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Jacklyn Zeman

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/13/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since 1977, Jacklyn Zeman has been stitching up patients playing Nurse Bobbi Spencer on "General Hospital" -- but has she been going under the knife too?

Jacklyn Zeman
Here's 30-year-old Jackie back in 1983 (left) -- and the 55-year-old new and improved (?) Spalding version at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday (right).

What's her little secret?!


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Maybe if Producers and the people who hire these actors and actresses would STOP hiring them if they have had any type of plastic surgery this would stop. It is sad to see all these stars look so disfigured and what is actually really really sad is that half the stars actually think they look good. Joan Rivers is always saying how good she looks for her age. Joan has been pulled so tight one more surgery to her face and she will have a beard if ya know what I am getting at...Cher was beautiful before but now she looks so fake and hard same with Priscilla Presley.. Can't these stars look at each other and tell they all are beginning to look alike?

2293 days ago


How about neither. Looks like BAD docs to me.... :(( Sad, once she was really cute. Now, not so much.

2293 days ago

She looks like hell    

She looks like a freak. I can see if someone has a horrible case of mouth cancer, serious burns and that is the result. THEN I would say she looks great. However, these IDIOTS who get themselves cut open and have their skin stretched and filled with chemicals and bags sewn in themselves do NOT LOOK GOOD. I don't know WHY they think that looks good. Victoria Beckham looks like she's in pain from the taut skin. Natural breasts and skin are attractive and enticing, not the fake idiots walking around that place. Ewwww.

2293 days ago


But Cher doesn't look like a monster or the Bride of Wildenstein. Cher doesn't look that bad.

2293 days ago


Neither....why do people hate themselves...this is nothing short of "cutting" oneself, but involving doctors to "do it" to you. We have got to STOP people......this is getting really scary.

2293 days ago



2293 days ago


Very sad. Do all of these 'stars' go to some cheap doctors in a foreign country? How come the people on the "extreme makeover show" usually look fantastic, and the stars look like they all go to the same butcher. I realize their faces and bodies are their business, but aging gracefully is called for here. They just look lumpy and bumpy in all the wrong places. And whose idea was the fish lip look anyway?? When you see a person that's had 'work done' in real life, it's hard to not stare at the fixings when you're talking to them. Bad idea all around.

2293 days ago


i have watched GH for years, and to tell you the truth??? i didnt even rcognize bobbi in this pic =( how sad for women to think they have to have their faces butchered to look / feel young again.... get over it, we ALL grow old.

2293 days ago


ACK!!! What has she done? Good genes...BAD docs! Her upper lip covers her beautiful teeth now-unless bad camera angle...if you cover her hair with your hands on the screen....she looks like a 70 something face who has forgotten her dentures! Oh pooooor Bobbi!

2293 days ago


EWWW....please allow more choices! Add bad docs!

2293 days ago


We should have been given a "NEITHER!" option. She once was so pretty and now she looks deformed and 20+ years older than she should. What a shame.

2293 days ago


Yikes!!! Don't you mean really BAD docs??? Either that or she had a swarm of bees sting her on the lips? HIDEOUS!!

2293 days ago


I haven't seen her or "General Hospital" for a long time. She had red hair then. PLEASE, JACKLYN, GO BACK TO YOUR RED HAIR. I think the dark hair makes her look OLDER... Just my two cents...

2293 days ago


I remember watching GH back in the mid-80s, she was already starting to wrinkle, and it was said she'd had surgery back then. Looks like she has continued to do so, and it's starting to look horrible. She needs to find another doctor, have him take out those unnatural looking cheeck implants and replace them with something more realistic, or perhaps puff up the area underneath so their isn't such a noticeable difference, and stop using so much botox. Hey, it's too late to stop now, she may as well have it done right. I think she's addicted anyway.

As for Jacqueline Smith, former Charlie's Angel, she's on some show "Amazing Genius" or something like that, and she doesn't look as good as the pic that was posted on here a couple of weeks ago. She looks okay, but she is aging more than that picture showed, and you can tell she has had work done, but it's time for a touch up.

I would like to see Bernadette Peters on something since she was the other one that looked better than she did back in the 70s/80s. I dont think there is such a thing as good docs...more like good photographers and/or good lighting.

2293 days ago


These TV people just can't leave their faces alone ,maybe she would have looked better if she just aged naturally. She was such a pretty girl now she looks like she has been in an accident, those doctors should be put in jail for the crapy job they did ewwwwwwwwwww.

2293 days ago
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