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Nickelback Singer to Cops

Blow Me!

4/2/2008 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad KroegerDon't ask Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger to blow in your face -- especially if you think he's been drinking!

According to Kroeger's lawyer, when Canadian cops stopped the singer in June of 2006 for speeding in his red Lamborghini Diablo, a cop asked him to blow in his face to see whether or not he had alcohol on his breath.

The lawyer also argued that cops waited too long before taking a breath sample, which the cops blame on Kroeger. They say he was pissed about having to leave his $175,000 ride on the side of the road.

Chad was convicted. He'll be sentenced May 1.


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Robin Shhirley Lebeau    

I put two comments here on this page and the only person that read it was Nickelgurl. Thankyou for agreeing with me. I hope you hear what I said over the air that night when Mel was reading this. If any NickelBack haters are putting comments in this area that don't like NickelBack because of what Chad did or just don't like NickelBack go write somewhere else and let the other people that like NickelBack write here. There are other people that have drove drunck besides Chad and hope who ever is with me that things will work out for him so they can get their sixth cd out next. There is an article and a video about it but you have to look for them I had to. They also dedicated Faraway to a fan whose child past away and that was on you tube so they're not a bad group. I Love Chad as a fan too. So lets focus on Chad and hope that things work out for him Ok?

2392 days ago

Robin Shhirley Lebeau    

Chad got sentenced April 1and he has to go a year with his liscence suspented and I believe he has to pay a fine on top of that. So if anyone is with me we can pray that he gets through it ok and that their tour over seas in September will go smooth. I don't want any NickelBack haters writing on this page. After all they gave to a few charities and dedicated Far Away to a fan in the audience who lost a child. What Chad did was wrong but I hope he learned his lesson. His girlfriend is still with him and is going to marry him and I'm happy for him and if anyone who likes Chad would be happy for him too. Please no more hatred be nice.I Look at the good that they did not the bad. All The Right Reasons is my special cd and their songs are special too. If you're a NickelBack hater don't listen to them but don't tell us fans to stay away because we won't . like I said before they're NOT a bad group. They won all kinds of awards and was honored into Canada's Walk-of-Fame. We love you Chad and we all support you. You got your group and girlfriend and us fans.

2384 days ago

Robin Shhirley Lebeau    

His fine was $600 dollars on top of not being able to drive for a year. I feel sorry for Chad for having to go through all that but at least he can still do concerts with NickelBack and doing their sixth cd. According to the article I read there's going to be an appeal. But it also said that he may not be able to come into the U.S. because of the dui on his license or his driving record. But he should be able to come to the states with NickelBack hopefully.Chad! We're all praying for you.

2362 days ago


I am not condoning DUI, and Chad K. will surely appear in court to be held accountable for his actions. I am certain he will conduct himself in a responsible manner.
I wonder if the negative people out there have ever been "shot down" publicly after a first offence? Celebrity does have its price but...
I watch TMZ regularly and like Harvey's fair-mindedness when approaching stories.

I have seen quite a few Nickelback interviews and saw the lads in concert a few weeks back - decent fellows - they take it all in stride, try to give back where they can and recognize their good fortune - I get the impression they don't take anything for granted. But WE are ALL human and no one is perfect.

1475 days ago


Chad Kroeger is a rock n roll bad ass. All of you haters are just dumbass ******* that listen to the latest little pop sensation and dont know what rock n roll is anymore. The Rock n roll lifestyle is a rebellious lifestyle. So go **** yourself and other people hating

1073 days ago
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