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'Transformers' Star

Busted in Chi-town

11/4/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeuofShia LaBeouf was arrested in downtown Chicago early this morning outside a Walgreens after repeatedly being told to leave the store.

Chicago police tell TMZ he was arrested around 2:30 AM this morning after a security guard repeatedly told LaBeouf to leave because he appeared drunk, police said. When LaBeouf refused, the security guard detained him and called police.

Police tell us that Shia was "very courteous and polite" with them and he posted bond before 7:00 AM today. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing and is scheduled to appear in court on November 28.

LaBeouf's rep could not be reached for comment.

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No Avatar


Shia says nobody tells him what to do except the police.

2491 days ago


**************** WHERE'S LaBOEUF ??? ********************



2491 days ago


"2:30 AM in the morning"? Come on, TMZ. You're bringing the grammar Nazi out of me. :(

2491 days ago


Sounds like the typical power hungry security guard to me. Lots of these guys running around who think they are a cross between Rambo and Sgt. Friday. I've got $20 that says charges are dropped.

2491 days ago


#33 what do you mean no talent????didnt you see him in constatine he was great. also i believe this guy is going places

2491 days ago


Wasn't he the one recently rubbing Britney and Paris' noses in it claiming he was never going down that route, blah, blah, blah?? What an idiot. But a previous poster was probably right, too, saying the security guard was probably trying to act tough, too. Those damn Rent-a-cops!! Always busting people's chops!

2491 days ago


damn people, give him a break! he's 21. i wouldn't compare him to lindsay or britney. he didn't abandon children or drive drunk. i did dumb shiz when i was 21 and drunk too. who hasn't? that guard must have been on a power trip... what a douche.

2491 days ago


it seems today that theres no such thing as bad publicity,,,so hell be fine!!!

2491 days ago

Rhianna is a abuser too !    

I feel sorry for Shia. I hope he's ok, I know he was probably stressed out. He is so talented, and has so much pressure on him. I hope people don't take this to the next level. I pray there is no video tape. That would be cruel, if they release it. Give people a chance. Everyone makes mistakes. Shia needs to slow down and find something positive to fill his time. I pray for him to be ok.

2491 days ago


So much for Shia staying away from trouble. Acording to his interview with - I think- People Magazine, he claimed that drinking and drugs were not for him. Yeah, okay. Like America will honestly believe a celebrities' claim that drugs and alcohol are bad.

2491 days ago


I was out last night at The Underground (club off Illinois St. in downtown Chicago) Shia was there completely hammered/wasted. Me and my girlfriend were dancing on top of one of the platforms and he was staring up at us and trying to touch our legs, pretty much drooling. He then proceeded to fall over on to one of the benches after craining his neck to look up at us. Pretty funny, he just layed there for like 5 minutes and no one really did anything. Later the owner came over and asked if he was bothering us or what was going on, we just laughed it off. So, it doesn't surprise me to read that at 2:25am he was arrested, about 25 minutes after we left the club.

2491 days ago


aww poor shia

2491 days ago



What is there to feel sorry for? He makes a lot of money doing what he supposedly likes to do. I don't see what pressure he is under either. He's only been in a handful of movies, they've all been well received, etc. He is the one who is choosing to work on the Indiana Jones movie. He just recently dissed college-goers by saying he could learn more from working with Spielberg than he could in getting a degree...was all pompous about NEVER getting into trouble, etc, etc. ad nauseum. Having said all that, I agree he seems like a talented guy. Many see him as the "Next Tom Hanks". If he doesn't become a repeat offender, he may well become just that. I guess I just don't see there being much to feel sorry about or pity him for. Please advise....

2491 days ago


So let me get this straight, he wouldn't leave, so they held him there so the police could come and arrest him? Why not just threaten to call the cops, then he leaves, or let him leave when he wants to leave.

2491 days ago


How did he get to the Walgreens, drunk, at 230am? He DROVE. Drunk. If he were female they'd have cited him for that as well, grabbed the security tape to prove it, etc. Equal justice for celbretards, please!

2491 days ago
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