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Kanye West


9/11/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has just been arrested at LAX for felony vandalism.

A still photographer was trying to take pics of Kanye at the American Airlines terminal. According to our guy on the scene, Kanye allegedly confronted the photog and smashed his camera to the ground.

Our photog then began videotaping the scene when Kanye's bodyguard grabbed our camera -- a struggle ensued and the bodyguard threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it.

When Kanye realized our camera guy had videotaped the incident, he rushed our guy and yelled, "Gimme that f**king tape!"

Both Kanye and his bodyguard have been arrested and will be booked.

Click here to see the video.


    No Avatar


    I"m so glad he is in jail. Kanye is nothing but a racist, cry baby, arrogant prick that thinks the world owes him something. He doesn't deserve the life he has!

    Boo hoo Kanye! Are you going to go cry to MTV again?

    2178 days ago


    i wanna know why this is a felony charge what the f***? i think these retard photographers are the ones that should be thrown in jail!

    2178 days ago

    Triple Play    

    Please someone stop posting this jerk to the site He is a nothing Just a big Puss who wants to be a tough guy (from a distance of course) Lock him up with Bubba and see how bad he is

    2178 days ago


    To #59 poster... Kanye introduced HIS racism with the comment "George Bush hates black people" on live TV after Hurricane Katrina. YOU'RE the IDIOT.

    2178 days ago

    Dean Martin    

    If you don't want to be hounded by the paparazzi, don't be rich and famous. But then, TMZ will hound you even if you're not rich and famous or if you're a has been or if you're 15 minutes of fame ended 15 years ago or............

    2178 days ago


    Good, I can't stand Kanye. He's a whiny little bitch.

    2178 days ago

    Triple Play    

    Just another Black rapper with no talent who's day has come and gone. Small man with small parts is his problem

    2178 days ago


    your live chat is the most racist filled room ive seen since xbox live!

    2178 days ago


    i hate the paps... they are losers and shold leave celebs alone. not everyone is in a good mood all the time. and Kanye is a musical genius! love you kanye!!! fu** da haters!

    2178 days ago


    Mr. West has a serious anger issue. Sad about his mom but if she was to change the way God created her, then shame on her. Celebrities are stupid! At least the arrogrant ones.

    2178 days ago


    Shouldnt he be used to photographers? i mean its public he's famous.What was the problem today?Bad Hair Day? pshh..YOUR A CELEBRITY,THERES ALWAYS GOING TO BE CAMERAS AND VIDEO.GET USED TO IT!THATS THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR FAME!!!

    2178 days ago


    Kanye is a HUGE a*hole! My daughter went to Bonnaroo this summer and said Kanye's stupid demands to have darkness for his glow in the dark show were REDiculous and ruined other acts wanting to be on stage at the same time and *THEN* it was turning into daylight when he finally sang! Booooo Kanye!

    2178 days ago

    Aunt Kiki    

    I can't stand him! All he does is whine!

    2178 days ago

    Mrs Joe Jackson    

    Good.. this will give him something to really cry about.

    2178 days ago


    this is for that jon guy, well if you're saying all that stuff about the photographers, then why on earth are you in this website?? obviously you look at the pictures theyre taking!!! get a life..or go to your "pretend" partner...or live in your grandma's basement like you said..ok?..about kanye really dnt like his attitude but yet, i like some of his songs... :)

    2178 days ago
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