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Hollywood DUI Suspect Charged With Felony

7/11/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather AugerThe woman who allegedly hit someone outside STK restaurant in West Hollywood has been charged with felony hit and run.

The L.A. County D.A. has charged Heather Auger with leaving the scene of an accident, DUI causing injury and driving with a .08 blood-alcohol level causing injury. All three are felonies.

The woman she allegedly hit - Lucy Crawford - a make-up artist in her mid 20's who's worked with Heath Ledger, Winona Ryder and Pam Anderson -- is still really messed up.


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This is one sad story.................her life will never be the same nor will Lucy's. God bless both of them!

2293 days ago

The Stacer    

Death Penalty....give it to her....

2293 days ago


The victim has a website

2293 days ago


WTF TMZ the girls name is not Lucy....its Natalie Crawford....its in the Docs you have!

2293 days ago


Unfortunatly I was charged with 23153(a) and (b) and hit and run. A terrible mistake on my part also. The injuries weren't quite a severe....bumps,bruises, and a cut but I got 6 months house arrest 5 years FORMAL probation and lost my license for a year. I have paid my restitution and will never drink and driv AGAIN! My DUI has cost my family 30k. I hope the victims make a full recovery and I tell everyone about my experience in hopes that they can learn from it!

2293 days ago

Nikki M    

i hope the girl who got hit is doing okay but I just watched this video and I must say "wow!" the guy's gf just got hit and he ends up comforting the girl who did it. I see a lot of remorse. She may have been durnk and not known (I really don't know) but she looked very sad, and not just for getting caught. there is a difference and I just hope the girl who got hit can see this and feel the same way her bf did. It's nice to see some people not just trying to get revenge.
(and no this doesn't mean I think she should not get ANY punishment, some jail time is deserved, but I think a tiny bit of leanancy is deserved)
Good luck to everyone involved in this issue!

2293 days ago


She's going to have a girlfriend named Big Bertha.

2293 days ago

Joey McSqueeb    

Send her UGLY DOG FACE to jail please. Please Don't let her get away with this. MAXIMUM TIME PLEASE. She knew what was happening and the way she came out of her car trying to lie was evil. BF should have knocked her out. He handled it better than I would have.

2293 days ago


I saw the TMZ video of the driver being confronted with what she'd done. I'm not sure it was remorse. I think the outraged boyfriend finally got through her drunken stupor, at which point she got scared. I, too, though it was a little odd that the boyfriend would comfort this girl, but he was showing a very strong sense of humanity, so I can't fault him for that. I'll be interested to see if the driver owns up to what she did or plays the blame game and tries to make herself the victim. I have zero patience with drunk drivers. A friend in high school was left paralyzed from the chest down after a drunk driver hit him. I've never forgotten that. I hope this driver is punished severely. It's definitely warranted.

2293 days ago

wayne adam ford    

i'd like to put her in handcuffs, get her drunk

and whip her until she begged for more.....

2293 days ago


What kind of nimrod says 'oh lighten up on her, it was a mistake, this shouldn't have to ruin her life'? when talking about the DRUNKEN IDJIT WHO TOOK DRUGS AND ALCOHOL AND PLOWED HER VEHICLE INTO AN UNSUSPECTING PEDESTRIAN AND THEN FLED THE SCENE???? What about the poor girl laid up in the hospital with a broken body and smashed up face who will never be the same again, and whose life may already be ruined by this stupid fool?

Oh the poor little thing made a mistake, let's go easy on her, boo hoo NOT!

I hate to think the poor VICTIM might want children some day, because even with a healed pelvis, that's gonna to be one difficult birth, if it's even possible. Hope she also wasn't depending on her looks in her job or in her personal life, because once you've lost most of your teeth and had your head and face slammed into the ground, it's kinda hard to get away with a little lipstick and eyeliner to make you pretty again.

Drinking and drugging and driving is NEVER a mistake and should ALWAYS be punished harshly. I will guarantee you Drunky has had a very fine education where the evils and deadly nature of drinking and driving were drilled into her head since pre-school. I have an 11 year old, and they go through classes in this stuff and I know for a fact it's repeating through middle and high school, not to mention it may have been mentioned a time or two in the press and in radio, magazines, billboards, internet, and maybe she may have listened to conversations from her friends and family. A mistake would be if she was completely unaware of the dangers, but she wasn't. She knew the dangers and basically said, 'I'm going to go out and kill someone tonight', and she almost got her wish.

And TMZ is only reporting this because the incident with Drunky and the victim's boyfriend happened right in front of them and they caught on tape how Drunky flat out denied hitting and running while TMZ had proof.

Best wishes to the victim, the real victim, not the one blaming everyone but herself.

2293 days ago

pop eye    

Oh God. I, by far, mostly feel bad for the girl who was injured. But I also feel bad for the driver. She shouldn't have been driving, that's for sure. I have 2 DUI's and THANK GOD I never got into an accident and injured someone. The last one was 10 years ago, and even to this day, everytime I think about my extreme stupidity and what could have happened, chills just run up and down my spine and by blood runs cold. Every since my 2nd one, I don't even get behind the wheel of my car unless my BAC is 0.00. I was lucky, both of mine were misdemeanors (sp?). Both this girl is going to live the rest her live with a least one felony conviction, which means she will have a damn hard time finding a decent job. Her life is forever drastically changed. As is the injured girls. FYI, you can be charged with DUI regardless of your BAC. .08 is only a guidline. The police can give you a DUI for any BAC if they feel you are impaired. And beleive me, if you injure someone and they find ANY alcohol in your system, you are going down. And the accident doesn't even have to be your fault. My BAC on my second DUI was .04. I had a great attorney and still couldn't get out of it because the police "said" I flunked the field sobriety.

2293 days ago


at the scene, did the driver even realize that she hit someone? I saw the video from the accident.


2293 days ago


What this girl did of course, was wrong, However, she is standing there talking to everyone, and did not completely flee the scene of the crime. Therefore this is not a hit and run case.Halle Berry hit and run. She got away with it years ago.

2293 days ago


The b*tch should be thrown in jail, for sure. Even when I'm completely plastered, I still understand that driving, among other things, is a HUGE no-no. If you're going to party at a club with the intention of drinking, hire a cab! If you had no intention of drinking and drove yourself there, then just don't drink alcohol. Simple! Not rocket science!

I watched the video of Lucy's boyfriend chasing down the driver, and I saw no remorse. All I saw was some dumba** crying because she got caught and was being yelled at doing something she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing and almost killed someone in the process. SHE WAS LAUGHING WHEN SHE FIRST GOT OUT OF THE CAR! She even went so far as to say, "If I had known I would have stopped", or something to that effect. How do you not know that you hit someone?! Especially going 40 miles an hour? She obviously hit the poor girl hard enough to damage the front of her car - she had to have heard or felt some sort of thump.

Geez. I know it's a little futile to rant like this on TMZ boards, but these "daddy's little princess" types just make so freaking angry! I'm hoping some jail time and a huge fine that daddy and his money can't get her out of will make her think twice each and every time she gets behind the wheel of a car, whenever that will be.

2293 days ago
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