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"Idol" Contestant Wigs Out

2/27/2008 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After once being linked to Britney Spears, "American Idol" contestant Robbie Carrico picked up one of the popwreck's habits -- a love for wigs!
Robbie Carrico

TMZ has learned the 26-year-old long-haired wannabe's mane is actually a wig and it's got "Idol" execs flipping out. Sources tell us Robbie never talks about his matted down piece and that makes production members feel like it's the blonde elephant in the room. It seems Simon was right last night -- Robbie is a fake!

Where's Sanjaya's pony-hawk or Kat McPhee's extensions when you need them?!

A rep for "Idol" would not comment.


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The other night I looked at Robbie Carrico and noticed he had a wig.
What is the big deal??

2397 days ago

Tami A    

Too funny! It's amazing how people will believe what they read. His hair is real. If you go to his band's myspace and click on pics, you can see his hair slowly go from short to long. Besides, I grew up with his aunt and his hair looks exactly like hers did at his age. Grow up people! You can't believe everything you read.

2397 days ago


Why is it all the girls can wear them and the guys can't?! Also what the hell is up with Simon and that hand of his. He has done that thumb on the head thing before but he is doing it all the time now and it is getting on my nerves!

2397 days ago


The wig should be worn backward to cover that ugly simple face. The man has not talent and is pathetic to listen to and have to look at. Send him home "Where the boys are".

2397 days ago


This is news worthy? A dude wears a wig? WOW - you are a complete staff of top notch reporters. Keep up the good work.
Posted at 11:43AM on Feb 27th 2008 by aSiF

Well, duh, none of this TMZ stuff is truly newsworthy. It's entertainment "news," that term used loosely, so need I say more?! I certainly wouldn't expect "top-notch reporters." Can you say Enquirer? Star? If you want real news, read elsewhere, sheesh! I will say, though, that my daughter and I both commented on how weird his hair looked, kinda matted, just for the record :-/

2397 days ago


Who cares if he wears a wig or not

2397 days ago


Who the heck cares if the guy wears a wig?! Maybe he's battling cancer or something and doesn't want to be judged unfairly because of it! Did you ever think of that?!

2397 days ago


Wig or not....the punk can't sing....the wig was obviously a deterrant, with him HOPING that people would notice it, and take the attention away from his cheesy vocals!

2397 days ago


I was watching the other night and thought "What's up with that hair? It looks like a wig!" Guess I was right! Can't fool HDTV! He just looks dirty to me! Yuck!

2397 days ago


Don't ya worry Hussein Obama will get this taken care of when he's elected President!

2397 days ago


Who CARES? I thought the whole point was TALENT - if the guy doesn't have any hair, so what? I assume by the fact that he is on American Idol that he is very talented - I don't know, I can't stand the show, I wish it would go away. Still - Who cares if these people are bald, hairy, wigged, unwigged, purple or have a prosthetic limb?? If anything, something should fit in there somewhere about community involvement like volunteer work and really be someone to idolize...not like thiese morons who get 12 million dollars to 'ACT' and live their lives on display. Give the guy a break, for heaven's sake - its a WIG!! PS - WHO keeps ENCOURAGING Tom Cruise??? Would someone just SHOOT HIM??? PLEASE???

2397 days ago


GOOD GRIEF!!!!! Half of Nashville's top male stars wears a wig, toup, or something added. It is not new. There are salons that specilize in "hair assistance". Women have done it for centuries, and finally the men are catching on. Most of these are attached with glue. They do not move. They are reapplied approx every four weeks when the under hair begins to grow. MEN---some of you could really benefit from this.

2397 days ago


Who cares if Carrico is wearing a wig? My problem? The look doesn't match the singing. You expect to hear Southern rock and you get something between bad Buble and Bolton. The wig "ain't" got nothin' to do with it.

2397 days ago


So what if he wears a wig, get a life!!

2397 days ago


I was just telling my man the other night.. Dudes hair looks like a wig.. I so was right!! But... Who cares if it is.. To each his own.. I wouldnt want anyone talking bad about my ideas even if they seem goofy to others.. A wig doesnt make you an all around fake!! A lot of people including men dye their hair, get extentions, hello!! Hair club for men!! More power to him!!

2397 days ago
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