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'Real Housewives' Husband Really Arrested

12/20/2007 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reality has set in for "Real Housewives of Orange County" husband Matt Keough. The former MLB star was popped by cops Tuesday afternoon in Newport Beach, Calif., after officers found him drinking at the bar at a local Marriott, thus violating his probation. Classy!
Michael Keough's booking photo
The 52-year-old Keough pleaded guilty to felony DUI charges in 2005, after crashing his SUV into another car and causing a chain reaction which seriously injured a bicyclist. Keough left the accident scene and was found at a nearby store. He reportedly blew almost three times the legal limit. Wow -- that's drunk!

The judge sentenced Keough to probation. The terms indicated he was not to consume any alcohol -- not even a drop. Cops arrested him after a Newport Beach police officer recognized him -- and knew he was not supposed to be drinking.

Marty Keough, Matt's dad and his uncle Joe all played professional baseball. His douchebag son Shane is currently playing minor league ball.

He'll be arraigned on the probation violation tomorrow.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with OC Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson, Jim Amormino, who confirmed that Keough was arrested in 2005 for DUI and that "the Oakland Athletics as well as Matt Keough's family are working together to get Matt into a treatment center to obtain the help that he needs."


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I am poster 58    

Nope, think again. I am definitely NOT related to the Keough's nor am I the daughter, but I did post comment 58. Jeana is a good woman and I don't have to be related to her to say so.

2496 days ago


I think some of you are on drugs. The mother is pretty and DOES work. shes a realtor. you obviously dont watch the show enough to see FACTS! She has been looking to leave Matt for a long time! He got hit in the head years ago by a baseball and it screwed him up. I dont watch th show every episode but know the facts of it! Dont open your mouth when you dont know facts. It makes YOU look like the AZZ!

2435 days ago


His wife is in part to blame. She'd rather be a phony on that tv show that fix her marriage. To above comments ( as if we didn't know) the whole money thing is exagerated.... and that uncle Richie is not even a real uncle. Former bat boy who lives in the Bay Area. Anyone know more about them?

Hopefully Berkeley straightens Kara out.

2464 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

First itches!!!!!!!

2499 days ago


What a douche.

2499 days ago


You called this a breaking news, very lame

2499 days ago


WTF. I have caught that show before and this low life piece of trash and his fugly wife with a horrible mole on her chin which should have removed because she is already overweight and fugly, have MONEY and big beautiful HOUSES up the ass. Neither of them seem to work. Their kids get premo luxary cars everytime they sneeze and the fat wife boast about how much money she has and houses and cars. THEY DON'T WORK! Are they connected to the mob?

What a get over alcholic piece of filt.

2499 days ago


i feel bad for him. he obviously didn't want to be on the show and his wife left him. she chose being on the show over him. sad. now because she wants fame he gets recognized

2499 days ago


C'est la vie - the radical liberal lifestyle leada one down this path - thanks TMZ.

2499 days ago


WOW - No Brittany news on a WHOLE page of TMZ - what's this world coming to? Get the live stream going again - I wanna see the Britt-Wreck getting coffee and gas around town.

2499 days ago


Fecking small town cops.

2499 days ago


what show? who is this? next story

2499 days ago


It's sad. It just seems like his wife left him when he really needed her the most. I guess all that crap about for better or for worst is just bu@$#(%.....especially in gold dig'n orange county.

2499 days ago


Why are some people so hateful toward the rich? You should be ashamed at name calling and try to be less judgemental. They are human beings like the rest of us and feel pain. The poor man was knocked in his head so bad it totally changed his life. His wife looks pretty good for a woman her age. Whew.....I would love to see what you haters look like or your parents for that matter. How about spreading some good will?

2499 days ago


This family's a danger to society. Somebody's going to get hurt. It's just a matter of time.

2499 days ago
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