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Miley Cyrus & Mom

Who's Who?!

11/19/2007 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Dina and Lindsay Lohan -- there's a new mother/daughter duo burning up the Hollywood scene!

Miley and Mom
Looking more like an adult than ever, "Hannah Montana" sensation Miley Cyrus (right) hit the American Music Awards red carpet on Sunday with her mother Tish (left) at her side -- 14 going on 30!

Like many child stars, Miley has yet to reach major milestones in her life, like getting her driver's license, graduating high school -- or going to rehab!


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Jennifer Bouldack    

Ahhh - thanks, Ame, #46, that explains it. Well, I think she looks nothing like Billy Ray, so where ever biological mom is, Miley must be a dead ringer for her!

2497 days ago


That is her real mom. I guess it must make you feel good about yourselves to cut down a 14 year old. What if someone talked about your kid like that? Some of these comments remind me of the nasty little jealous witches in junior high. Talk about pathetic. No matter how many bad things you say about her, she will stiill make tons of money, kids will still love her, her family whom you don't even know but still judge will still support her while you haters will still be in front of your computers degrading a 14 year old while you are sitting in your double wide stuffing your face complaining about your pathetic lives. Bunch of losers..

2497 days ago


I did not say it wasn't her "real" mom - I said it wasn't her biological mom. If you were such a big fan, Penny, you would know this already. Billy Ray has been married HOW many times and has HOW many children? Don't get your panties in a wad if you don't know the facts, darlin.

2497 days ago


This chick has a head much like that of a horse. What's the matter with her teeth? She almost looks cartoonish!

2497 days ago


Her real mom is not dead -- on her show "Hannah Montana", her character's mother is dead (her name on the show is also Miley, which perhaps is what is causing the confusion). And people should be nice about the girl -- she's not even 15 yet, so let's have a little faith in her. And from what I've read, her parents actually seem to be raising her very well. Not all child stars go the Britney and Lindsay route, thankfully.

2497 days ago


I think you all have it wrong she is far from fake shes actually someone i can say is a respectful young girl who has alot going for her its your stupidity why youg girls give up.

2497 days ago


For the record, Tish is Miley's real, biological mother and Billy Ray is her real, biological father. Miley does have older half siblings (two brothers and one sister) from her parents earlier relationships and two younger siblings. So far MIley seems to be pretty grounded, who knows what the future holds. From interviews I've heard (check YouTube for some with Ryan Seacrest) it sounds like her parents are trying to keep her from being totally consumed by the entertainment industry. All of us who aren't freaks or perverts will just have to hope for the best.

2497 days ago


I can't help but laugh about Ame's comment about getting facts straight.

Tish Cyrus is Miley's biological mother, Miley has stated so time and time again. Tish is only the stepmom to Miley's older (half) brother. Those are the facts that are quite easy to find (doesn't matter whether you're a fan or not, the information is everywhere), the Tish being her stepmom thing is just an untrue rumour.

Some people just like to believe silly information like this for some reason.

2497 days ago


Look at the pose -- she is covering up herself with the purse -- which means that it is protected by her -- no man is going to get it. Stay on the right track, Hannah.

2497 days ago


Maybe when you learn how to use punctuation correctly you should come back. Until then why don't you buzz off KENZBENZ. Sure she may be respectful to you at the moment, but give her a few years. SHe will be flat on her back in no time.

2497 days ago


You are right Chuck and I hardly ever agree with anyone. Nobody knows what this girl does behind closed doors. She may be spreading it now. We all just found out Brit was getting it own whenever she was 14 so you never know. She was a back woods hick as well.

2497 days ago


Jeezuz! Someone get them to take their fashion needs to Target. Walmart ain't making it.

2496 days ago


If you know so much about her call her by her real name, not her nickname. Tish is her bio mom. Thanks bvang, I guess someone isn't as smart as they think they are.I am upset about the rude things being said about a 14 year old MORON. I bet she would rather be a backwoods hick than an ignorant dumbass who judges people they don't know. You should be ashamed of yourself speaking about a child like that. Hope to God you don't have kids.

2496 days ago


No I don't have kids. Lighten up, I just callz em as I seez em. You don't know what this chick is doing and don't act like it.

2496 days ago


Well that explains it, I am a parent of 2 teenagers and if anyone talked about my daughter that way they would get knocked the hell out

2496 days ago
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