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"Idol" Contestant Wigs Out

2/27/2008 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After once being linked to Britney Spears, "American Idol" contestant Robbie Carrico picked up one of the popwreck's habits -- a love for wigs!
Robbie Carrico

TMZ has learned the 26-year-old long-haired wannabe's mane is actually a wig and it's got "Idol" execs flipping out. Sources tell us Robbie never talks about his matted down piece and that makes production members feel like it's the blonde elephant in the room. It seems Simon was right last night -- Robbie is a fake!

Where's Sanjaya's pony-hawk or Kat McPhee's extensions when you need them?!

A rep for "Idol" would not comment.


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Do you mean that all wig wearers are fake or just Robbie? Where do you draw the line- I mean, do extentions make you fake or are you still real with those? What about false eyelashes? Makeup? hair dye? Everyone uses some sort of product to express themselves. What an unworthy piece of "news" who cares.

2431 days ago

Davido LegEagle    

So what?

2431 days ago


Does it really matter, the man can sing. The show is suppose to be about singing, not whether he wears a wig or not.

2431 days ago

Davido LegEagle    

TMZ has really uncovered a big story. What next? Does he shave his legs? I style hair for the music industry and if you knew how many rock and pop stars wear wigs and extensions you'd be amazed. This is not news. This is just something to cast aspersions on a person for no reason. It is a singing competition.

2431 days ago


I have been a big fan of American Idol since it started, but I have got to say, this is the worst. This year's contestants are by far the worst. There are a few that can sing, but compared to previous years..the talent is the worst. What happened to the fixing up the contestants. The makeup, fashion & hair is something you see at a high school hop. Is American Idol getting ready to have a final year? Even the judges are not putting their best into it. . Simon tells it all ehen he gives his opinion...the contestants are the worst. The show does not keep my eye locked on the tube this year. Ho Hum

2431 days ago


The point is ........ HE talked about how "real" he was . .. But ..turns out he is a phony..

It' like the girl who wears make-up, a wig, false brests, lipstick, girdle, and high heels,

Saying she is looking for a REAL man..

Move on, Robbie .. you suck..


2431 days ago


Wearing a wig is being a fake? What about getting botox and fixing your upper lip to cover half your face and looking like freaks, like celebs are doing in the recent fad? Now, that would be being a fake. What exactly is a fake in singing? Lip-syncing to someone else's singing would be being a fake. Being a ballet dancer without any intention of making any records after the contest is over would be being a fake. Being a guy pretending to be a girl singer would be being a fake. Being 90 and getting plastic surgery to look 20 in order to enter the contest would be being a fake. Being the devil pretending to be a heavenly angel would be being a fake. But HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH IS WEARING A WIG WHILE SINGING BEING A FAKE? Someone tell me.

2431 days ago


Has anybody thought maybe the guy has lost his hair due to an illness? So he needs to wear a wig ? Soquick to judge. Really who cares this is a singing competition is it not ?

2431 days ago


maybe he has a medical condition such as alopecia or something.

2431 days ago


The bad thing about it is the guy is claiming "to be real...this is who I am"......ummmm....not if you're wearing a god-awful looking rug,'re trying to look like something other than what you are....doesn't matter're gone tonight.

2431 days ago


I wonder if he is really bald.

2431 days ago

Tom East    

What about the ringer from San Diego with a girl's face tattooed on her upper arm. Seems strange for a girl to have a picture of a girl. Think she stinks and is a pro and should not even be on this show.

2431 days ago


He is so fake , I knew it from the first time he got on stage , a wannabe rocker !! He can't fool the American Voters .. Wig or no wig what a phony !!!

2431 days ago


Lets get to newsworthy comments. Wig or no wig??? who cares???? Angelina's baby bump?? who cares??? get with the program and print worthwhile news.. Can he sing or not?? Does he stand a chance or not??? Hmm, does he drive a Mercedes or a VW?? who the heck cares.....

2431 days ago

J. Zat    

OK, I realized that Robbie Carrico was wearing a wig/hair piece/extensions from the beginning when he had on the skull caps and bandanas. I knew he would have to eventually come out from under a cap and expose the real deal. On Tuesday night he did just that and it looked unmistakenly fake. Why are men so vain? He has the same kind of hair that Bret Michaels from Rock of Love 1 & 2 is sporting. Who do these guys think they are fooling? Not us females, for sure. The problem with faking it ,is that ,you have to keep up that illusion 100% of the time or you are found out. Once found out and exposed, you are ruined because you tried to pass as if you had a head full of hair. Caps, wraps, and bandanas can only hide the real deal for so long. The old teen idol Leif Garrett, now in his 50's, is married to his bandanas. He does not leave the house without it. He hides behind bandanas every day of his life. At least when country singer Tim McGraw comes out strutting his cowboy hats, we know that underneath he is going bald in a big way. He is vain too and wants to keep his dome covered, but all the ladies know he is balding, Why are men so ashamed of male pattern baldness? Robbie would have done better if he had just shaved his head like many other men have to avoid the embarrassment of thinning or balding hair. Men, wake up and stop trying to fool people in such a lame way. You are only faking it and we don't like that in our men.

2431 days ago
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