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NFL Star Accused of Barbaric Hit On Pregnant GF

8/27/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A shocking lawsuit just filed ... a woman claims the father of her unborn baby -- an NFL star -- conspired to brutally beat her up.

Sharri Henry alleges last May, when she was four months pregnant, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dennis Northcutt got his cousin to "maliciously assault, beat, strike and batter Plaintiff, her face and head with great force and violence ... causing severe and permanent disfigurement to her face."

We've confirmed Henry filed a report with the LAPD for the incident that allegedly went down outside Falcon Club in Hollywood on May 17.

In the lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Henry alleges battery and conspiracy to commit assault. She's seeking unspecified damages.

BTW, Northcutt just inked a $17 million contract with his team.

UPDATE: IT JUST GOT CRAZIER. Northcutt's sports agent, Jerome Stanley, told TMZ, "This was nothing but a desperate shakedown by a jilted ex-girlfriend who is claiming to be pregnant with his child." Stanley says Henry is upset because Northcutt dumped her for another girl. As for the assault, Stanley says, "She verbally antagonized the guy who hit her." He says Northcutt knew nothing about the attack until after it happened.

Henry's lawyer, Loyst P. Fletcher, just gave TMZ the following statement: "Mr. Northcutt and his entourage, which included his current girlfriend, were apparently angry that Ms. Henry refused to abort a child that she believed he fathered. Words were exchanged and a member of that entourage, whom we believe is Mr. Northcutt's cousin, viciously attacked Ms. Henry." She's now 7 months pregnant.

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First! on the Baby Mama Drama

2194 days ago


you posted this before guys

2194 days ago

Lenn K.    

First thing the earring thing has gone it's course. Secondly, if he will attack his former girl, what does that say for your future and third, isn't this another just terrible example of a fool with money and no brains or morals!!

2194 days ago


Four months pregnant. Outside the Falcon Club. Classy.

2194 days ago


This sounds just like the Rae Carruth story....what's with these NFL player's not wanting their babies?

2194 days ago


I think that it is not just black men doing this all men try in some way to hurt the one they say they love.White men do it too so don't get it twisted boy.Wake up and smell the evil little white man too.Take that black and white stuff and shove it.

2194 days ago

Lenn K.    

#7 deta, you're totally correct. This is not a black man thing, because every other night some white guy is trying to off his wife. It's just a wrong thing that's the bottom line.

2194 days ago


Another woman having a baby without any thought to that child's emotional/family stability. Just another domino in the line of dysfunction. When will women wake up?

2194 days ago


I have a problem with this whole thing. If a guy doesn't want to take the chance on some chick getting knocked up and hitting him for his cash, then wear a damned jacket. Don't try to force her to get an abortion, don't kill her or the baby. If she got knocked up to get your cash, then she's not going to get an abortion, you stupid idiot.

Either wear protection or pay up.

2194 days ago


Number 8, jackets aren't 100% fullproof, you know... Especially if a brother is larger than average.

2194 days ago


So, what you're really saying is, that these people should be standing in front of an audience that is screaming, "Jerry! Jerry!"

2194 days ago


To # 9 Tevans

If one won't work, then double bag it if your money means that much to you. Otherwise, you'd better expect to pay to play if you've got the cash and she wants it.

2194 days ago


9. Number 8, jackets aren't 100% fullproof, you know... Especially if a brother is larger than average.

Posted at 10:34AM on Aug 27th 2008 by Tevans

LMFAO! Well if he's too big ( nasty) then he should go get his junk snipped! Men make me sick that go around having sex with all the girls then call them ho's. Who's the nasty ho? They are!! Also any guy that hits a woman should have his ass tied down and then let a team of women beat the crap out of him! Guy's like him are total LOSERS!!!

2194 days ago


First of all, no matter what he does for a living and how much money he has....if the child is his, and i'm sure it is b/c he obviously isn't denying he dated her, then he does have a responsibility to the child. What she was doing at a night club 4 months pregnant, i'm not exactly sure. But to actually think that you can be mad at someone for not getting an abortion. How SELFISH AND PATHETIC. Wow, even if i was a fan of his team, i wouldn't be at this point. And i hope that everyone who is, makes good decisions and doesn't buy anything with this piece of trash's name on it. The part that is really sad, is that one day when this child is grown, they are google there dear father's name and they are going to be able to read this!! As far as the current GF, shame on you for letting someone beat this pregnant woman! Karma will get you dear child!

2194 days ago


Wow. You people are really dumb. I guess that's what is to expect from regular readers of TMZ though.

First off - there are no CRIMINAL CHARGES. She is trying to sue an NFL player to get his money. She just knows that the cousin who allegedly beat her has no money so of course she'll go after the guy with millions.

No Criminal Charges and yet you people already act as though Northcutt (not an NFL Star, by the way, more of a bit player) is guilty. I guess the average IQ of the commentators is lower than 90. No criminal charges means one thing and one thing only - the Police themselves didn't believe the story. I wonder why?

Bottom line - she is a whore trying to sue an NFL player for the MONEY. The only thing that apparently matters.

2194 days ago
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