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Lowe Nanny Floats Down the River of Denial

7/2/2008 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe's ex-nanny loves the word no. In a declaration filed today, Jessica Gibson goes line by line, denying every allegation Lowe, wife Sheryl and anyone on their side has made about her and her alleged behavior.

In court docs, filed today in Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Gibson says there is "animosity" between her and her sister Jamie, so you can't believe her yarn about demanding cash from the Lowes. She also adds she doesn't recall ever signing a confidentiality agreement to work for the Lowes.

Gibson says she had no clue she couldn't have visitors over to the Lowe house and "was not aware" that she needed permission for the visits.

And there's more ...

Gibson says she "did not flirt with or seek romantic or sexual attention from Rob Lowe," adding she "protested" when he came on to her. She claims she dated tennis instructor Nigel Armstrong briefly, but "did not act sexually toward him when the Lowe children were in the vicinity," adding they broke up when she "learned he had a girlfriend while he was seeing me."

As for telling chef James Maclear she was horny, parading around in front of him in hot pants, singing a PCD song to him and all the other things he claimed happened --that's "false."

She also acknowledges her BF "stupidly" told her to send a nice text to Sheryl after quitting. She says she "felt intimidated" by Sheryl Lowe so she sent the text.

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Liar. This will go on forever, she can deny everything she wants. It's a nobody wanting to be somebody.

2302 days ago


She's full of sh*t. All the celebs have their help sign confidentiality agreements.

2302 days ago


WTF? Why wont TMZ post my comment. SHE'S FULL OF SH*T

2302 days ago


She lies... ask Gloria .. that's why people settle out of court bcause they can't defend lies .. THIS B*TCH IS LOOKING FOR THE LARGE DOLLAR FROM AN ATTORNEY WELL KNOWN FOR MAKING HERS TURNING SINCERE HONEST CLIENTS DOWN SO SHE CAN TAKE THE ONES THAT GIVE HER PUBLICITY... oh, and dollars .. A ho repesenting a ho. LIARS

2302 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

She's a female against a male, in our justice System? She'll end up getting whatever she wants....She would in Monroe County, Michigan. ....And the man would get the crap beat out of him by Sheriff''s Deputy's and got to jail just for kicks!

2302 days ago


even if its true who cares...its nothing new - didn t robin williams marry his nanny???

2302 days ago

Dan Collins    

Shouldn't that be . . . nannymosity?

2302 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

I once thought that it was possible that the Lowe's were jerks who took advantage of a poor defenseless nanny. It's now obvious to me that this nanny is a LIAR. I've had to sign NDA's before, and I remember every company that I've signed one for; I have copies of them for my files. When the nanny signed one (which she did, obviously), she was given a copy of one. Her lamebrained defense of "Oh, I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know what I was signing, I never signed one" is not going to fly. This is obviously just an attempt to get "shut up" money from the Lowe's.

It all makes sense now. Everytime this liar opens her mouth, she sticks her foot in & lies some more. No wonder disgusting whore mouthpiece WHOREia allred continually put her hand over her clients mouth at that press conference; if she didn't shut her up, she'd screw up WHOREia's greenmail attempt. WHOREia & this dumbass should all burn in hell for what they're attempting; hopefully, it'll be very soon...

2302 days ago


She's such a friggin liar. Does TMZ deny posts? Some of my previous posts never went thru. What's up, TMZ????

2302 days ago


I hope the Lowes humiliate her in court and win their case against her. And, win a judgment against her for their legal fees. She's a liar who is just out to extort money from them.

2302 days ago


I wish this sick liar would be prosecuted for extortion and put behind bars. I also hope the Lowes do not make any type of financial settlement just to get rid of her.

2302 days ago


TMZ, you never answered my question:

How much are the Lowes paying you to smear the nanny? Must be a lot - you're working overtime.

Makes me wonder what would happen if I ever worked for a celebrity who did something inappropriate to ME. If I stood up and said something, would I end up being dragged through the dirt by people who get paid to pretend celebrities are incapable of any serious crime? Is this what any employee of a celebrity can look forward to? Now I understand why so many of them keep silent.

Sad that justice is for those who have enough fame and money to be considered more important than the rest of us. And who can pay gossip sites to lobby the public on their behalf.

2302 days ago


This girl is such a liar. Most celebs would just give her the money to shut her up and make her go away. Im glad the lowe's are standing up for what's right and fighting her to the end. She thinks her high priced famous attorney will get her money, she is so wrong. The lowe's better fight to the end and not give in.

2302 days ago


What a whore.

2302 days ago


The "Nanny" just keeps inserting her foot into her own mouth...She ADMITTED her "boyfriend" called the Lowes, she now claims "animosity" between her and her sister (the same one that got her the job to begin with), she's "intimidated" by Sheryl, yet texts her?...
This chic is a full on FLAKE who sees nothing but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

The backfire begins...

2302 days ago
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