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Scott Storch -- Broke and a Joke

6/11/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The huge McDouche that is Scott Storch got a whole lot McDouche-ier -- as it turns out he's such a deadbeat dad that a Miami Judge wants him in the slammer. And it doesn't stop there.
Scott Storch: Click to view!
As if owing $46,000 in child support isn't bad enough, Storch is over $500,000 in the hole because of unpaid property taxes on his $10.5 million Miami home. To make matters worse, Storch's other baby mama says he owes $5,000 in school tuition to his 16-year-old son (Storch is 34) -- and claims they were just evicted from their Florida home.

A Miami judge has issued a pick-up order for Storch, which authorizes cops to put him in the pokey until he can be taken to court.


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Brooke Hogans music career manager.

2333 days ago


ER UM? WHO THE HELL IS SCOTT STORCH? Is this guy a celebrity ? NEVER HEARD OF HIM must be a slow day at TMZ....well thats what happens why you hire kids and interns.

2333 days ago

Terry H    

Once again TMZ is scooped by Perez. TMZ is no longer relevant.

2333 days ago


Brook Hogan's manager? Wow another F list celebrity exclusive! How does it feel to be the littlest fish in the big pond, TMZ?

2333 days ago


Can't his very good friend Paris Hilton loan him some money?
Isn't that what friends are for?
After all, Paris is sooooooooo loyal to her friends in need ... just look at all that she has done for her former cell-mates.

2333 days ago


Scott WHO???? I thought TMZ was supposed to be about CELEBRITIES. Never heard of this person. Scott who? You guys are boring me to tears! Scott WHO?

2333 days ago


Ah....thanks for the heads up I had NO IDEA who the heck this person was and why I should care.

2333 days ago


He looks like Fear and Loathing with those glasses on. I guess Timabaland was right to put the lyrical smack down on this "producer".. "you just a piano man..."

2333 days ago


Scott, son lf Larry Storch of F-Troop Fame.

Oooo! Ain't he sooo purdy? LOL

2333 days ago


Ugh, who cares? And why does this poor kid with a deadbeat dad also have a deadbeat, lazy mom? Mom can't WORK for a living to keep a roof over their heads? A 10th grader doesn't require babysitting - get a job instead of mooching off of your son's income from his father (your baby-daddy... ugh). Lazy ho's spreading their legs for men with money or for that welfare check are the LOWEST ho's.

2333 days ago



2333 days ago


You might have heard some of Scott Storch's music. Christina Aguilera's "Fighter", Britney Spears' "Me Against the Music", Beyonce's "Baby Boy", Fat Joe's "Lean Back", 50 Cent's "Candy Shop", Chris Brown's "Run It", Brook Hogan's "About Us", Fat Joe's "Make It Rain".

That would explain why he has a 10.5m dollar house.

2333 days ago


haha ,he is 34 and already has a 16 year old son.He can not pay their rent or child support ,so that why timberland think he is better then him.

2333 days ago

Michael Hicks    

Florida has a new law for dead beat dads...5 years in prison for every 5,000 dollars owed. If he doesn't pay back what he owes, he will be gone for a loooong time singing the blues.

2333 days ago

tha voice    

None of you know why he's going broke and th answer is in the top of your nose. COME ON!!! CAN'T YOU SEE HOW HE SPENDS HIS MONEY?!!!!!!! 20 million dollar boat,10 million dollar house come on he's spending mor e than what he earns so there I said it he's going broe because he does not know how to handle his money. boys and girls learn this lesson that I gie to you if you win 100 don't spend 200, if you win 5,000 don't spend 10,000 now in this guys case IF YOU WIN 20 MILLION DON'T SEND 60 MILLION YOU WILL BE A DEADBEAT IN NO TIME IF YOU DO THIS SO START MAKING MUSIC AND START SAVING who agrees with me?

2333 days ago
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