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Bitter Dunkleman

Goes After Seacrest

7/27/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0727_ryan_brian_getty_tmz-1TMZ has learned audiences at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood were shocked and awed last week, after axed Season One "American Idol" co-host Brian Dunkleman (memba him? no?) went on a tirade against Ryan Seacrest. Girls behaving badly!

During his set, Dunkleman, now an alleged comedian, poked fun at his stint on "Idol," but when he began making inappropriate comments like, "If wishes came true Ryan Seacrest would have AIDS," the laughter stopped faster than it does at a screening of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry."

We're told the sad sap went on to spew that Seacrest "probably already has AIDS." Because, really, what's funnier than incurable life-threatening epidemics?! Luckily, once Dunkleman was done with his vicious diatribe, other comics like Godfrey brought life back into the room by actually being funny!

There are currently over 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide.


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I personally think if he ever knew anyone with a life theatening diesease he would not be wishing it upon anyone. He must be cold hearted. He has lost alot of respect from alot of people if he had any in the first place. (lmao)

2653 days ago


Jealous people will say anything. He is just mad because Ryan has made it big and most everybody loves him, I know I do. He is one reason I watch AI.

2653 days ago


DEATH AND DISEASE IS NOT FUNNY AND THIS MORON IS LEAST OF ALL TALENTED ENOUGH TO HAVE A CAREER. He's ended his with his hate because there are a lot of gays in the industry he subsciribes to, and those that aren't have friends that are. THIS BOOB IS DOOMED AND HE HAS ONLY HIMSELF TO BLAME.

2653 days ago


This guy sucks.....Idol is soooo much better without him!! LOSER!!!!

2653 days ago


What an ass! the fact that those words "what could be funnier than incurable life threatening epedemic" how about the fact that there are so many people in this world who fight for their lives on a daily bases and for Mr. Dork to be so cold. Maybe he sould be around someone like me when 14 month ago I had to tell my 3 boys ages 17, 14, & 8 that their monther was dying from an incurable lung and heart decease, watch their faces and then see how funny it is!!!!

2653 days ago


I'm sure after he said it he died inside, It could not have been a prepared joke at least I want to hope not.
If it was he does not have what it takes to be a comedian.
Not that he will ever see another stage again anyway.

2653 days ago


Ryan Seacrest is way to ego over load and insecure for me, I have never cared for him. He got Kathy G fired and was way to paranoid of her.
I don't mind humor about him but not this kids kind of humor ouch for him.

2653 days ago

Kelly T: Bill Hicks Fan, TMZ junkie    

I was going to join the parade & lambaste you for all of the sudden deciding to become a good-hearted news site but then I thought to myself, "That's about as easy as taking jabs at a guy whose last name is Dunkelman".
Okay, change of heart: when did you guys grow a pair of morals?!?!?

2652 days ago


# 8 I could not have said it best...

Well Put..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2652 days ago


A sore loser suffering a huge dose of sour grapes. To say that about a great guy like Ryan....that's disgusting considering the often-slow death HIV/AIDS patients experience.

2652 days ago


Wow, jealousy really is a biotch I guess? He could have made looots of funny jokes about Seacrest yet he chooses to go with a vicious, offensive one? And Season 1 is the only season of AI that I watched and Dunkleman was boring as all h***. So too bad for him that Seacrest is now a star and he's a nobody. Get over yourself.

2651 days ago


I would be bitter too if I looked like Frodo.

2651 days ago

David K    

As a person who works in the HIV/AIDS field and has lost well over a 150 personal friends to this disease I feel that Mr Dundleman needs to seriously apologize to the community at large, that was very inappropriate and childish. No one is laughing especially me.

2650 days ago
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