress that she was wearing for the shoot, staining it with grease. Yuck! One of her dogs also needed some assistance in the housebreaking department. Our on-set spy says that the dog pooped all over the floor, and Brit used (what else?) -- a dress to clean it up! How trashtastic!

As for how Brit looked for the photos, another nightmare. We've learned that OK! hired two of the best hair and makeup artists in L.A. to transform the once-bald beauty into something more presentable, but she wasn't havin' none of that. She refused to let the hired help touch her, opting instead for her "skanky friends" to do her hair and makeup. No wonder she always looks so fantastic!

And if you're wondering where her mom/publicist/lawyer/friend/ANYONE was to help her out, we're told that even her cousin Alli (who until recently was working as her personal assistant) couldn't deal, and is "done" with Miss Spears.

We'll see when OK! hits the stands this week -- if they actually have the balls to print the truth about what happened. We're guessing they don't!

A call to Brit's rep was not immediately returned. A rep for OK! would not discuss the upcoming issue.

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the Papas need to let this girl breath for God Sake!! I would probably be the same if I had those damn papas on my face 24/7...

2643 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

For the life of me that coffee cup sized dog did not jump on that dress and pooped a ton on it

2641 days ago


1) BRitney always looks like she smells bad (for years) terible hygiene...or is it just me???

2) doing drugs like meth & E

3) mental illness( bipolor or narcistic) something

2639 days ago


I agree with an earlier comment. That woman definitely needs help. I mean, really, it should be obvious that there's a more serious mental problem at issue than just plain ADD. Erratic moods and behavior, carelessness, poor hygene, you name it. It sounds more like bipolar disorder. Why doesn't anybody properly diagnose and treat this poor woman?

2639 days ago


I am a person who knows what bipolar disorder is, having been diagnosed and treated for it myself. Bipolar disorder is one hell of an emotional and mental roller-coaster ride; one minute, you feel like you're on top of the world, and the next minute, you feel like the world's crashing down on you. Come on, people. Give the poor woman a break. Can't you see she needs help? I don't think she's doing this just for the hell of it. If you had a mental problem of some sorts, wouldn't you be acting all weird and stuff?

2639 days ago


Im wondering the story changing. ALso, pregnancy and other illness can affect bathroom habits. Also anyone heard of PMS

2638 days ago


this story is yukky like brit brit, seriously it sounds made up but i bet she did something close she is very scabby, how about when she stole her friends clothes , ok swapped dresses with her asisstant when she was out who would do that?rargh she needs a shower and to wash her hair and brush it.
she is toally shabby and wears bikini everywhere or worse nothing at all. she actually does things that are well mental. how about the head shaving/umbrella she is phscohtic. it really does sound like boploar as her moods are so sketchy.
only k fed would know, he aint talking (surprise surprise).

2638 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

She picks her nose and eats 'em too!

2637 days ago


This sounds like a pack of lies!

2637 days ago


This sounds like a bunch of lies! Come on now.

2637 days ago


Personally, I think that Britney was a trash to begin with and as people always say once you are that, you will always be that, unless the person wants to make that change. I believe in personal changes, as people do change, but, from reading her sad tragic news all the time, I am beginning to think that she is a trash and will always will be.

2637 days ago

juan pablo acevedo    

no c q le pasa a britney pero ella no era asi!
acuerdensen lo q ers ella antes
ella era, es i siempre va a ser la pricesa del pop!
como britney no ai!
es la mejorrr....i me pregunto: what up with her?!
ojala se junt con gent q la ayud asi volvamos a ver
a la britney de antes!
io la amo, es la +!

2627 days ago

The King of the World    


2652 days ago


Surprise Surprise! Going to the nut-house yall

2652 days ago



2652 days ago
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